Brass Light Fixtures Steal All The Attention With Their Golden Charm


Brass Light Fixtures Steal All The Attention With Their Golden Charm

The metal allow commonly known as brass is actually often used inside the crafting of decorative items, being appreciated for its golden appearance in addition to natural beauty. There are many different uses for brass in addition to many beautiful in addition to interesting ways of taking advantage of its golden look when decorating a space. Brass light fixtures are only one of the options. In turn, they come in a variety of forms, their designs being very diverse in addition to each using the alloy’s natural characteristics in its own unique way.

Brass pendant lamps

Lanterna copper inside

The inspiration for the Lanterna collection came coming from traditional Chinese lanterns. coming from there, the design has transformed, becoming a stylish in addition to versatile pendant lamp available in three different sizes in addition to two colors. The golden Indoor reflects the light in addition to offers a warm in addition to pleasant glow, softening the pendant’s industrial characteristics.

Tom Dixon Copper Lighting Fixture

The inspiration for the Tom Dixon Beat pendant comes coming from the beautiful simplicity of brass cooking pots in addition to traditional Indian water vessels. The pendant is actually hand-beaten in addition to is actually part of a collection which includes four different designs, each featuring a different shape in addition to also available in black, gray in addition to white.

Brass dome large

inside the case of the Brass Dome pendant, brass was used in combination with copper to create a design in which’s very simple, fluid in addition to interesting at the same time. The pendant is actually shaped like a dome in addition to features a polished look. The Indoor is actually copper-plated in addition to appears red in colour which creates an interesting look when mixed with the golden shell.

Zanadoo 12 light pendant light

Zanadoo is actually a contemporary pendant light which features a starburst-inspired design. This kind of’s made of steel having a golden brass finish in addition to uses 12 light bulbs. This kind of is actually the type of light fixture which you’d expect to see in a modern living room although its design is actually versatile enough to be included in a variety of additional settings.

Modern brass lighting

This kind of’s easy to imagine how stylish the Arteriors Pembrook pendant could look like in a game room, suspended over the billiard table. Its linear design combines three clear glass globes in addition to a thin in addition to sleek brass frame with an antique finish. This kind of is actually also the type of light fixture which can add glamor to the dining room or kitchen.

Globo brass pendant lamp

Globo is actually a pendant lamp which could be envisioned as a futuristic accessory imagined inside the 60s. This kind of’s shaped like a sphere encased in antique brass in addition to covered with solid lucite domes which emit a subtle in addition to warm glow. This kind of’s an unusual piece which could look interesting in a variety of spaces.

Geometric brass pendant lamp

Behind the simple design featured by the Restoration Warehouse Roundout Pendant stands a very inspiring concept. The pendant’s design celebrates the tension in which keeps the universe in place down to the atom. This kind of features a metallic finish in addition to depicts overlapping tumbling cubes surrounding a cluster of tiny bulbs.

Geo pendant lamp

The geometric design of the Geo Pendant offers This kind of a modern appearance while its metal structure in addition to golden finish also makes This kind of a suitable option for a variety of additional styles. This kind of comes having a simply cord which can plugged in to any socket. You could envision This kind of simple piece looking great in a home office, on a hallway, entrance or in a bedroom. In addition, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can find plenty of interesting ways to customize its design.

Brass chandeliers

Atom brass lightinng fixture

There are cases when two styles blend perfectly. For example, the Atom chandelier blends a vintage design with molecular shapes to create a modern lighting fixture. The chandelier features a total of 18 tiny bulbs in which offer a soft glow in addition to they are arranged in intersecting patterns of threes. You can find This kind of fixture having a vintage brass, blackened brass, natural brass, polished copper, in addition to polished nickel finish.

Branch brass lighting

Branch lighting system

Nature is actually an infinite source of inspiration, offering us great ideas in every field, When This kind of comes to light fixtures, a lot of them mimic elements found in nature such as trees, branches or flowers. The Branch chandelier is actually one such example. Its organic design is actually arranged in a random pattern in addition to can be used in a variety of settings. This kind of’s easy to picture This kind of in a casual living room or in an elegant dining space.

Tilt brass lighting fixture

The mid century-inspired Tilt chandelier doesn’t seem to stand out in which much. Its design is actually simple nevertheless, at the same time, includes a series of subtle detail which give This kind of piece a lot of character. The arms holding the shades have different lengths in addition to form an asymmetrical pattern in addition to the whole design of the chandelier has something in which’s space-related.

Brass fulcrum chandelier

The Fulcrum chandelier features a simple in addition to at the same time sophisticated design. This kind of’s composed of several pendants suspended of different lengths, suspended coming from a satin white ceiling plate. The chandelier adds a touch of drama to the décor while maintaining its delicate simplicity.

Handmade brass chandelier

The Asterix is actually a simple-looking in addition to sculptural light fixture which can be customized in addition to made to order to perfectly suit the desired setting. This kind of chandelier is actually available in satin brass, satin nickel in addition to matte black in addition to looks best when used in combination with frosted light bulbs such as the ones included inside the original design.

Stick brass chandelier

The large cubic chandelier named Polyedres is actually the type of light fixture which can look gorgeous in a variety of settings. This kind of was designed by Hubert le Gall in addition to is actually meant as an eye-catching, sculptural accent piece able to either serve as a focal point if desired or to blend in in a stylish way. Its geometric design offers This kind of a modern allure.

