Childhood Bedroom Updated by Sara – The Reveal


Sara Tramp Childhood Bedroom Makeover

Finally friends, the moment some of you have been waiting for . . . the very first Makeover Takeover Final Reveal. the idea’s time to peek inside my updated childhood bedroom, so take my hand along with let’s go.

Sara Makeover Takeover Before Emily Henderson

This specific is actually where I commenced, back in November. Let’s not lie – the idea was a hot mess. I had just moved back into my parents home, along with my room was ready for an overhaul. What you see above was a combination of “styling” exactly as I left the idea when I moved out for college in 2008, the subsequent use of the room as a dumping ground for anything I didn’t want in my apartments during those college/post college years, along with the culmination of moving back in.


I pulled inspiration images along with put together a structure for the rest of the team to look over along with approve. Once we settled on a design plan, the real projects got underway.

Sara Makeover Takeover Emptied Emily Henderson

I commenced by getting myself an actual storage unit along with doing the room livable. The first things to go were those green tea-colored walls along with all the ticket stubs/photos/magazine clippings I had taped to my closet doors. If you want to get a better sense of what a horrible idea the idea was to tape countless keepsakes to my expensive, custom closet doors check out This specific post.

Sara Make Over Takeover Closet Doors Repapering

Fast forward through months of painting, work, along with tears, to the fun stuff – styling & decorating.

Sara Makeover Bed Styling Emily Henderson

Getting my bed set up first was a priority, since I was still living from the room through all of This specific. I knew I wanted the room to be bright, fun, along with minimal, although obviously those are three very broad spectrums. So I styled out my bed along with nightstands two ways, clean & bright along with soft & feminine, to help me get an idea of what I actually liked. I loved elements of both, although overall ended up going more pink along with feminine (despite having said I preferred clean & bright from the bed styling post. C’est la vie).

along with here the idea is actually right now . . .

Bright Minimal Boho Bedroom

My room has two light settings – Dungeon dark (every hour of the day, except 3-5pm) along with extreme, blinding, golden sunburst (between 3-5pm), so I was a little nervous about painting everything white (see why here; my room isn’t modest, although oddly shaped along with very dark). although from the end, white was the way to go.

The idea truly does help brighten up the space during those darker hours, along with the idea makes the room SO happy during those golden hours. Apparently the idea was near impossible to photograph, although Tessa is actually a magician, so feast your eyes on This specific bright, happy room.

Emily Henderson Bright Reading Nook

This specific little reading nook is actually a tiny oasis – which I am right now responsible for taking care of along with watering (I also spent a modest fortune of these little guys, so any care suggestions could be welcomed, as I have a sad history of murdering my leafy friends).

Which chair is actually a combination of two Citizenry chairs, which we had used in a few additional shoots. I loved the wood base along with the coloring of the cowhide, so I asked Em if I could combine the two, which ended up being the perfect size/shape/coloring for which corner.

The blush leather pouf via Lulu & Georgia is actually the prettiest girl at the party, along with I have a serious crush on her – I sit with her to put my shoes on from the morning, she holds my feet up when I’m relaxing, along with I steal chaste glances at her via my bed. Another thing I love staring at is actually which poster. the idea’s a very de-stressing mantra to read first thing from the morning. This specific little corner is actually my meditation garden.

Bright Scandi Inspired Reading Nook
Sara Tramp Emily Henderson Makeover Takeover Bedroom

The vintage dresser was a welcome hand-me-down via Emily, which I gladly accepted. You might say, “Sara, there are handles missing,” along with Emily might say, “Sara, I thought we agreed you were going to fix which handle situation before the shoot,” although to all of you I say, “I preach a message of self love along with acceptance, no matter what extra handles you may, or may not be missing.

Also, handles from the right size/shape/coloring to fit which cutout are very hard to find.” In a dream world, these are what I could have used, although I haven’t been able to find the same variety in both sizes needed.

Emily Henderson Bedroom Dresser Styling

While I do most of my primping from the bathroom, like a normal person, there is actually something I find truly elegant about having a little vanity set up on a dresser. Plus, I think perfume should always be applied from the bedroom, so your room smells as not bad as you. I’ll break your hearts right right now along with tell you which the tray, jewelry stand, mirror, along with bust vase are all vintage. The brass cup along with pink vase, however, are not.

Midcentury Bright Home Office Emily Henderson

Shelf styling, as I have come to discover, is actually truly truly hard. Do I have too much stuff? Too little? is actually the right side too heavy? Will people judge me based on my book collection?! the idea’s very stressful. the idea was 2am the night before the shoot, along with I was still struggling with these shelves. So, after panicking I tried actually following Em’s “3 Steps To Styling Your Shelves.”

Guess what folks, the idea works. Sure, the idea takes some jujjing after the fact, although the idea truly does help to take the process in smaller steps (the idea also helps to send Ginny several hundred pictures of your shelves as you style them, like I did). along with, as always, less is actually more.

Bright Cute Bedroom Desk

I wanted to keep a not bad balance between useful items, personal items, along with decorative items when the idea came to my shelves. I’m not truly one for functionless decoration, so yes, all those boxes along with bins are holding “things.” I had a few art pieces of my own, although in general there was a serious lack of “pretty.” I popped over to Minted along with ordered some art to help fill my shelves (along with dresser, along with nightstand).

