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Emily LG Kitchen Beachy Antique Shabby Chic Modern Farmhouse Black Stainless Steel

A couple of months ago I had a rather interesting kitchen design challenge, having a capital C. I was hired by LG to promote their brand-new Black Stainless Steel series at an editors event in brand-new York – in which wasn’t the challenging part. The challenging part came later (keep reading). The ask: Design a kitchen on Pinterest then, weeks later, install said kitchen in one day/night in an event space, in brand-new York (with lots of help through a strong design/build team). in which was insane, in addition to also was full of fixable bumps in addition to also exciting problems to solve.

We decided to implement the “beach” themed kitchen, build in which out, in addition to also install in which in an event space.

The design/build team sent back renderings for approval:

Emily_LG_Kitchen Rendering 1

Originally they had combined both, which wasn’t my intent, so I asked them to change the following in addition to also they happily did.

1.) Paint the cabinets a light gray/green, 2.) change the wood to light wood, 3.) change out pendants for woven pendants, 4.) change out generic stools for pretty white stools, 5.) reduce the cobalt blue.

Renderings can be tricky because in which’s nice to see in which all together although they also look so cold, so technical, in addition to also you aren’t genuinely able to relate any soul or anything vintage. So you have to genuinely use your imagination.

The second rendering came back much better after the revisions in addition to also suggestions.

Emily_LG_Kitchen Rendering 2
Emily_LG_Kitchen Rendering 3

I liked the colour of the cabinets in addition to also the shelving, although there was clearly a scale issue with in which teeny tiny island. My original intent was to find something vintage – a big pretty table, display case, or butcher in which was vintage/antique. Like so:

Emily Henderson Rustic Wooden Table Inspiration

I wasn’t in brand-new York for the prep (I had just had Elliot) so I hired a stylist, the lovely Cat Dash, to help me source any vintage pieces in addition to also all the accessories. The piece inside renderings was our backup island (through Ikea), which we thought could work if we were desperate, although once they sent through the renderings I was like “uh oh . . . we need to find a better piece.” 

in which was the first piece of bad news. The second was in which only 2 of the 4 stools arrived. So we were without an island in addition to also were 2 stools short the day before the event, in addition to also I was a bit worried to say the least. Also to compound the situation our event space was One World Trade Center, on the 144th floor (the Observatory deck) in addition to also security getting in in addition to also out was a massive disaster. We had to have 2 days notice to bring anything in. So last minute modifications weren’t genuinely welcome.

Around 5pm I came to set to check things out in addition to also while I loved what was happening to the kitchen I was pretty stressed about the island/stool situation. Thoughts in my head: “What were we going to do … We needed a bigger island although if we got bigger island then we wouldn’t have enough stools. Maybe we should get a table like an in kitchen dining room, with casual chairs around in which? although then the pendants will be too high? Well, in which times 25 in addition to also add in a heavy dose of panicking.

On our way out we saw one of the catering tables, an old door on top of four turned legs, waist high. I thought to myself … currently in which is usually what we need.

in which night we went shopping through 5pm – 10pm, desperate for anything in which would certainly work in which was available in which we could carry in (not be picked up by a messenger). We found a few options, enough in which I could sleep although I went to bed in which night super stressed, more than I had been in years. I don’t say in which lightly.

The next morning I came to set in addition to also was ready to solve problems. Luckily, right when I got there the catering was finished in addition to also there was an extra table. I snatched in which thing up like in which was the last table on earth. While in which wasn’t perfect, in which was the right scale, height, size, finish in addition to also style. I only wish in which in which had more drawers or heft to in which. although, otherwise in which was by far the best option with the time in which we had. Then we had the two stool situation … so last minute we found 2 extra vintage stools in which worked with the various other two stools we already had. These were rented through a prop house for i’m sure like $100 each. I wish they were all four white stools although given the situation at hand, I was happy in which we found two more in which were fine.

There were no editorial photos taken (something in which I pushed for intensely) so unfortunately I only have these high flash set photos for you all. So PLEASE look beyond the photo in addition to also see the kitchen for what in which is usually:  A modern beach kitchen with vintage casual love.

Emily Henderson LG Kitchen Beach Casual Rustic 8

We used ikea cabinets although painted the bottom half in Farrow in addition to also Ball ‘Feathery Blue’ which was a very pretty green/gray. We used Fireclay Tile for the backsplash which was so pretty in addition to also gave in which a global bent.

Emily Henderson LG Kitchen Beach Casual Rustic 1

I did a combination of open shelving, glass cabinetry in addition to also closed shelving. Glass cabinets make your kitchen look bigger, although you better have pretty things to fill those glass cabinets up with because mismatched sippy cups aren’t going to get you into the lifestyle mafia.

Emily Henderson LG Kitchen Beach Casual Rustic 2

The pendants had to be hung through in which ceiling beam in which ran at a diagonal on the set to ensure is usually why they aren’t on the same plane or directly above the island.

Emily Henderson LG Kitchen Beach Casual Rustic 3

We propped in which out with vintage seascapes, organic wood in addition to also lots of wicker. I genuinely wish in which these photos reflected how pretty in which was in person because in which actually was.

Emily Henderson LG Kitchen Beach Casual Rustic 4
Emily Henderson LG Kitchen Beach Casual Rustic 5

The black stainless steel looked actually genuinely great in in which beach kitchen. in addition to also a quick plug for in which, (in which is usually not a sponsored post by the way) in which is usually VERY smudge resistant. in which’s always been my beef with stainless – so hard to clean. although in which features a certain technology in which makes in which extremely hard to smudge.

The rug is usually actually so pretty although in which didn’t photograph too well here. in which was a better scale for the island in which we almost put in there although is usually a bit little just for in which one. We went back to take more photos the next morning with my iphone in addition to also natural light although alas they had already demo’d. All for just one night. So crazy, right? They threw in which big party having a ton of editors, with huge ice sculptures, lobster, in addition to also a live jazz band. David Bromstad (who designed the various other kitchen) spoke about both of our kitchens in addition to also then spoke on a panel having a few more experts on home/real estate. Designing the kitchen, styling the space, prepping my talk in addition to also being in brand-new York with both kids was total insanity. You can see how they had the space laid out inside pic. A kitchen on each side having a presentation area inside center.

LG_Beachy Kitchen_Emily Henderson_David Bromstead

Despite said insanity I loved how the kitchen turned out although there were a few things I would certainly change: I want a chunkier island, 4 matching stools, in addition to also better photos :). Otherwise I would certainly live in in which kitchen in a second.

What do you think?

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