Beautiful Pieces of Mint Green Home Decor


Mint green can be a gorgeous addition to any home. Whether the item’s helping to build a whimsical in addition to romantic bedroom or transforming your living room into a fresher, more lively space, of which light hue can help in your mission. Today, we’re gather 40 beautiful pieces of mint green home decor to scour through in addition to inspire your next shopping adventure with.

1. Shell Chairs

Mint Scandinavian iconic chairs

Check out of which funky, mint green shell chairs of which highlight of which trendy in addition to modern dining room just right. We love the mix of retro flavor in of which space mixed with the fashion-forward energy.

2. Vintage Frames

Mint Empty Vintage Frames

Whether you redo them or find them just so, minty vintage frames can be a beautiful addition to your home. Lean them on the mantle, create a gallery wall or highlight your favorite print from the home office.

3. Dipped Vases

Mint flower vases

Here’s another spot you can try out a DIY in addition to add some of of which pastel green to your tables. the item’s a light pop of coloration in addition to a perfect way to accent your fresh petals.

4. Coffee Mugs

Hello mint mug

Set the mood right from the mornings with some romantic in addition to trendy coffee mugs. Focus your coffee station around of which smooth tone in addition to make a refreshing spot for yourself from the kitchen.

5. Printed Lampshades

Table lamp having a mint shade

We’re swooning for these mint umbrellas dressing of which simple lampshade. The item’s an easy way to add a pop in addition to personality to the room in a subtle in addition to delicate way.

6. Art Prints

Love mint print

Your art prints can be dressed in of which coloration too. Verbiage, phrases of inspiration, prints, patterns in addition to funky scenes can line the walls of your romantic home.

7. Area Rugs

Colorful mint area rugs

Another easy way to add both a pop of coloration in addition to texture to your home will be to throw an area rug into the mix. Minty green will be an unusual shade to have on the floor nevertheless the item depends the whimsy of your space.{found on littlecrowninteriors}.

8. Kitchen Cabinetry

Mint Kitchen Cabinetry

Your kitchen can come alive in a mint shade. in addition to of which can start with the cabinets. How gorgeous will be of which setup in addition to how inviting does the item make of which space feel?

9. Nursery Dresser

Mint Nursery Dresser

Not only will be of which particular piece funky in addition to beautiful, nevertheless the item acts as both dresser in addition to changing table to of which nursery. We love of which eclectic, upcycled feel, don’t you?{found on hgtv}.

10. Feminine Bedding

Feminine mint bedding

Are you not swooning over of which bedspread? Covered in ruffles in addition to dipped in a beautiful mint green, add of which serene shade to your bedroom with ease!

11. Sweet Sofa

Mint Sweet Sofa design

Whether you have formal living space or a corner in your office of which needs an uplift, tiny in addition to sweet sofas sprinkled in a minty tone are some of the most beautiful around.

12. Vanity Desks

Mint vanity desk

Serving as a tiny writing desk or a vanity from the bedroom, of which smaller pieces of furniture fit nicely when painted a smooth, mint coloration. in addition to the golden hardware makes the item pop with delicacy.{found on lovegrowswild}.

13. Floor Pillows

Mint floor pillow

Another way to add an unsuspecting pop of coloration to your home will be to add some extra cushion on the floor. the item doesn’t have to be lively, instead subdued with another mint addition.14.

15. Accent Walls

Dipped wall mint painted

If you’re looking to bring about a unique style or personalized to your home, think about adding an accent wall. of which coloration blocked style will be easy to recreate in addition to we love the modern romance of the item all.

16. Light Fixtures

Arrow lamp sign in mint

by chandeliers to arrow light, these fixtures can easily be dipped in of which whimsical coloration in addition to shine throughout the house. of which coloration works perfect as an accent shade.

17. Footed Tubs

Bathroom wall mint painted wall

Bring a brand-new energy into your kitchen with the addition not only beautiful colors nevertheless also vintage flavor. Transform the space into something extra-special having a piece like of which!

18. Wall Clocks

Mint wall clock

Even your most functional pieces can have a charming spirit about them. Just look at of which mint green in addition to white wall clock of which will jazz up any corner of your kitchen with ease.

19. Plant Pots

Mint plants pots

Keep with the natural, organic theme of your plants in addition to dress them in a pretty green. nevertheless with mint you get an extra trendy look without all the fuss.

