A Modern Eclectic Family Room


A Modern Eclectic Family Room

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Hey everyone, the idea’s Ginny again with another family room e-design. Our client Sonal, with her husband along with also 18 month old baby, had moved into their house a year before they contacted us, needing help to finish off their family room. Using our design services page, Sonal sent over a brief description of her style along with also desires for the room:

I love stores like Anthropologie along with also Restoration Hardware. I think my style is usually sort of vintage modern farmhouse remix. Def nothing trendy! I want the space to be classy, yet cozy along with also inviting. I want some statement pieces that will no one else will have mixed with some less expensive pieces. We just want to love coming home along with also spending time inside space. the idea’s an eyesore right right now!

Family room – to relax along with also lounge; the main gathering place for friends along with also family. Dining nook along with also kitchen is usually where we normally eat, cook, hang out, along with also spend the majority of our time. We have a formal dining room along with also formal living room as well, that will eventually will need to be furnished.

I love neutrals with pops of colors. Greys, golds, blacks, creams, greens, blues, along with also mustard yellow. I don’t want anything too bright or flashy… no hot pink or lime green.

They had some pieces that will they’d recently purchased, like the roll arm sofa, the tufted ottoman, along with also the dining set that will they wanted to keep. yet were open to switching out everything else. along with also her overall budget was $9000 for furnishings along with also materials.


Ali began to pull together some inspiration images based off what Sonal had spoken of, as well as images she had pinned along with also sent to us. Typically what happens with our process is usually, whoever leads the design on the project will come up having a page of inspirational images then send them over for me to check over. Once we’ve got a strong direction, they get to work on the product selects. Throughout the process there’s a lot of back along with also forth between the designers along with also myself to fine tune each design.

With Sonal’s design in particular, we wanted to play up the relaxed yet classy environment she had asked for by keeping the idea more traditional in style, not too trendy, along with also with some rustic elements to play into the modern farmhouse. We also kept the palette fairly neutral since she didn’t want anything too bright.


We kept the format similar to the arrangement they already had, with the sofa being on the back wall along with also accent chairs flanking on either side.  We liked the idea of keeping the connection between the kitchen along with also living room more open by using two chairs along with also therefore not closing the idea up by adding a solid sofa.


Black Circles Framed Print | Time along with also Again Abstract Art (no longer available) | Franklin Table Lamp | Globe Arc Floor Lamp (no longer available) | Elke Round Marble Side Table | Rounded Inlay Side Table | Parlour Chair in Corinthian Saddle Leather | Natural Cowhide Rug | Ivory Linen Drapes | Heathered Chenille Jute Rug | Zuzu Basket | Shag Puff Pillow | Geo-Block Pillow (no longer available) | Navy Velvet Lumbar Pillow (no longer available) | Camille Scroll Pillow (no longer available) | Linen Dorada Chair | Fernando Black Accent Table


Black Circles Framed Print | Time along with also Again Abstract Art (no longer available) | Franklin Table Lamp | Shaded Arc Floor Lamp | Marengo Pedestal Table | Rounded Inlay Side Table | Parlour Chair in Corinthian Saddle Leather | Patchwork Hide Rug | Ivory Linen Drapes | Zuzu Basket | Shag Puff Pillow | Geo-Block Pillow (no longer available) | Velvet Scroll Pillow Cover (no longer available) | Cotton Luster Velvet Pillow | Heath Armchair | Vince Metal-Clad Accent Stool

As with most of our e-designs we often provide a couple of options. that will way the client can pick along with also choose items along with also see how the idea could look with slightly different pieces. We sent through the two above options with This particular:

We worked to create a room that will is usually classy, yet still cozy along with also inviting. We kept your blue sofa as well as your cocktail ottoman inside design plan. Since you mentioned comfort in your request, we brought in two linen armchairs (at two different cost points) as well as a more modern leather chair to work with the more classic lines of the sofa. The leather also helps warm up the space. We love the idea of a cowhide rug in your space. We suggest either a patchwork style or a one piece cowhide layered over a jute rug. We recently used a patchwork style in Emily’s bedroom. the idea is usually super durable along with also has held up surprisingly well!

We brought in a cool floor lamp to be placed inside back corner of the room along with also we found a few newer styles through Target. They bring in just the right amount of brass along with also black to the room along with also look way more expensive than they are! I know you mentioned plants, along with also we think you should bring in an indoor plant or two to add some life to the space. We picked one you could put next to the sliding door. To keep things through feeling too traditional we opted for a more abstract large scale piece of art to go above the sofa along with also then also a black along with also white piece to be placed on the wall next to the window. With the cowhide rug, leather chair along with also ottoman, velvet sofa, along with also linen chairs, we’ve worked to bring in lots of different textures to keep things cozy yet still interesting. We also added in even more texture with pillows.

We don’t think standard drapery will work because of the size of your windows (unless you bought multiple curtain panels) therefore we would likely recommend going the custom route. We would likely love to see one large curtain rod inside living room across the sliding door along with also window along with also then have two panels (one to the left of the sliding door along with also the various other to the right of the window). We recommend a black or brass rod having a lighter shade drape such as an ivory linen.


Black Windsor Dining Chairs | Skyline Rug | Raleigh Park Rug | Madeleine Side Chair

Sonal also asked us to help source a rug for the dining room along with also give her guidance on whether they selected the right furniture for in there.

