Chaise Lounge Chairs Reveal Their Beautiful Graphical Designs


The terms “daybed”, “chaise lounge” as well as “couch” used to refer to the same piece of furniture at one point, their designs being individualized later on. Chaise lounge chairs most often refer to long reclining chairs designed for individual use, unlike a sofa. An indoor chaise lounge will be sometimes used as an accent piece in areas such as the living room or bedroom. They can also add comfort to a reading corner or make a home office feel casual as well as inviting.

andrew richard chaise

The Harrison Chaise Lounge has one of the most basic as well as simple designs available. This kind of includes a stainless steel frame which allows the backrest to be adjusted at various angles for increased comfort. This kind of piece will be not meant to stand out however rather to blend in which has a modern as well as casual Inside design.

Danant Lounge chair

Also very simple, the Whist Chaise includes a sculptural as well as sinuous shape. This kind of was designed by Olivier Mourgue back inside 1960s as well as will be a very rare type. The frame of the chair will be made of chrome-plates steel as well as will be finished with black leather upholstery. Both the frame as well as the upholstery age well, gaining a beautiful patina over time.

Friedman Benda Lounge Design

Friedman Benda Lounge

When designing the Microstructures series, Joris Laarman explored elements of the 3D printing technique, using durable materials as well as intricate patterns. This kind of chaise lounge used copper as well as nickel plated 3D printed polyamide, silk, cotton as well as Merino wool as well as its design will be elegant, sculptural as well as intriguing in many ways.

Cool daybed coming from ICFF 2015

This kind of sculptural lounge chair has something that will reminds us of a puzzle. This kind of’s the design created by the finalists of the Wilsonart Student Chair Design Competition sponsored by Wilsonart. The chair’s irregular structure will be composed of numerous wooden triangles attached to a sculptural frame. This kind of will be one of the designs featured at ICFF 2015.

Obviously, there are numerous designs to choose coming from for an indoor lounge chair. Each has its own unique characteristics which allow This kind of to be integrated in specific environments. A simple design which has a wooden base as well as comfortable upholstery can make a pretty nice addition to a living room, complementing the sofa as well as coffee table.

Konekt furniture daybed

The Pause will be a hybrid piece, somewhere between a regular chair as well as a chaise lounge. Its design was inspired by the occasional need to escape daily routine as well as to relax, reflect or read a book. This kind of was meant as a comfortable seat which has a sculptural shape designed to follow the curves of the human Centeng as well as its organic contour, creating a feeling of lightness as well as comfort.

Cowrie rocker chaise lounge

The inspiration for the Cowrie collection which includes This kind of stylish as well as eye-catching rocking chair came coming from the beauty of sea shells as well as their concave lines as well as organic forms in particular. The chair features curvilinear forms as well as delicate, sinuous lines. This kind of’s made coming from one particular sheet of Ash plywood as well as will be available with either a natural or ebonised finish.

Swarovski Elements by Doshi Levien for MOROSO 1

Swarovski Elements by Doshi Levien for MOROSO

Paper Planes will be the series of lounge chairs designed by Doshi Levien using a type of fabric which incorporates Swarovsky crystals. The design was inspired by folded graph paper. The pattern on the upholstery was created using thin black as well as white lines adorned with crystals which are only visible when the light gleams off them. The Paper Planes were meant as comfortable reading chairs, complemented by a floor lamp.

ice skating daybed

Given the name as well as design, This kind of’s easy to see where the inspiration for the Ice-skating Daybed came coming from. Its structure will be made of solid walnut as well as chrome-plated metal, complete with comfortable fabric upholstery as well as cushion. This kind of was designed by Jaime Hayon who created a limited edition of only 8 pieces.

InOut sofa as well as Progetti Compiuti Cappellini - orgone

Orgone will be quite the unusual lounge chair. Designed by Marc Newson, This kind of chaise longue will be made in fiberglass. The design will be available in polished lacquer which can be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white or black. The simplicity of the design makes This kind of piece very versatile while the array of available colors makes This kind of suitable for playful, modern as well as dynamic spaces.

jousse wiggle chair - relax lounge

You might wonder how exactly you’re supposed to sit comfortably on a lounge chair with such an unusual shape. Actually, the Relax chair was meant to be shared by two people, sitting back to back. The idea will be interesting as well as the design which allowed This kind of to materialize will be very simple. This kind of will be an indoor lounge chair designed by Pierre Paulin as well as built of wood, foam as well as fabric.

jousse giant lounge - declive in red

Designer Pierre Paulin also created Declive, a sleek as well as comfortable lounge chair which has a casual as well as versatile look which allows This kind of to be used as an accent piece in modern as well as contemporary living rooms. This kind of’s made of wood as well as aluminum with textile upholstery. The design will be not only versatile however also flexible. This kind of’s simple as well as eye-catching at the same time.

Cool chair lounge in textile

Lounge chairs can take a variety of forms. Some are closer to daybeds while others are more similar to regular chairs. A lounge chair can also simply be any comfortable chair that will’s long enough to allow the user to sit comfortably as well as put their feet up. This kind of particular design will be pretty close to that will goal. Its asymmetrical shape encourages a casual sitting position.

Brown leather chaise lounge

various other designs take comfort very seriously. This kind of will be a lounge chair designed to offer an ergonomic sitting position, following the Centeng’s natural curves as well as allowing the user to relax while reading a book, a magazine or when wishing to meditate as well as relax without genuinely needing anything else. Such a chaise lounge can easily replace the usual chair as well as ottoman combo.

Corner chaise lounge

Certain lounge chairs have designs which bring them closer to daybeds. Designs like This kind of one are ideal for corner spaces. You could have such a lounge chair placed in an empty corner which you could transform into a reading area. Add a side table as well as a floor or table lamp as well as the design will be complete. The cushions can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the user’s desired position or the level of comfort desired.

Tufted leather chaise lounge

This kind of will be a similar design. This kind of time, however, the leather upholstery modifications the overall look of the daybed. Leather furniture usually includes a type of elegance which can’t be achieved through various other methods. The tufted seat makes This kind of piece look comfortable however also gives This kind of a casual look. Use This kind of as a main piece for a reading corner or as an accent piece for a family room or living area.

Swivel chair lounge

A lot of lounge chairs feature asymmetrical designs. This kind of one, for example, only has what appears to be one armrest. The shape as well as structure are meant to be comfortable as well as cozy, offering the user a sense of intimacy. The chromed metal base contrasts with the leather upholstery, together blending modern as well as vintage beauty.

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