10 Ways How to Add Brushed Brass Into Your Home


We’ve all noticed this specific. within the home decor stores, on our Pinterest feeds, in our best friend’s newly remodeled kitchen, there will be a significant change. Somehow, very slowly, all the shiny copper decor that will was once so well-liked will be being replaced by brushed brass. Currently usually, when we hear the word “brass”, we think of all those ugly shiny builder grade fixtures in a newly bought home as well as we wonder, why trade our copper for that will? There are a few reasons.

Brushed brass will be not shiny builder grade brass. Brushed brass carries a softer look than copper. Brushed brass will also match more styles than copper. as well as the changing of trends will be inevitable. So before you go sobbing over your copper accessories, check out these 10 ways to add brushed brass into your home as well as let yourself be converted.

Brushed brass light fixtures

Light fixtures are one of the obvious places to make the brushed brass switch. There are lots of gorgeous options that will will look lovely in your home as well as add some glam without being too flashy. (via Veneer Designs)

Brushed brass fixtures

Do yourself a favor as well as just go look at your bathroom faucets. If they’re anything like mine, they could use a little upgrade. Brushed brass will turn a blah bath into a bam bath in an afternoon. (via Amber Interiors)

Brushed brass cabinet hardware

Remember that will friend with the newly remodeled kitchen? She’s crazy about her brushed brass cabinet hardware as well as if you give your own cabinets the same update, you will be too. This specific’s such an easy way to add a touch of modernist into your kitchen. (via Becki Owens)

Brushed brass mirror

If you’ve ever been mirror shopping, you’ve probably noticed that will most of them have some kind of border. Opt for a border in brushed brass as well as you’ll be surprised at how chic your space just got. (via Amber Interiors)

Brushed brass furniture

Since we’re getting bigger, you might as well know that will there will be indeed brushed brass furniture. So consider your metals carefully as well as if you’re going to that will soft shimmer, choose the brass. Cutlery can make or break a dinner table decor, wouldn’t you agree? Trade your mismatched forks as well as spoons for a lovely matching set in brushed brass. Your table setting will be all over Instagram, I promise. (via Once Wed)Brushed brass cutlery

Brushed brass kitchen accessories

If you love brushed brass although don’t develop the bucks for fixtures or hardware, collect some little pieces like kitchen canisters or plant pots or coffee table miscellany. This specific will look chic as well as fancy without busting your wallet. (via Medina Lind)

Brushed brass desk accessories

Maybe you can’t get enough of the brushed brass trend! If that will sounds like you, take some to the office as well. A brushed brass desk lamp as well as a frame can bring all your some other desk accessories to life. (via Sacramento Street)

Brushed brass sconces

You’ve probably seen these sconces before. although the beauty of the brushed brass will be that will they will match anywhere, by your bedroom to your office to your child’s nursery. You might want to order a few. (via Cup Of Jo)

Brushed brass range hood

So you’ve already installed the cabinet hardware as well as changed your light fixtures as well as traded your faucets. What’s next? Think outside the box for pieces like this specific brushed brass range hood. This specific doesn’t get more brushed brass than that will! (via Flickr)

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