We know you want to keep your original table, yet if the idea were up to us, we probably would likely have recommend a table that will expands. We do like the style of the table along with also suggest two different rug options that will work well with what’s going on inside living room. If you want to keep things more neutral we selected This particular ivory along with also gray option. If you want more shade we opted for a more colorful option that will still coordinates with the colors inside living room. We don’t particularly love those chairs with that will table. the idea seems a bit heavy so we included a couple of lighter chair options if you ever decide to switch them out. If you do keep them, we would likely consider recovering the green fabric in a lighter gray linen.


They also asked for us to give suggestions of what they could do with the nook next to the TV/Fireplaces, so we suggested adding some kind of built-in bookcase.

We like the idea of doing built in shelving inside media nook as well along with also feel the idea would likely look best. We would likely recommend doing some closed cabinets below (where you could hide all your media components) along with also then some open shelving above where you could display accessories or various other personal objects or photos. We also think the idea would likely be nice to add a sconce to the top of the shelving for a nice finished touch along with also have included a couple of hardware options for the closed cabinets.

We got some initial thoughts back about the design:

I finally got some time to look through everything!  The design looks great… thanks for providing a couple of options for each room.  I love the mix of different styles along with also textures, while still keeping the classic look.  along with also I like that will everything is usually pretty neutral, without being boring! I’m so excited to start buying all the pieces.

Following This particular we got a few emails through Sonal being concerned that will some elements felt too modern, some felt too traditional, not enough pops of shade along with also that will she wanted to see accents of Parisian glam, mid-century, along with also boho. Lots of different styles which began to blow our minds a tad.

As having a lot of clients, whether the idea be a full design client or e-design, they often don’t definitely understand what they actually want until they begin the design process along with also start being presented with ideas. We had a full service client inside past go through wanting jewel toned glam to opting for neutral along with also serene.  the idea’s only when people actually think about the idea that will they realize their style or tastes are not what they want to surround themselves with everyday.  along with also the idea’s our job to interpret what they definitely want. This particular was the case with Sonal, along with also after several emails between us, I got down to the crooks on what the idea is usually she actually wanted through the design: cozy, eclectic, neutral with pops of shade, not too traditional or too modern having a touch of mid-century & boho. With her favorite of Emily’s designs being Bri Emery’s Living Room, Ian Brennan’s Living Room along with also Emily’s own Living Room.


With that will being said, Ali got to working on a brand-new inspiration page that will included more eclectic feeling spaces with more shade along with also a not bad balance of modern vs traditional. She already had a not bad base of traditional with her roll arm sofa along with also tufted ottoman; however, we slightly tweaked the furniture format to incorporate the rounded back club chairs.


Overarching Floor Lamp | Toro Lounge Chair | Abstract Art Print #1 | Abstract Art Print #2 | Palmette Wool Pouf (no longer available) | Belgian Flax Linen Pillow Cover (no longer available) | Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover | Tasseled Pointilliste Pillow | Braided Cable Wool Rug | Marble along with also Wood Tray (no longer available) | smaller Planter | Elke Glass Coffee Table | Oversized Adjustable Metal Rod | Pom Tassel Drapes | Large Planter | Throw Blanket in Poppy | Antwerp Armchair (no longer available) | Rounded Inlay Side Table | Metallic Ikat Dot Pillow


Overarching Floor Lamp | Toro Lounge Chair | Abstract Art Print #1 | Abstract Art Print #2 | Palmette Wool Pouf (no longer available) | Belgian Flax Linen Pillow Cover (no longer available) | Shag Puff Pillow | Tassel Stripe Pillow Cover (no longer available) | Braided Cable Wool Rug | Marble along with also Wood Tray (no longer available) | smaller Planter | Elke Glass Coffee Table | Oversized Adjustable Metal Rod | Pom Tassel Drapes | Large Planter | Throw Blanket in Poppy | Antwerp Armchair (no longer available) | Rounded Inlay Side Table | Metallic Ikat Dot Pillow (no longer available)


Madeleine Side Chair | Skyline Rug | Windsor Dining Chairs | Tech Center Chair Option 1 | Tech Center Chair Option 2

Here is usually your final design plan. We definitely reworked the design to bring in more shade along with also give you more of the mid century, glam, along with also bohemian feel you were hoping to achieve. I know you were not a fan of the armchairs so we switched them out for these brand-new more modern options through West Elm. The curved backs mixed with the mid century legs coordinate nicely with your sofa along with also the leather chair. To keep things eclectic along with also bohemian, we used a mix of textures along with also brought in some global inspired pillows along with also pouf.

The black along with also brass accents keep things through feeling overly feminine yet help keep things glam. We also provided you with two chair options for your tech center inside kitchen. We feel both of these work well with the dining area as well as the living room. We took the budget down to just over $8000 including the dining room rug. This particular should leave you with extra money to do custom drapery, although we did provide a drapery option for your living area inside revised design plan.

Along with also Sonal’s response:

I love the revised design! the idea’s def more the look I wanted.  I love the mix of styles along with also textures along with also the pop of shade.  the idea’s the perfect combo of boho/glam/midcentury without overdoing the idea.  I like that will there is usually touch of traditional with the black accents which keeps things classy.  The whole room is usually warm, cozy, inviting, along with also super stylish.  I’m so excited to start purchasing off the list! I definitely appreciate the time along with also effort of your entire team!  Thank you all for being patient along with also understanding.

We were so happy to hear back that will she loved the design. Although, full disclosure: we offer one round of revisions within our e-design package in order that will clients can swap out one or two items i.e. coffee table/artwork etc.  With This particular design we went above along with also beyond to make sure she was happy with the end result. along with also since this particular project, we have been sending clients initial inspiration boards to 100% check we’re on the same page before moving onto product selects.  We’ve found This particular to be a beneficial additional to our e-design process.

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