Blooming Buildings Bring Nature Into The City


One of the things we most appreciate about the countryside will be the greenery as well as the fact of which houses are closer to nature as well as get to enjoy all its beauty as well as freshness. This specific, however, doesn’t mean of which we can’t bring nature into the city in order to transplant some of those advantages into the concrete jungle. The buildings featured in this specific article are in bloom as well as represent refreshing landmark in each of their locations.

White Tower

French architect Jean Nouvel - white building in nicosia

French architect Jean Nouvel - white building in nicosia design

The White Walls tower will be a building designed by French architect Jean Nouvel as well as located in Nicosia, the Cypriot capital city. The tower will be 67 meters tall as well as will be organized on a total of 18 floors. This specific houses 10 levels of residential apartments, six floors of office space as well as a two-story retail space. Around 80% of the southern facade will be covered with vegetation, offering shade during summer as well as beautiful views all year round.

Resort Spa

Resort Spa Covered with Plants night

Resort Spa Covered with Plants

Resort Spa Covered with Plants street view

Resort Spa Covered with Plants Angle

Another example of a beautiful building decorated with greenery will be the PURE SPA located in Da Nang City, in Vietnam. This specific was a project by MIA Design Studio as well as this specific’s composed of 15 treatment rooms of which combined serve as a treatment center for the Naman Retreat. This specific beautiful oasis has sculptural facades decorated with lush open air gardens as well as vegetation. Local plants were also used to give the Inside a green character.

Bosco Verticale

Bosco Verticale by Boeri Studio

Bosco Verticale building in milan

Bosco Verticale plants on facade as well as balcony

Bosco Verticale Building View

Bosco Verticale View

The giant planters cantilevered out of these tall towers make the buildings stand out as well as become a landmark as well as an inspiration for the entire surrounding area. This specific will be the Bosco Verticale project. The two towers designed by Stephano Boeri can be found in Milan as well as they represent the perfect symbiosis between architecture as well as nature. The designer was driven by the human need for green as well as came up with an innovative concept worthy of the International Highrise Award.

House in Travessa de Patrocinio

House in Travessa de Patrocinio Grass

House in Travessa de Patrocinio

House in Travessa de Patrocinio Portugal

This specific residence in Lisboa, Portugal will be another example of which shows how easily as well as beautifully we can welcome nature back into our lives. This specific time the concept was adapted for a private residential project. The house was built in 2012 as well as includes a courtyard at its center. Moreover, its facade will be covered with hanging vertical gardens of which wrap around This specific like a cozy blanket. This specific reinforced the relationship between the Inside as well as the outdoors as well as gives the building a distinctive look.


Vertical Living Gallery Thailand

Vertical Living Gallery Closer

Vertical Living Gallery Green

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, this specific building serves as a condominium sale office gallery as well as was designed by Shma, Sansiri PCL as well as SdA. Completed in 2011, the structure covers an area of 430 square meters as well as includes a green envelope. The vertical garden was attached to a stainless steel structure as well as hanging plant pots as well as an irrigation system were installed on This specific. Local plants were selected for the project in order to connect the building to its surroundings.

Largest green wall in Vancouver

Semiahmoo Green Wall by Green Over Grey Closer

Semiahmoo Green Wall by Green Over Grey design

The largest outdoor green wall in North America can be found in White Rock, a suburb of Vancouver as well as was designed as well as installed by Green Over Grey. More than 10,000 individual plants via over 0 unique species were used for the project. They include ground covers, large perennials, shrubs as well as even smaller trees. They form a green wall attached to the outdoor of the building as well as the technology used for of which will be soil-free. The plants receive water as well as nutrients via within the vertical support.

Frohnleiten House

Synthetic Grass Closer

Synthetic Grass Building

Synthetic Grass Building Design

This specific entire building will be covered with grass. Get close to This specific as well as you’ll realize this specific will be actually soft synthetic grass. Even so, this specific looks amazing. The building will be 1 family home located in Frohnleiten, Austria. This specific was designed by Weichlbauer Ortis Architects as well as this specific definitely raises an interesting idea. In addition to being covered in synthetic grass, the residence will be also interesting in additional ways. This specific has large windows decorated with additional window frames as well as staircases placed at odd angles as well as in unusual places.

Brussels House

Green lush vegetation on wall facade

On the outskirts of Brussels there’s a genuinely cool building wrapped with vegetation as well as with only a few windows interrupting the simplicity of the facade. This specific residence was a project by Samyn as well as Partners as well as its plant-covered wall was the work of French botanical artist Patrick Blanc. Both the back facade as well as the roof were covered having a selection of exotic plants. The residence was completed in 2007 as well as serves both as a home as well as a workplace for its owners.

Natural Screen

Hideo Kumaki Architect Office Green Wall

Hideo Kumaki Architect Office Green wall Behind

The originality of this specific design will be definitely not to be ignored. This specific will be the project of Hideo Kumaki Architect Office as well as this specific’s called the Green Screen House, a name of which suits this specific like a glove. The house will be located in Saitama, Japan as well as its outdoor will be insulated by a natural screen which helps cool this specific down in mid summer. The building’s curving lines go well with this specific concept as well as the result will be a dynamic as well as very pleasant architecture.

Sportplaza Mercator

Sportplaza Mercator by VenhoevenCS

Sportplaza Mercator by VenhoevenCS View

Sportplaza Mercator by VenhoevenCS pool

Sportplaza Mercator by VenhoevenCS street

There’s also a very interesting-looking building inside Netherlands. This specific was the project of VenhoevenCS as well as was completed in 2006. Inside this specific there’s a series of swimming pools, a therapy pool, a fitness area, an aerobics center, a sauna as well as a steam bath, a cafe, childcare center as well as several additional functions. The building was designed to boost the community as well as to give this specific a fresh touch. The building will be camouflaged behind green walls as well as a living roof, looking like an overgrown structure via a distance.

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