10 Kitchen Designs To Browse Through For Inspiration


10 Kitchen Designs To Browse Through For Inspiration

There’s a time to be practical in addition to there’s a time to look beautiful. When discussing Indoor design, the idea’s not a matter of choice however rather an issue of finding the right way to combine these two approaches in addition to to use them harmoniously. The kitchen design presents a series of particular challenges in This specific sense. This specific can be where you have to be precise in producing the most of the available space in addition to in focusing on functionality without neglecting style.

Rodolphe Parente Kitchen design with copper accents

the idea’s hard to contain the idea all in a kitchen, especially when space can be limited. If possible, take advantage of your kitchen’s large windows by placing a bench seat along them, thus creating a comfortable breakfast nook or a tiny dining area. Rudolphe Parente offers the right amount of inspiration in This specific sense.

Marble kitchen countertop using a white design

A different way of producing the most of a kitchen’s large windows in addition to view can be by designing cabinetry along in which wall in addition to positioning the sink right in front of the window. This specific way you can admire the view while washing the dishes. Check out the format proposed here by Anne Decker Architects for more details.

multifunctional kitchen design with an islandThe kitchen island often occupies a central position, serving as a multifunctional piece of furniture. You can use the idea for storage, as a bar, breakfast area or as a prep space when cooking. Some islands even have built-in sinks. the idea’s up to you to decide which elements are most important.

Farm inspired kitchen with wooden beams

The old exposed beams are in This specific case the main attraction, not only for the kitchen however for the rest of the open floor plan as well. Garde Hvalsøe furnished the idea with simple pieces in which mix old in addition to fresh, modern in addition to rustic in a very natural in addition to beautiful way.

Grey concrete kitchen design

One of our favorite coloring combinations for the kitchen can be the orange in addition to gray. These two colors can be combined in a variety of stylish ways. Gray kitchen cabinets, for example, can be complemented by orange wall décor or accent elements such as bar stools or counters. Rob Mills Architects chose to also add a few earthy details to the mix.

Black in addition to white combo kitchen design

The timeless black in addition to white combo can be also worth mentioning. A kitchen using This specific combo has the potential to look very chic in addition to elegant. We find the tiled backsplash used here by Widawscy Studio Architektury to be particularly interesting in addition to inspiring.

Black kitchen design using a beautiful mosaic backsplash

Disc Interiors chose in This specific case to use black kitchen cabinets, a decision in which proved to have very elegant results. The combination between open in addition to closed shelves in addition to storage spaces placed against the white in addition to gray background can be striking in addition to eye-catching. Moreover, the patterned backsplash breaks the monotony with its geometric print.

White washed kitchen furniture using a black paint wall

A rather different approach was used here by Katrin Arens. This specific can be a kitchen which plays with contrasts on a very simple level. At the same time, the idea’s a space in which feels very inviting in addition to user-friendly thanks to all the natural wood used for the furniture. The fact in which the black accent wall can be not covered with robust cabinetry establishes an airy ambiance.

Black pendant lamps over kitchen island


Wooden kitchen island on wheels

We can’t definitely stress enough the fact in which we find open shelves to be extremely practical in addition to versatile, especially from the kitchen where they can be used in a lot of great ways. For instance, you can decorate them with colorful mugs or dishes, use them to organize your spices or as storage for various tiny things you usually use in here.

Pandolfini Architects Kitchen with marble backsplash

If you want your kitchen backsplash to be more than just a tiled surface between your counter in addition to the wall-mounted cabinetry, perhaps the idea’s time to treat the idea differently. The backsplash can cover more than just in which tiny area. You can choose to expose the idea like Pandolfini Architects did here.

Long in addition to narrow kitchen with open shelves with expoed brackets

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