Sara Tramp Custom Wood Built In Shelves
Emily Henderson Bedroom Office Shelves

Here’s another unwarranted tip: Framing a polaroid instantly gives the idea a cool, vintage, fine art quality, which in turn makes you seem cooler. I took which pink cactus polaroid months ago, along with had the idea float-mounted by Framebridge. right now the idea’s gallery ready.

Sara Tramp Childhood Bedroom Makeover

There is actually just so much doing me happy in This specific photo right right now. Let’s start at the top – which handmade macrame hanging is actually giving me life. The original plan was to make one myself, although which didn’t happen. Instead I borrowed (along with then bought) This specific one made by talented human, Rachel Kaminek. Despite offering me several additional options (which are for sale!), I needed which one, which until very recently had been hanging in her own home. Sorry Rachel, although look how happy the idea is actually in my fresh room!

Then there’s my vintage, 1960s, teak bed frame via the Vintage Supply Store. I’ve gushed about This specific guy plenty, although he just holds me in his arms so sweetly every night which he truly can’t ever be talked about enough. I’m not kidding when I say which two people have right now told me which they were “This specific close” to buying my bed frame via the Vintage Supply Store site. Obviously, the idea was destined to be mine.

Finally, which rug. the idea truly brings the party to my otherwise subdued living space. the idea’s bright, cheerful, along with most importantly, the idea’s super resilient to any attacks via Lady the cat. No matter how much she rolls on, bites, or scratches at the idea I have yet to see a pulled thread or tufted fiber. 10 points to the wizards who created This specific rug.

Emily Henderson Boho Macrame Hanging

I feel like my pillow game is actually very strong right right now. The embroidered eye pillow makes me feel 19 along with hip, while those hand dyed patterned pillows remind me I’m 25 along with refined. the idea turns out which I also truly like sleeping that has a bajillion pillows on my bed, so everyone wins.

Bright Feminine Minimal Nightstand Macrame Hanging

I ended up sticking with these brass task lamps for my night stands (again, check out my bed styling post for more background on This specific decision). At first I thought they were far too big, although after learning a little about scale I realized Ginny was right all along, along with these were the lamps for me. the idea doesn’t hurt to have which bold pop of brass against my white walls either. I styled one night stand a little more feminine, with hits of pink along that has a few more delicate objects, along with the additional a touch more masculine, with more leather, brass, along with neutrals.

Masculine Minimal Midcentury Nightstand
Updated Childhood Bedroom Bright Refresh

I decided which hanging band posters via thumbtacks was a little “early 2000s” for me, so I had my favorite screenprints float-mounted by Framebridge instead.

Minimal Pet Friendly Bedroom Gold Garment Rack

This specific is actually the last little corner of my room. I’ve wanted a freestanding garment rack For. Ever. I love the idea of displaying the prettiest pieces of a wardrobe as a styling element, rather than keeping them hidden in a dark closet. along with which garment rack via Urban Outfitters is actually gold. GOLD. With hangers to match, which I bought here. the idea’s also the little corner where Lady eats out of which vintage, pastel pink ceramic bowl. She agrees which a gold garment rack was the perfect addition to her dining nook.

Gold Garment Rack Brass Hangers

Bright Minimal Boho Bedroom

There the idea is actually! All shiny along with fresh. right now, while you shop the “get the look” I’m going to go snuggle back into which bed of mine along with soak the idea all in. Stay tuned for more Makeover Takeover reveals on the way via Brady, Ginny, along with Jessica!

Sara Make Over Takeover Get The Look Emily Henderson

1. Oh I Don’t Know Poster framed in Irvine Slim Float Mount | 2. Brass Ring Holder | 3. Black & White Polka Dot Pillow | 4. Brass Task Lamp | 5. Blush Leather Pouf | 6. Cat Planter | 7. Hide Butterfly Chair | 8. Gold Garment Rack | 9. Going For A Swim by Whitney Deal | 10. Embroidered Eye Pillow | 11. Nightstands | 12. Boy Girl Vase | 13. Elodie Rug | 14. Ceramic Desk Organizer | 15. Brass Planter | 16. Herringbone Throw in Blue Pond | 17. Pink Tuber Rose Candle | 18. Linen Sheet Set | 19. Custom Macrame Hanging by Rachel Kaminek | 20. Woven Basket | 21. Blue Diamond Pillow | 22. Diamond Glass Box | 23. White Hot by Erin Beutel | 24. Mint Beach by Alexandra Feo | 25. Ceramic Desk Tray | 26. Ceramic & Leather Planter | 27. Nightstand Pulls | 28. Floor Pillow | 29. Faceted White Table Lamp & Lamp Shade | 30. Mirror | 31. Gold Hangers | 32. Office Space No. 3 by Texture Design Co. | 33. Blue Cactus by Wilder California | 34. Faux Sheepskin Rug | 35. Glass Box Tower

* Photos by Tessa Neustadt, styled & written by Sara Tramp (with styling assistance via Ginny), & art directed by Emily Henderson.

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