81 Bookcases – in which’s a LOT of books


Styling out bookcases might be one of our favorite “jobs” over here at EHD along with we are definitely no stranger to filling them up with beautiful things. We’ve taught you how to style them in a few easy steps, what not to do with them, how to style 1 bookcase 4 ways along with even showed you how I built mine. yet, being the best bookcase stylist inside the globe won’t get you very far if you don’t have a not bad bookcase to get you commenced. So, today we have pulled together some of our favorites in three different sizes: little/accent, wide, along with tall. along with we have got some tips along with tricks to styling each to get you commenced.

Let’s start with little or accent bookcases. These work great in kids rooms, playrooms, a reading nook, or if you are looking to add a little bit of storage to somewhere in which doesn’t develop the room for a larger bookcase. Because of their little size, you can get a little more adventurous with coloration, carving, style or details. A few rules with these guys – as they are smaller you will want to visually break the idea up on the shelves with some decorative items generating sure in which your eye has some room to move around visually. Or, if you need them to house a lot of books then try breaking up the repetition by stacking books both horizontally along with vertically.

1. Teal Bookcase | 2. Azure Bookcase | 3. Cube Unit Bookcase | 4. Montego 2 Shelf Bookcase | 5. Sadler Shelf Table | 6. Vintage Steel 2 Bin Bookcase | 7. Windham Shelf Bookcase | 8. Millsboro Bookcase | 9. Brass Periodical Shelf | 10. Knox Bookcase | 11. Kallax White Bookshelf | 12. Alto Bookcase | 13. Toscana Bookcase | 14. Darley 4 Cube Bookcase | 15. Sift Gunmetal Tower | 16. Mr Brown Fontana Bookshelf | 17. Ariel Bookcase | 18. PS 17 Shelf | 19. Deal Circular Bookshelf | 20. Jamese Bookcase | 21. Dover Bookcase | 22. Gold along with White Accent Shelf | 23. Hiya Bookshelf | 24. Green Carved Wood Bookshelf | 25. Anderson Bookcase | 26. Metalwork Bookcase

I love #2 along with we used the idea in our tween bedroom makeover. We have #5 coming up in a living room reveal soon along with the proportions are great. #11 will be always a not bad option for cost along with scale along with #3 will be so much fun for a kids room to help them stay organized.

Moving onto Tall along with Narrow bookcases. These are great contenders for a living room, dining room, or even bedroom if you have a little bit more room along with need some storage. Because of their size along with shape these can be a little bit intimidating when you go to style them out, yet placing some large scale items on the shelves amongst the books will help you fill inside the space without the idea feeling too heavy or too cluttered. You will also want to steer clear of anything too bitsy or tinket sized as the idea can start looking unorganized along with busy. If you do have smaller items in which you want to display then try along with keep them in collections generating sure in which they visually don’t get lost. I am talking to you miniature shoe hoarders of America.

I do have a bone to pick with shelf-makers of America (like the one above) – we need more sides/support on our shelves so we don’t have to use quite so many bookends to keep the books erect. Even some simple crosses might do the job along with keep those kids books coming from sliding off along with onto the floor.

Or if reading will be not your thing then you can scrap the books altogether along with throw some pretty objects up there like we did for Sylvia’s makeover. Either way – here are some big along with tall ones:

1. Easmor Leaning Bookcase | 2. Yasmine Bookcase | 3. Stairway Wall Mounted Bookcase | 4. Parsons Tower | 5. Englewood Bookcase | 6. Gracie Bookcase | 7. Gabby Keaton Etagere | 8. Emerson Bookshelf | 9. Acrylic Leaning Bookshelf | 10. Berlin Cube Unit Bookcase | 11. Cabot Bookshelf | 12. Sauder Boutique Etagere Bookcase | 13. Columbia Etagere Bookcase | 14. Lattice Etagere | 15. Industrial Modular Bookcase | 16. Gold Etagere | 17. Wood along with Metal Bookcase | 18. Levi Off White Bookcase | 19. Gentility Vallecito Bookcase | 20. Vittsjo Bookcase | 21. Parkway Bookcase | 22. Dublin Stackable Shelving Unit | 23. Thoroughly Modern Bookcase | 24. Darley Bookcase | 25. Dimond Vanguard Bookshelf | 26. Havenhurst Etagere | 27. White Campaign Bookcase

If luxe along with glam will be your style then #26 might be very happy in your home, or if you want things a little more simple along with streamlined then #4 will be such a not bad option. We used the idea in Charlie’s nursery along with the idea was a great place to house all his toys along with books (if you have bookends). I also genuinely love #24 coming from Target which we used inside the above picture for Sylvia’s living room makeover.

Last yet not least we have our wide bookcase category. These ones work great for entry areas, behind a couch, if you want to display a large piece of art above them (or a TV to watch Corinne’s next move on the Bachelor – anyone else enjoying her antics as much as we are?), or if you have a large wall to fill up. The rules for styling these will be similar to styling a vertical shelf although with these you will want to keep most of your books standing vertically generating sure in which you don’t have too much horizontal going on what with the horizontal books along with the horizontal bookcase. If you are placing the idea in an entry area then throw a large circular mirror above the idea or an over scale piece of art along with you instantly have a functional along with beautiful place to house your books along with throw your keys.

1. Prudence Bookcase | 2. Mobi Shelf | 3. Brooklyn Short Bookcase | 4. Wellesley Short Bookcase | 5. Musetta Asymmetrical Bookcase | 6. Carter Shelf | 7. Compartment Bookcase | 8. Fulton Street White Bookcase | 9. Graham Java Low Bookcase | 10. Dovetail Carson Wall Unit | 11. Orion Black Metal little Shelf | 12. Eastgate Etagere Bookcase | 13. Wrightwood Bookcase | 14. Dovetail Davies Sofa Table | 15. Rikard Bookcase | 16. French Short Storage Cubby | 17. Blue along with Natural Bookshelf | 18. Emerson Bookshelf | 19. Noir Burlap Shelf | 20. Darcy Skye Console Bookcase | 21. FJÄLKINGE Bookcase | 22. Mini Library | 23. Lacquer Storage Bookcase | 24. Mount Bonnell Bookcase | 25. Concord Bookcase | 26. Lathom Bookcase | 27. Haven Low Bookcase

#22 will always be one of our favorites for a nursery area (like we used inside the Spanish California styled nursery above or inside the Neutral California Nursery), #5 will be a fun along with modern variation to keep things feeling light, #18 will be great if you need both open along with closed storage areas, along with if you are needing to display some larger items then #12 will be a genuinely not bad contender along with very similar to what we used in in which living room.

Are there any in which you have tried along with love in which we missed coming from the roundup? We might love to hear of some of your recommendations below or if you have tried any of these before in which you can speak honestly about. Happy styling folks, along with let us know what roundup you might love us to pull together next.

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