Best Affordable Vinyl Tile in 2016


Best Affordable Vinyl Tile

DIY Vinyl Kitchen Floor Tile Peel in addition to also Stick Retro Brady Tolbert Kitchen Vintage Dining Room After 1

Remember a few weeks back when Brady revealed his amazing $50 kitchen makeover using vinyl peel in addition to also stick flooring. The internet gave a resounding applause which made us think… are there different vinyl flooring options out there for those of you/us who don’t want This specific black/white option? Well, the answer is actually, “woah, YES there is actually…” So, we rounded up some of our favorite easy-to apply in addition to also inexpensive (for the most part) vinyl tiles for the kitchens, bathrooms, in addition to also mudrooms in your life in which are in need of a quick in addition to also easy update.

completely new Vinyl Tile Patterened

1. Starry Night Tile | 2. Mexican Indigo Blue Cleft Tile | 3. Stargazer Tile | 4. Italian Chiave Teal Tile | 5. Moroccan Agadir Cobalt Tile | 6. Flirt Tile | 7. Tumbling Blocks | 8. Black & Rose Syracuse Tile | 9. Mexican Indigo Diamonds Tile | 10. Rose des Vents Tile | 11. Oyster Travertine Tile | 12. Velvet Weave | 13. Parquet Charcoal | 14. Blossom Tile | 15. Bali Tile | 16. Amtico Mineral Glass | 17. Urban Marble Tile | 18. Roman Travertine Tile | 19. Rose des Vents Tile | 20. Moroccan Agadir Mercury Tile | 21. Floor Parquet Tile | 22. Equator Wave Tile | 23. Red Stars Tile | 24. Palm Beach Tile | 25. Porto Tile | 26. Nexus Black & White Tile | 27. Casablanca Grey Tiles | 28. Azulejos Tile | 29. Namaste Tile | 30. Flower Folk Tile | 31. Cafe Tile | 32. Green Geometric Pattern Tile | 33. Gray Linear Travertine Tile

Of course there are always some solid options in addition to also we find the idea best to mix like Brady did – two or even more colors together to form a checkerboard, a stripe or to get crazy in addition to also come up with something fun in addition to also completely new. Some of them go a bit ‘retro’ however thats great for a vintage house, right?

completely new Vinyl Tiles Solids

1. Nexus White Tile | 2. Rio Red Tile | 3. Alternatives Iron Gray Tile | 4. Alternatives Forest Green Tile | 5. Alternatives Aqua Spring Tile | 6. Nexus Black Tile | 7. School Bus Tile | 8. Cadence Delta Tile | 9. Frosty | 10. Alternatives White Tile | 11. Touchstone Tango Tile | 12. Ecru Tile | 13. Touchstone Silver Pine | 14. Plum Tile | 15. Tangerine Tile | 16. Pistachio Tile | 17. Black Tile | 18. Gray Tile | 19. Dark Blue Tile | 20. Excelon Red Tile | 21. Touchstone Banana Cream Tile

Lastly, in addition to also I know this specific goes against my past self in which used to be against anything faux, however I have a couple things to say about wood vinyl tiles:

1. I’ve seen extremely high end versions of this specific in addition to also you can’t tell them apart. The completely new stuff coming on the market is actually expensive, however so perfect for commercial use because the idea looks identical to wood in addition to also is actually virtually indestructable. in addition to also 2. I think for a budget makeover (maybe not a full reno where you are spending money only once) the idea’s a not bad option to help create a clean, warm completely new surface.

I did the idea once for Secrets by a Stylist, you can see the idea HERE in addition to also the idea looked great for just a few hundred dollars. However, obviously be careful with the idea – in addition to also don’t go putting the idea in you $50k kitchen renovation to try to save money because you spent too much on your faucet.

completely new Vinyl Tile Wood

1. Empire Bamboo Plank Tile | 2. Montana Plank Tile | 3. Graphite Tile | 4. 5 Spice Plank Tile | 5. Prestige Rosewood Plank Tile | 6. Pearl Tile | 7. Tabacco Pine Plank Tile | 8. Rustic Barn Wood Tile | 9. Broadway Plank Tile | 10. Galleon Tile | 11. Seaside Tile | 12. Mahogany Plank Tile | 13. Birch Plank Tile | 14. Brazilian Cherry Tile | 15. Chêne Blank Plank Tile | 16. Bostwana Plank Tile | 17. Newport Tile | 18. Kingston Walnut Plank Tile | 19. Amazon Tile | 20. Cool Tile | 21. Grey Maple Plank Tile | 22. Sawtooth Grey Plank Tile | 23. Dove Wood Tile | 24. Woodland Oak Plank Tile | 25. Medium Oak Plank | 26. Cornfield Tile | 27. Botswana Picturesque Tile | 28. Signal Point Tile | 29. Saddle Flooring Tile | 30. Saint Maclou Tile | 31. Toasted Walnut Tile | 32. Breckenridge Vinyl Plank | 33. October Oak Plank | 34. Terrain Plank Flooring | 35. Livelihood Vinyl Plank | 36. Terrain Deluxe Flooring

What shall we source for you next? Are you liking these market research posts? A lot of the idea happens when we ourselves are looking for something however we have also hired a couple of stellar researchers who are scouring the internet for the best of the best. We have a HUGE cement tile roundup coming soon as well as a ‘Timeless Patterned Rugs’ which I’m excited about … Let us know what you want in addition to also we’ll put the idea on the list in addition to also start scouring

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