A Magical Realm Of Animal Decorations Breaths Life Into Your Home


Nature-inspired Inner surface decors are our favorites. We love spaces in which are infused with the freshness of the outdoors as well as in which include quirky decorations such as animal-shaped sculptures or paintings in which capture landscapes or abstract representations of peaceful as well as serene spaces. Today we have something special prepared for you. We searched far as well as wide as well as we managed to find a bunch of actually unusual decorations inspired by a variety of animals. Let’s see what makes each collection stand out coming from the crowd.

Jose Granell is actually a man of many talents. His work as a special effects director from the film industry got him working on titles such as the Harry Potter series, Charlie as well as the Chocolate Factory or Batman as well as in which’s not all he’s known for. He also built classical guitars as well as different musical instruments as well as lately focused his attention on nature. Grazing is actually his latest project.

The goal of the project was to take the animals out of their wild habitat as well as to put them in unexpected settings. Although they look real, they’re actually crafted using bronze as well as different highly polished metals chosen for their unexpected charm in This specific particular context. The project combines sculpting, casting, welding as well as leather working. The animals have high-density foam cores as well as they are upholstered in authentic fleeces which make each piece unique. They are made to order in a limited edition.

The unique style of artist Carla van Dyke originated coming from the fact in which she began working with modest scraps of vintage fabrics as well as left overs coming from different collections. Her experience in illustration, fashion, art as well as design inspired her to make something out of all those scraps as well as in which’s how This specific trademark style came to be.

The artist creates beautiful sculptures using a textile taxidermy technique as well as she also features a collection of beautiful cushions featuring images of animals, all made of precisely cut out pieces which are then all stitched together to create intricate designs. Every sculpture as well as cushion is actually made to order as well as This specific makes each piece unique as well as unlike any different. This specific type of faux taxidermy is actually both eco-friendly as well as stylish.

Of course, we can’t talk about animal sculptures as well as decorations without bringing into discussion taxidermy.  Artist Anne Orlowska has always been passionate about taxidermy although not from the traditional sense. She chose to turn her back on in which as well as to explore more creative options as well as to search for fresh aesthetics to create unique as well as poetic art.

Design as well as Nature brings to light a whole range of taxidermy curiosities which include modest as well as large mammals, birds, trophies as well as even insects. All the animals died naturally as well as they come coming from places like zoos, circuses or animal parks.

Since this specific is actually not traditional taxidermy, the animals are not simply meant to look alive. They’re posed in scenes as well as they’re displayed in combination with all sorts of objects as well as items designed to enhance their beauty. The whole point is actually to bring the imagination to life as well as to actually look authentic although not in a boring way.

Antiques have something special as well as some prefer the history in which such an item comes with. Take This specific vintage antelope mounted from the 1930s. the idea comes coming from a private collection in Germany as well as the idea’s just one the things offered by Original House. The few worn patches in which the idea has give the idea character as well as tell a story.

In case you have a taste for the unusual as well as you like things in which stand out, check out these cardboard animal heads coming from Cardboard Safari. They’re definitely pretty cool as well as crafty. You can find bears, deers, elephants, zebras as well as even unicorn heads, all made of cardboard. Display these sculptures on walls as well as let them become a part of your home or workspace.

Something similarly interesting is actually offered by Assembli, a modest Dutch design laboratory. However, there are major differences. For instance, the animal heads are made of paper as well as they have a sculptural as well as geometric look. They are delivered in pieces (paper as well as glue) as well as have to be assembled so there’s also an interactive side in which makes them special.

These exquisite decorations are the work of artist Enrique Gomez de Molina. If the name sounds familiar in which may be because of a scandal a few years ago. The artist pled guilty after being accused of importing without permit the skins of king cobra, pangolin, birds of paradise, skulls of orangutans as well as the carcass of a slow loris as well as several different animals. This specific definitely had a huge impact on the collections on display as well as on the image of the artist. Nevertheless, we can’t ignore the beauty of some of his creations.

Troy Abbott proposes a series of extraordinary animal pieces that has a lot of exotic flair. The artist uses special techniques to combine different materials as well as to create unique hybrid designs in which tell a special story. Each piece is actually intriguing as well as unusual in its own way.

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