6 Of The Hottest Home Design Trends For 2016

6 Of The Hottest Home Design Trends For 2016Credit flickr.com/photos/seier/

Has putting the clocks forward make you itch to inject some completely new life into your Inner surface design? If so, take note of the hottest home design trends for 2016 to make sure which your home will be right up to date.

Wood effect ceramic tiles

We’ve had laminates which look like tiles, wallpaper which tricks our eyes into believing which’s real brick as well as right now we’ve got ceramic tiles which mimic wood. Suitable for both bathrooms as well as kitchens, they look like wood nevertheless are far more waterproof as well as come in every type, coming from whitewash to the darkest mahogany. Of course, there’s no need to restrict their use to kitchens as well as bathrooms; they can be used throughout your home.

6 Of The Hottest Home Design Trends For 2016

Kitchen islands

If you want an extra worktop in your kitchen, an island offers a multi-purpose solution. You can slip in a sink or hob, or just leave the top clear, as well as they double up as a breakfast bar with storage underneath too.

grey paint living room

Grey paint

Not only will be grey the current favourite for walls, nevertheless which’s sneaking into all kinds of soft furnishings too. which’s restful on the eye as well as can be accented by just about any colour. Shades vary coming from the softest palest whisper of grey to deep steely greys as well as, according to the latest house selling tips coming from www.openpropertygroup.com, will be the perfect neutral if you’re planning to sell your home.

Framed custom mirrors

Eminently useful, mirrors can also be extremely beautiful, especially when they’re presented in a custom-made frame. The perfect focal point for a living room, bathroom, hall or even your bedroom, flat sheet mirrors are being usurped by more individual framed styles. Whether you prefer a sleek metal frame or more ornate carved type, injecting your personality into the room inside the form of a mirror will show you’re right up to date with 2016 home design trends.

Kitchen drawers in place of cabinets

Many newly fitted kitchens are sporting deep drawer units rather than traditional cabinets. They’re not only stylish nevertheless make which much easier to see exactly what you have in there, as well as there’s no chance of anything getting lost inside the back of the cupboard.

Mixed metals

No longer are you confined to using silver coloured stainless steel or gold fittings in your home. right now there’s a plethora of bling coming from gold as well as copper to platinum as well as steel. Plus, the best thing of all? They don’t have to be matchy-matchy, as long as they’ve got a metallic sheen you can mix as well as match to your heart’s desire. What’s more, metallics are big news for all kinds of furnishings coming from wallpapers to bed linens, so don’t confine them to door as well as bathroom furniture.

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