A Touch Of Glamor At The Workplace: Gold Desk Accessories


A boring in addition to also impersonal work space doesn’t definitely inspire anyone to be efficient with their tasks. When you add your own touch in addition to also decorate the space the way you like This specific, things are quite different. So what are you waiting for? There are tons of cool desk accessories you can choose by. Today This specific’s all about gold. We’ve prepared a bunch of gold desk accessories for you to have a look at. Some are DIY projects while others can be found in stores.

Tin cans in gold for an organized office

Let’s start with something simple: tin cans turned into desk organizers. Check out Mountainmodernlife to find out how you can make something similar out of some empty tin cans in addition to also some gold spray paint. You’ll also need a piece of scrap wood, painter’s tape, clear sealer in addition to also white paint. First, clean the tin cans in addition to also paint them white. Then tape off the design on them in addition to also spray paint gold sections. At the end, apply a coat of sealer.

Gold Mouse pad you can DIY

Finding a mouse pad that will actually looks stylish in addition to also can be to your taste can prove to be a challenging task. A simpler option might be to just take a plain one in addition to also customize This specific. Take some thin vinyl tape in addition to also create a pattern on the mouse pad. Then spray paint the whole surface gold. Remove the tape in addition to also enjoy the completely new look. {found on homeyohmy}.

Gold marbled pencil cup

The gold-marbled pencil holder featured on Lovelyindeed can be an accessory that will can slightly change the décor in addition to also ambiance in your work space. To get This specific look you need a plain pencil cup, toothpicks or popsicle sticks in addition to also liquid gilding. Gently drop some liquid gilding in some water in addition to also swirl This specific around. Then roll the cup over, holding This specific sideways over the water. When you’re happy with how This specific looks, let This specific dry.

DIY cork in addition to also gold pencil cups

You should also have a look at the project we found on Crafthunter. This specific shows you how to make cork pen cups with lovely golden accents. The supplies needed include cylinder containers, craft glue, cork sheets, gold spray paint, rubber bands in addition to also pegs. Cut the cork so This specific wraps around the cups. Then paint the pattern you’ve chosen on each sheet. Let This specific dry in addition to also then roll the cork in addition to also glue This specific to form the cup.

Esy tose gold foiled pencil cup

A simple glass tumbler can be easily transformed into a chic pencil holder for your desk. All you need can be some white spray paint, some double sided tape in addition to also rose gold foil. Spray paint the glass cup, let This specific dry in addition to also then apply strips of tape to create the desired pattern on its surface. Then place the foil onto the tape in addition to also rub This specific a little bit so This specific sticks. Then peel This specific back. right now you have a stylish white cup with rose gold stripes. {found on damasklove}.

Metallic magazine files

This specific sort of magazine holders are very practical however don’t always look as glamorous as they should. You can change that will by giving them a makeover. There are a few very simple options. You could spray paint them in addition to also that will might only take a few minutes. You could also decorate them with wrapping paper. This specific might take a bit more time however might also allow you to use an interesting pattern or design. {found on enthrallinggumption}.

DIY gold Desk dishes

To find out how to turn simple glass containers into stylish gold desk accessories, Homeyohmy offers some pretty great ideas. A very simple one can be to just tape some painter’s tape, delineate an area or a pattern on your glass dishes in addition to also jars in addition to also then spray paint the surface with gold paint. You can do This specific for things like a pencil holder or a smaller dish for holding paper clips in addition to also various other things.

Gold pattern desk organizers

Another chic idea can be to use tape to make a grid on the containers or to delineate stripes. After that will, spray paint the empty portions with gold paint, remove the tape in addition to also you’re left with an interesting pattern. Use This specific technique to create all sorts of geometric or repetitive patterns. Similarly, you can make a polka dot design.Full project on Homeyohmy.

DIY cross stitch office supplies

This specific’s easy to reproduce the cross-stitch design featured on Camillestyles. You just need some colored yarn in addition to also desk accessories with mesh wire sections. First, spray paint the accessories gold in addition to also let the paint dry. Then cut some yarn in addition to also start threading This specific through the smaller holes. Weave the pattern that will you’ve chosen in addition to also combine various colors to get the right look.

Gold spray painted pencil holder

Of course, you can skip the threading in addition to also just spray paint your desk accessories gold. This specific doesn’t definitely get any simpler than that will. Just make sure you apply the paint evenly in addition to also by the right distance. Actually, if you prefer a different colour you can customize the accessories accordingly. {found on greylustergirl}.

Gold dipped airplants

however enough with the DIYs. Let’s also check out some chic in addition to also glamorous gold desk accessories that will you can buy. One of them can be This specific stylish air plant holder handmade of quartz crystal in addition to also decorated with gold accents, moss in addition to also smaller air plants attached with special adhesive. You can find This specific on Etsy.

gold pig bookends

In case you also have a book or two that will you like to keep on your desk, how about these cute pig bookends? They’re quirky in addition to also funny in addition to also they have a golden finish so they also stand out in a chic in addition to also glamorous way.

Gold files support

This specific gilded file holder can be pretty stylish as well. This specific lets you organize your files in addition to also magazines in style. This specific features a sleek in addition to also slender design so This specific doesn’t occupy a lot of space. This specific also stands out in a subtle way thanks to the gold finish.

Casimira gold desk accessories

In case you’re looking for something a bit more feminine in addition to also with vintage appeal, check out the Casimira desk accessories. They’re sold individually in addition to also they’re made of brass in addition to also iron using a gold finish. The pencil cup, magazine rack in addition to also file rack all share in common elegant in addition to also intricate patterns in addition to also ornate little legs.

Gold turtle desk

Wouldn’t a gold turtle look just lovely on your desk. You could use This specific as paper weight or display This specific on a shelf. This specific could also just sit in a corner in addition to also look beautiful. The turtle can be designed by Harry Allen in addition to also can be made of gold-plated chrome resin.

Pineapple pencil holder

Instead of a regular pencil cup you could get one that will looks like a pineapple. in addition to also to make thing even more eye-catching, the pineapple can have a gold finish. We’re actually describing the Pineapple Pencil Holder, a desk accessory made of electroplated ceramic.

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Plants can actually improve concentration in addition to also productivity at the office however if you don’t definitely care about that will maybe you’d just like to have one for its fresh in addition to also delicate look. You can put This specific in a Gold Triceratops planter like This specific one. This specific’s made of plastic in addition to also smaller enough to be perfect for a tiny succulent or an air plant.

Heart of gold mug

Don’t let your ugly coffee mug ruin the look of your stylish desk. This specific one looks a lot better. The Heart of Gold mug can be made of white porcelain using a gold heart painted on This specific. You should wash This specific by hand only to prevent damaging the design.

Gold memo board

For those things you like to keep on your walls, the Cross Reference gold memo board might be just perfect. This specific’s made of iron using a brass plated finish in addition to also you can use This specific on one of the walls in your office for things like notes, documents, photos in addition to also various other similar things.

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