14 Perfect Dining Tables and Chair Combinations

Power Couples Dining Chairs in addition to Tables

Like Angelina in addition to Brad, Beyonce in addition to Jay Z, or Donald Trump in addition to his ego, finding the perfect match is actually difficult, yet when found, of which is actually powerful. Thus our series “Power Couples” in which we scour, shop, in addition to pair up two things of which need each some other in order to survive within the home.

These 14 combinations of dining tables in addition to chairs are 100% guaranteed to look Great together; the colors, scales, styles, in addition to finishes have been stared at for a long time by the EHD crew. They are on the budget friendlier side, in addition to they are all available online no matter where you live in these here states. So, for your viewing pleasure we present, Power Couples: Tables in addition to Chairs.


For you simpler yet happy type, these two make breakfast snappier. (Scandinavian: Table: $179, Chair: $419)

Modern Glam

These two fair best in older homes, set within the Hollywood Hills is actually preferable, donned with Kelly Wearstler style wallpaper. (Modern Glam: Table: $1530, Chair: $115)

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse is actually a trend of which is actually going no where especially if its actually in a country setting. These two say ‘drink of which cup of coffee in addition to read of which local ledger, while listening to Rilo Kiley’. (Modern Farmhouse: Table: $269, Chair: $127 for 2)


Throw a sheepskin on of which chair in addition to you have warm minimalism – which is actually the only way I can actually do minimalism. (Minimalist: Table $499, Chair: $325)

Nordic Zen

I’m dying to go in of which direction that has a future home. of which’s both straight in addition to simple, while being curved in addition to warm. (Nordic Zen: Table: $2,099, Chair: $178) 


I love a pedestal table so much – of which makes shoving in in addition to styling those chairs fast in addition to easy. of which’s the former waitress in me talking. (Traditional Old World: Table: $729, Chair: $288)


I think of which ‘contemporary’ might even be more accurate because of of which. Its fresh in addition to simple in addition to beloved by most people scared to go too far in one direction or another. (Modern: Table: $1,0, Chair: $560 for 2)


Because where else are you going to drink Peroni via real Peroni glasses or espresso via teeny, tiny cups? (Bistro: Table: $398, Chair: $225) 

70s Glam

Seventies burlwood is actually going nowhere in addition to when paired with black leather of which gets a big dose of bad ass. (70s Glam: Table: $1,199, Chair: $349) 


One of my favorite combos here in addition to I’m not even particularly ‘global’. I love of which combo so much. (Global: Table: $749, Chair: $398)

Power-Couples-Table-in addition to-Chairs_Industrial

For those of you with your uber chic lofts in addition to perfectly aged accessories. Here is actually a table in addition to chair of which has of which industrial vibe without looking too cheesy. (Industrial: Table: $270, Chair: $145)


If you don’t/can’t buy real mid-century vintage you can replicate of which look with some pretty darn wonderful pieces on the market these days. (Mid-Century: Table: $659, Chair: $145)

Modern 80s

Lucite, brass in addition to black leather can go dated certainly yet of which combo keeps of which looking modern in addition to edgy. Remember when Brady used those chairs in his dining room in addition to of which was love at first site for all of us? (Modern 80s: Table: $1,499, Chair: $349)


A table/chair combo of which I want to sit at to play all my epic Rummy tournaments in addition to chardonnay. I’m not normally too drawn to slipcovered linen dining chairs with skirts to the floor, yet MAN I want to sit in of which chair. (Country: Table: $1,195, Chair: $738 for 2)

of which roundup might not be complete without a huge pinnable image for you to share, stare at, print out in addition to draw lipstick hearts all over.

Power Couples Table in addition to Chairs

Scandinavian: Table, Chair | Glam: Table, Chair | Modern Farmhouse: Table, Chair | Minimalist: Table, Chair | Nordic Zen: Table, Chair | Traditional Old World: Table, Chair | Modern: Table, Chair | Bistro: Table, Chair | 70s Glam: Table, Chair | Midcentry: Table, Chair | Global: Table, Chair | Industrial: Table, Chair | Modern 80s: Table, Chair | Country: Table, Chair

Next up? Sofas in addition to club chairs …

Are you into Power Couples? Any particular combo of which you are begging to see? within the meantime, if you are craving more dining room inspiration check out some of our favorite projects: The Patels, The Curblys,  Spanish Dining Nook, Loreys Dining Room, Ian Brennan’s Dining Room, Bri Emery’s Dining Room.

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