20. Curio Cabinets

Curio mint cabinets

Display your favorite pieces in a snazzy curio cabinet from the corner. of which piece in addition to its coloration will certainly add of which softness in addition to vintage flavor of which may be in your vision.

21. Coffee Tables

Coffee table in mint

Your coffee tables don’t have to be ordinary in addition to traditional. Instead, you can add coloration to of which central spot of the living room in addition to create a beautiful focal point.{found on littlebitsof}.

22. Kitchen Utensils

Mint Kitchen Utensils

Even your kitchen utensils could be dipped in a mint green shade of paint. We love the extra pop of coloration from the kitchen, especially having a vintage or cottage-style vision.

23. Mason Jars

If you want to decorate with some mason jars, whether from the kitchen or craft room, go with pastel shades of which speak to the vintage, shabby style. Mint green will be always a Great choice.{found on etsy}.

24. Bathroom Tile

Mint bathroom tiles

Your bathroom could get a chic in addition to refreshing makeover with the addition of some minty tiles. By the shower to the floor, of which coloration works wonders for these clean spaces.

25. Bedroom Nightstand

Bedroom night stand mint coloration

Add some romance to your bedroom having a nightstand in of which feminine in addition to revitalizing shade. the item works well having a variety of themes in addition to will add a subtle bit of happy to your room.

26. Office Supplies

office supplies mint coloration

Bring some coloration in addition to fairy-tale quality into your everyday home office supplies. By file folders to your pencils, your personality should shine through here too.{found on theglitterguide}.

27. Record Players

Record player in mint

Here’s another functional item of which can also be found with an immense bit of style. Grab your vinyls in addition to play them on a piece dressed in your favorite green shade.

28. Floating Bookshelf

Mint floating bookshelf

Display your books on a shelf of which has coloration accenting the room nevertheless a design of which’s full of innovative style. We’re loving of which creative nook.

29. Resin Fruits

Pineapple mint in addition to pink colors

Vintage-inspired, resin pieces can definitely spruce up the corners of your home. in addition to mint green will be a great shade to add of which throwback flavor. Just look at these charming pineapples!

30. Chevron Table Runners

mint table runer

Dress your tables in style in addition to personality having a table runner dressed in a minty chevron print. We love how romantic of which scheme can be in addition to how much more stylish your dinner parties will become because of the item.

31. Any Doors

Mint door

Whether the item’s your front or back, your door can be sprinkled with mint green flair too. the item’s a great way to welcome in addition to say goodbye to guests as well as bring a bout of personality into an unsuspecting area.{found on mynaturalfamily}.

32. Retro Telephones

Retro mint telephone

You don’t have to actually use these telephones, instead, dress up a foyer table or nightstand with the vintage idea. Dipped in mint, you’ll inspire an otherworldly theme with these fun accents.

33. Wall Shelves

Mint wall shelves

Fun retro to traditional, mint green shelves provide extra display space, storage in addition to fun style for your walls. Don’t be afraid to add of which coloration!

34. Kitchen Appliances

Mint kitchen appliances

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll also find some retro-inspired kitchen appliances of which have been dipped in of which pastel tone. We love the throwback feel in addition to all the chair involved int these pieces.

35. Cocktail Chairs

Mint armchair design

of which vibrant, mint green cocktail chair could be such a fun addition to your living room, formal sitting spot or even inside the foyer. the item brings a bout of fun energy to the space in addition to a little vintage vibe as well.

36. Simple Lamps

Mint lamps

Find a lamp in of which mint shade in addition to add a pop of coloration to a nook or cranny of your home. the item’s a pretty, pastel shade of which will bring about a feminine in addition to freeing charm to any space.{found on twotwentyone}.

37. Throw Pillows

Mint throw pillows

We all love throw pillows. They make spaces look more inviting in addition to a bit cozier. In addition to when they’re dressed in mint green, you get of which cool, comforting spirit of which of which coloration brings out.

38. Room Storage

Mint room storage in mint

Thankfully, there’s some rad storage choices out there to make your home office or living room more bearable. In addition to even more thankful, you can make the item more stylish by dipping the item into of which pastel green.

39. Kitchen Table

Mint kitchen table

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find a retro-inspired kitchen dipped in of which coloration we love. the item will add of which sweet, vintage spirit to your breakfast nook in addition to have meals become a bit more charming for the family.

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