Best Living Room Ideas in 2016


When working with black in addition to also white, a third colour is usually often needed. the item can be a bold in addition to also striking shade such as red, orange or green yet the item can also be the natural in addition to also diverse multitude of natural wood tones. This kind of is usually a flexible in addition to also very inspiring combination which can be adapted to suit a variety of styles.

Layered design for living room

A layered design can be achieved by mixing in addition to also matching a diversity of colors in addition to also patterns. inside case of a living room, This kind of look can materialize into a space with parquet flooring, a lightweight area rug on top, a sofa with an ornate wooden frame, fabric upholstery in addition to also a multitude of accent pillows on top of all.

Wood storage for living room

In case you’re having trouble finding the right way to integrate firewood storage into your living room’s Inner surface design, check out This kind of innovative in addition to also pretty simple idea. A custom-designed wall unit can frame the window, featuring firewood compartments which double as décor for the space.

Sunburst art above fireplace

The sunburst decoration displayed above the fireplace is usually based on a simple design pretty easy to reproduce with skewers in addition to also a little mirror. However, the particular design chosen here by Juliette Byrne has its own distinct particularities which allow the item to stand out.

Textured walls

Obtaining the type of textured featured here is usually a bit more challenging than some might think. The design is usually intentional in addition to also never the same. the item takes patience in addition to also skill to get the item right when you’re starting that has a plan white wall. The design blends well with the warmth of a traditional décor.

Turquoise walls in addition to also deep red sofa

Both the turquoise wall in addition to also the red sofa are very eye-catching on their own. These two elements put together can clash if not balanced out by different details. In This kind of case, those details are the light brown curtains, the textured gray rug in addition to also the matte black lampshade.

Brown walls in addition to also couch

Brown is usually a colour in which mixes well with different shades such as green, turquoise or orange. However, when combining the item with neutral tones such as gray or black, the item can become monotonous. Inner surface designer Andrew Howard avoided in which by blending several different textures in addition to also materials.

Eye cathing colour with grey shades

The same thing can be said about gray which is usually not a particularly interesting or eye-catching colour. However, the item can be the perfect choice for a living room infused with vintage, rustic in addition to also industrial elements. Designer Mark Lewis offers us a glimpse at the design possibilities in such a case.

Accent colour for living room above the fireplace

The accent colour you choose for a living room can be highlighted in more than one way. Displaying big blocks of colors inside form of abstract artwork or furniture is usually one option. A different strategy is usually to use in which colour is usually little amount in addition to also to evenly distribute the item throughout the space. Check out how Turned Pocock acted in This kind of case.

Bay windows livign room design

A living room with bay windows is usually a treasure through the start. Tamara Eaton had to design such a space in addition to also the strategy chosen was to develop the sofa placed in front of the windows for a nice view rather than positioning the item in front of the fireplace.

Nikki Tibbles wallpaper walls

When the walls of a living room are as striking in addition to also busy as in This kind of case, everything else seems pale by comparison. As a result, a lilac-colored sofa or a green area rug don’t seem as eye-catching as they would likely in a different environment dominated by neutral tones in addition to also simplicity.

Simple living room decor that has a brown leather couch

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