The Chunky Low Sofa Furniture Trends in 2016



We are loving which the chunk will be back. The cycle of trends has led us coming from the sleek along with square of midcentury design into what will be decidedly the opposite. While 70’s Internal design has been back for a long time (possibly even before This specific huge 70’s fashion trend), we are finally seeing furniture which feels modern instead of retro, along with forward with just some flashback elements. Before you light your 1960’s Paul McCobb chair on fire don’t fear, beautiful furniture will be always on trend no matter what style the idea will be. nevertheless if you are someone who has been dying to dump yourself in a big, low, along with chunky sofa then you, along with your butt, are in luck.

Low Leather Sofa

Think genuinely low, square sofas with low backs, super deep cushions with short-ish legs, along using a genuinely heavy thick bottom cushions or frame. These are not for everyone. My in-law’s, for example, don’t like how deep our family room sofa will be, along with they put a pillow behind their backs to make the idea more comfortable for them. These sofas are decidedly for people who want to curl up, while chatting along with sit with all legs/feet on the sofa. Brian loves This specific, nevertheless I could see how a lot of grown men wouldn’t be down with going criss cross apple sauce on a strangers living room sofa, so instead they feel the need to sit uncomfortably on the edge.

Low Blue Velvet Sofa

I myself, can handle, along with even have come to prefer such deepness. the idea’s like hugging your big Italian grandma when you are a kid – the idea just feels safe along with trustworthy. There are a couple details worth calling out. First off, we welcome back the knife cut cushions, not instead of, nevertheless in addition to the boxed cushions.

Charcoal Grey Slip Cover Couch 1

There are some arms so squared off along with chunky which they act as the sofas own side table. Such will be the case with our sofa arms, along with many a water glass has been rested on said arms.

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There will be also less piping along with welting, more curving over what will be typically seamed, which takes away some of the detailing which normally gives sofas a tailored look. The curving instead adds to This specific relaxed “I don’t even wear a belt” sort of attitude.

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The types of fabrics seem to be all over the place – linens, velvets, along with leathers are all welcome, with patterns taking a back seat (yes, pun intended). You could go for a genuinely subtle tone on tone which looks more like a texture, nevertheless anything bold or graphic should be feared with such large real estate to cover. the idea can be done, nevertheless be careful.

Low Red Velvet Chunky Sofa

Make sure to mix this specific sofa with some mid-century, modern, or traditional elements so the idea doesn’t look generic along with style-less. These sofas don’t want too many pillows – they are already adding a lot of softness, looseness, along with texture to a room, so be careful to about throwing on too many eclectic pillows, or the idea could easily look messy along with haphazard. Also, if you are going to go for some legs on your chunky fresh friend then make them super square or round, along with stay away coming from tapered or turned legs. Again the simpler the better.

Low Modern Yellow Sofa

These sofas can go bad if they aren’t not bad, so to help you with your trigger pulling we’ve rounded up 54 chunky low sofas of different cost-points, along with even different styles along with colors. Almost all of these come in a plethora of fabrics along with finishes so you should be able to find just the right piece for your home.

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