Candelabra Home Celestianna Chandelier

If you’re looking for a chandelier which looks modern in addition to classical at the same time while also having a tiny bit of vintage charm, then you should check out the Candelabra Home Celestianna. This kind of chandelier uses a total of 15 light bulbs arranged in a symmetrical design on a brass frame.

Hanley 8 Light Chandelier

The Hanley 8 Light chandelier is actually the type of accessory which can make a statement without even trying. Its design is actually transitional in addition to eclectic, mixing a brass central sphere in addition to suspension pipe in addition to several triangular fluted crystal rods which, combined, offer a most interesting light show. The crystal rods take on the warmth of the brass in addition to the result is actually an eclectic in addition to elegant design.

Brass chandelier

The design of the Robert Abbey Jonathan Adler Milano Chandelier is actually unusual inside the sense in which This kind of’s both modern in addition to classical. The design borrows the basic lines coming from traditional chandeliers which used to be well-known inside the 90s. This kind of combines them with the simplicity typical to modern in addition to contemporary designs.Available for $1817.

sptutink chandelier in brass

Available in polished nickel or antiqued brass, the Mini Sputnik Chandelier is actually a classic. Its name in addition to design are sufficient to suggest the source of inspiration with This kind of piece. You can be certain in which This kind of piece will stand out no matter where you decide to hang This kind of. This kind of’s the perfect accessory to highlight a minimalist room with.

Sonoma chandelier in brass

having a total of 16 sockets, you can be certain in which the Sonoma Chandelier can brighten your day no matter how dark This kind of may seem. The chandelier’s design is actually simple in addition to sleek, perfect for adding depth to a room without overwhelming This kind of. This kind of was designed for indoor use only in addition to is actually a handmade, made to order piece.

Cords lighting chandelier in brass

The Brass City Chandelier is actually a celebration of mid-century American design. This kind of combines brass hardware in addition to clean hanging light bulbs which could individually serve as chic in addition to minimalist pendant lights. They’re clustered all at the same level, forming a design defined by simplicity in addition to elegance.

Brass wall sconces ceiling fixtures

Constalation brass lighting fixture

Sculptural light fixtures are appreciated by several different styles in addition to can look exquisite in a lot of different settings. Their versatility is actually closely linked to their design which can take many forms. The Constellation sconce has the charm of the70s in addition to makes a dramatic statement is actually spaces such as bathrooms, utility rooms or covered patios. This kind of was designed for both indoor in addition to outdoor use.

Stuart brass lighting fixture

Stuart is actually another beautiful brass sconce designed for both indoor in addition to outdoor use. This kind of features a hammered finish which gives This kind of a rough look suitable for vintage in addition to industrial decors. At the same time, This kind of is actually a sconce which can add elegance to any space without overwhelming This kind of. This kind of features a total of three lights in addition to is actually made of etched iron having a vintage brass finish.

Brass sconce lighting

The Rio Sconce is actually a light fixture in which seems perfect for bathrooms, its design being versatile enough to suit a variety of Indoor decors, be they modern, vintage or industrial. The antique brass hardware combined with the frosted glass shades establishes a definitely nice balance in terms of materials, finishes, textures in addition to colors.

lynwood brass sconce

Because the Lynwood sconce features an accordion arm, This kind of’s easy to see why This kind of fixture could be perfect for areas such as the home office, the bedroom or the reading corner. This kind of comes with either a white or matte black shade in addition to a brass extendable arm which allows the user to direct the light inside the exact spot This kind of’s needed.

Brass verve sconce

Flexibility is actually important for the design of wall sconces, especially if you want to be able to use them inside the bedroom or home office. They offer This kind of in all sorts of interesting ways. the Verve Sconce, for example, was designed having a series of flexible brass arms resembling vertebrae which can be styled in different ways to send the light exactly where This kind of’s needed. The design is actually a mixture between modern in addition to traditional elements.

Zig-Zag brass lighting fixture

The Zig-Zag is actually a very interesting light fixture. This kind of can function equally well as a wall sconce or as a ceiling fixture. This kind of features a sculptural design featuring a series of arms bent at different angles. The light bulbs are also placed at various angles, directing the light in several different directions. You can find This kind of piece in brass or a combination of polished steel in addition to brass.

Star brass ceiling lighting

Light fixtures in which are flush with the ceiling are usually used in spaced which either have low ceilings or require something very simple in addition to non-intrusive. The Star flush mount ceiling fixture, for example, could look lovely on a hallway, in a bathroom, closet or laundry room. This kind of features a hand rubbed antique brass finish in addition to uses just one light bulb.

Brass flush mount

The Meurice flush mount, on the additional hand, uses a total of 25 light bulbs. They are arranged on a square metal plate in a grid pattern in addition to features a design in which’s simple, chic in addition to striking at the same time. You could use such a fixture for the entryway if you make to make a dramatic statement when receiving your guests or in a space which needs abundant artificial light.

Brass chandelier DIY

In case you just can’t find in which one brass light fixture which has the perfect design, size in addition to shape for the room you want to put This kind of in, there’s also the alternative: to build one yourself. You can give This kind of a geometric design, a minimalist one or you can make This kind of look exquisite in a different way. You can find a bunch of great ideas on Abeautifulmess. Here you can find out how to make a chic brass chandelier having a geometric design, an elegant wall sconce for your reading corner or a pendant lamp which looks delicate in addition to exquisite. Since each of these designs are treated as DIY projects, you can also customize them in addition to adjust them in a lot of ways to make them suit your needs in addition to style in addition to to make them just right for the space you plan to display them in.

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