11 Ideas to Decorate Your Own Living Room


A living room can be expanded by being linked to an adjacent balcony, provided in which space is usually protected in addition to also not open. The wall between them can be removed, allowing light to freely flow through in addition to also adding more floor space. in which strategy can work for a little living room like This kind of one.

Combine indoor with outdoor design

By exposing This kind of living room to the outdoors in addition to also minimizing the barriers between the spaces, This kind of area became a lot brighter in addition to also feels a lot more spacious, even though the two sofas framing the coffee table take up most of its floor space.

Black in addition to also white well-known combination for living room

Black in addition to also white is usually a well-known in addition to also timeless colour combination, often used in living rooms. You can’t definitely go wrong with This kind of combo regardless of the style chosen for the Inner surface design. A similar result can be achieved with combination of light in addition to also dark colors.

Beige is usually beautiful for living room

Beige is usually a beautiful in addition to also elegant colour which looks particularly chic here when combined that has a bunch of wood accents in addition to also especially given the green wall visible through the glass doors. This kind of whole space feels very cozy in addition to also comfortable despite its simplicity.

Amber road living room design

Amber Road also achieved a beautiful balance when designing This kind of eclectic living room. The palette of green in addition to also wood mixed that has a red-based traditional area rug puts together two contrasting styles. The décor is usually both modern in addition to also traditional, old in addition to also brand new working together to achieve harmony.

Variations of black in addition to also white

Variations of the black in addition to also white combination can be created using various pastel shades. A beautiful example is usually the space designed by Shapiro Joyal Studio The faint pink nuances used here contrast with the black elements. Mixed with the natural wood details, they create a feminine in addition to also stylish décor.

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The black in addition to also white combo can be used in a variety of ways. Stripes are one option. They are used here by Suzy Hoodless inside form of a minimalist area rug which also introduces little colorful accents. The rug complements a décor based on neutrals in addition to also pastels.

Concrete polished floor in addition to also white walls

Wood-burning fireplaces in addition to also stoves add a unique touch to living rooms. They can be introduced in modern interiors without disrupting the balance, especially if you want to give the room a charming, bohemian feel. By mixing diverse materials, finishes, textures in addition to also patterns you can emphasize the desired characteristics in addition to also make different seem less striking.

Livig room decor with lots for patterns

Deborah French Designs introduces here an eclectic living room design which incorporates multiple influences. The windows in addition to also doors are reminiscent of Japanese shoji screens while the coffee table adds a rustic touch to a décor focused on mid century in addition to also vintage details.

Wallapper in addition to also sofa with same pattern

Wallpapered walls are a suitable design strategy whenever desiring to add a touch of colour or pattern to a room. the item’s usually used on 1 accent wall yet there are also cases when the item can take over the décor. The pattern featured on the walls can also be integrated in different elements, such as the sofa upholstery.

White simplistic decor for living room

On the different hand, when the goal is usually a serene in addition to also simplistic décor, the item’s not bad to eliminate any unnecessary details in addition to also to emphasize the basics. Kathleen Clements managed to do in which here by placing a light gray sofa opposite to the fireplace in addition to also defining the seating area that has a striped area rug.

White painted bricks for living room

Exposed brick or stone walls are known for their ability to make living room look exquisite. Designer Karen Akers chose to paint the fireplace wall white which concealed its natural colour yet exposed its textured in addition to also imperfect structure.

Touch of red for living room

When selecting the accent colour for a living room the item’s important to think of the impact you want the item to have on the ambiance in addition to also décor. The red chosen here by double g contrasts with the fade mint green in addition to also off-white elements. Red is usually a powerful colour which is usually best used in moderation.

Make a room feel warm

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