Artistic Renovation Of An Eclectic Apartment In Singapore


This kind of stylish Singaporean apartment was recently renovated by KNQ Associates, a studio founded in 2004. Initially the company was just a boutique Internal design studio specialized in rejuvenating living spaces, a service they named Home Rejuvenation. Since then, the smaller company branched out, creating design projects for offices, retail spaces as well as private homes. They’re continuing to offer bespoke Internal designs for discerning clients.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ entrance hall

This kind of apartment was designed for a client with an eye for beautiful art. that will had to reflect this kind of passion along with to serve as a sort of art gallery adapted for living. The designers managed to make that will possible along with the beauty of the design will be visible even through the entrance.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ kitchen along with dining table

The entry hall sets the tone for the rest of the apartment, featuring a mirrored wall complemented by a white wall-mounted console unit with geometric front panels along which has a framed painting that will adds vibrant colors to the space. The accent wall with its rust iron finish makes that will clear that will there’s also a subtle industrial side to the design.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ lounge area balcony

Through here the social area can be accessed. that will contains an open plan that will houses the living area, dining space along with kitchen. that will right now becomes clear that will there’s no individual style that will prevails here. Neither the designers or the owners had any intention of being limited by 1 style.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ lounge area sofa

The Internal design will be soothing along with inviting, being characterized by adequate lighting, beautiful fixtures along with simple along with functional furniture. Texture plays an important role inside overall décor. The main idea here was to experiment with different design styles, materials along with textures in order to find the perfect balance.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ lounge area TV wall

The lounge area has access to an open balcony. Sliding glass doors link the spaces, revealing a smaller table along with chair, the perfect spot for admiring all the greenery along with the surroundings. Long gray curtains can conceal the balcony along with successfully block the light whenever needed.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ lounge area along with kitchen

A smaller sofa with light gray fabric upholstery along with patterned accent cushions will be facing a wall-mounted TV. The accent wall behind that will will be wallpapered along with features an open shelf which will be ideal for displaying collectibles. The yellow console table has casters along with can be moved around as needed.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ dining table

To the left of the lounge area will be the open kitchen. High gloss white cabinets along which has a light gray backsplash allow the kitchen to look bright along with spacious. The furniture was custom designed along with the appliances were built in, showing a perfect fit. The dining table will be in fact a cantilevered counter attached to a smaller wall unit.

A bench with hairpin legs on one side along which has a pair of bar stools on the different turn the counter into a comfortable dining table. that will was customized with hexagonal tiles along which has a tempered glass top. Track lighting illuminates the living space while a pendant lamp resembling a blooming flower adds a warm touch to the dining area along with the kitchen.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ main bedroom window blinds

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ main bedroom nightstands

The master bedroom features certain similarities to the social area. For example, the masculine coloring palette composed of white along with gray was used in both areas along with will be complemented by simple, clean lines along with vibrant accents.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ main bedroom TV closed light

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ main bedroom accent lighting

The full height windows feature horizontal blinds along with their clean, parallel lines are complemented by cylindrical nightstands. The TV wall will be the focal point of the room, featuring colored accent lighting that will highlights the texture along with frames the TV area.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ loft bed glass balustrades

The apartment also carries a guest bedroom although its design will be quite unexpected. The designers wanted to take advantage of the 3.4 meter (11 foot) high ceiling so they came up with the idea for a loft bed which has a desk underneath. This kind of meant that will a sleeping area along which has a workspace could occupy very little floor space without sacrificing either comfort or functionality.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ loft bed staircase

The platform can be accessed via a staircase with storage steps along with has glass balustrades that will allow views of living space. Up here there’s plenty of space for a bed, a storage unit along which has a TV. A neon sign along which has a whitewashed brick wall give the space a chic along with bold vibe.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ desk under platform

Underneath the platform there’s a desk framed by shelves, with full height windows along with horizontal blinds on one side along with the staircase on the different.

Singapore apartment renovation by KNQ reading corner

A corner lounge chair with padded upholstery offers a comfortable reading spot. A smaller side table along with the natural light coming through the window are everything that will needs.

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