Clever Bed Designs With Integrated Storage For Efficiency

Of all the furniture integrated in most home interiors, the bed is usually one of the best when the idea comes to built-in storage. There’s a lot of flexibility via This specific point of view along with lots of different along with suitable ways to add storage to a bed without sacrificing comfort. Under bed storage is usually only one of the options. There are many others to choose via so let’s have a look at a few inspiring along with genuinely clever examples.
Storage bed - closet combination

Storage bed - closet combination -shelves

Storage bed - closet combination - under

Storage bed - closet combination - pull

Storage bed - closet combination - storage

Considering the size along with structure, This specific piece of furniture is usually an interesting combination between a bed along having a closet. This specific is usually a design offered by French a new Parisot. the idea appears to be a great furniture piece for teenagers along with dorm rooms where floor space is usually limited. The bed has built-in shelving on the outdoor along having a mattress which can be easily lifted to reveal even more storage underneath: two drawers, six open compartments along with two large shelves.

Closet hidden under bed

Bed systestem for modest spaces

Closet under bed

Storage system under bed

A similar option is usually offered by Italian a new Dielle. You could call the idea a Container Bed or simply a bed having a closet underneath the idea. Such a design would certainly suit most modest spaces. In addition to the great bed storage This specific piece offers, the design is usually modular, allowing the user to add stairs or addition storage around the bed. A modest door offers access to the storage area underneath without requiring the mattress to the lifted. For full access, raise the bed when needed.

Storage beds are not only useful in modest apartments or dorm rooms. They can also be adapted for hotels, like This specific particular one found in a Berlin hotel. The space was designed by Spamroom. The central element here is usually a piece of furniture which incorporates multiple functions. the idea is usually, first of all, a bed however the idea also includes a bar area with stools, modular seats along with storage. The bed’s design is usually a modern along with sculptural one, with integrated storage compartments on one side, under the mattress, individual seats at the front along with an extension serving a bar for the kitchenette on the some other side.

King loft bed system

King loft bed system angle

To address some of the needs of modern urban living, Casa Collection came up having a line of innovative beds which incorporate multiple functions into one compact design. These beds have more than just comfortable mattresses. They include lots of storage as well as functions such as a daybed or a desk. Their design is usually a functional along with practical alternative to the well-liked Murphy bed. By raising the bed on a platform, the studio was able to maximize its functionality. All the versions are customizable along with allow the user to choose the best configuration for the space below.

Ceiling beds along with storage under

Lift up bed

Bed up system

A lot of people appreciate fold-down beds for their space-efficiency. By being stored vertically on the wall, they free up floor space which can be used in a variety of useful ways. however they’re not the only type in which does This specific. The BedUp designs do the same thing by being raised to the ceiling with cables. When not in use, the beds can simply disappear, producing room for a sofa, a table or some other space configurations. There are three main versions, one being suspended by bands for a more intimate sleeping area, one suspended by metallic cables along with one designed for students with an integrated desk.

Bed hidden under floor view

Bed hidden under floor

Architect Viktoriya Yakusha came up with an idea for a storage bed ideal for kids along with playrooms. The main idea of This specific design is usually to hide the bed under a platform. This specific way the floor can be used for play or some other activities. In addition to in which, the platform is usually large enough to also include drawer storage, useful for hiding toys, organizing toys along with some other things.

Single study office

Single study office-bed

The StudyBed is usually a furniture piece designed for students or for anyone who wants to save space by combining two functions into an individual structure along with doesn’t mind mixing work with relaxation. This specific bed is usually both a bed along having a desk along with only one of these functions can be used at a time. the idea can be easily converted in just a few seconds. All StudyBeds can accommodate a standard Imperial size mattress however custom sizes are also available.

via desk to bed-multifunctional furniture

This specific is usually another interesting combination between a bed along having a desk. the idea’s the type of furniture which could be ideal for modest spaces or for home offices which also function as occasional guest rooms. Since both the bed along with the desk are integrated in This specific compact piece, you have more freedom to decorate the rest of the room however you please. In addition, This specific unit also has some useful built-in storage for things like files or personal items. Check out our full article for more details.

Loft bed with storage drawers under

Apart via the options presented so far, there are also a few some other solutions for adding storage to a bed. A more unusual one is usually to develop the bed integrated into a large wall unit. You could create a corner nook having a comfortable mattress along having a few shelves. Under the idea there could be storage along with the rest of the wall could be one large storage unit. This specific idea can be used if, for example, you want to create a cozy reading nook from the room, not necessarily an actual sleeping area.{found on irarquitectura}.

Storage under bed - simple bed

Of course, simpler options are also available. A platform bed can easily include practical storage underneath. the idea can come from the form of open compartments along with shelves or as pull-out drawers. These can be mixed along with matched to obtain the best possible combination for a specific bedroom.

Platform bed with storage under

Along with speaking of platform beds, their versatility is usually quite wonderful since the platform can be raised as much as needed in order to integrate the required storage space. In fact, the bed could look something like This specific, with numerous drawers underneath. If the structure allows the idea, develop the idea integrated into a nook along with add curtains for privacy.

single bed closer to window with storage under

Here’s another example showcasing an individual bed raised on a platform along with featuring lots of storage underneath. If you decide to use a similar idea in your home, consider having the bed placed by the window. the idea would certainly offer a beautiful view. Such designs can be useful for attic spaces where there’s usually not enough room for a large closet.

Brooklyn loft house having a platform bed

Of course, you could complicate things a little bit along with add even more storage to your bed. In fact, the bed can merely be an accessory integrate in a much more complex structure which also includes a bookcase, a staircase, drawers along with lots of storage. This specific could actually be very fun in addition to being very space-efficient.

In some situations, in can be practical to develop the whole bedroom raised on a platform. This specific could be the case with open bedrooms which are very modest along with part of an open floor plan. This specific design solution allows you to have a large along with comfortable bed along with enough storage in a very modest space. The platform offers a lot of room underneath for large drawers for storing pillows, blankets, clothes along with some other things.

Ikea kitchen cabinets into a platform bed

Most of the time This specific sort of designs is usually difficult to find or very expensive. No worries though because there are always solutions. For example, you could build your own platform bed with lots of built-in storage by repurposing some simple Ikea kitchen cabinets. You can have these arranged in a lot of ways in order to get the desired combination.

cardboard boxes underbed

Most beds already offer the needed space for storing various items. All you have to do is usually put the idea to not bad use. A very simple idea is usually to use cardboard boxes. You could have them stored under the bed along with use them to store clothes, toys along with all sorts of some other things. If you don’t like the look of the boxes then you can just decorate them with some tape along with paint as suggested on homehappyhome.

Old suitcase storage under bed

Instead of boxes you could also use vintage suitcases, in case you have any. Pretty much everyone incorporates a few suitcases in their homes along with most of the time they just sit there. Put them to not bad use along with have them placed under the bed. Use them for storage along with maximize your bedroom’s space-efficiency.

Simple under bed storage system

If you like the casual look of simple plastic containers, you can also have these stored under the bed. You can have them labeled so you always know where to find the thing you need along with to also have everything nicely organized. The containers can also be customized in a lot of some other ways. You could spray paint them or decorate them if you want to change their look so they match the rest of the décor.{found on sawdust2stitches}.

Rolling storage system under bed

If you have some free time along with you enjoy simple DIY projects, you could also have some rolling drawers built for the space under the bed. The project is usually described on Theidearoom. Each drawer requires a piece of plywood or MDF board for the base, two more pieces for the sides, four wheels, screws, a handle or knob, wood glue, staples or modest nails, sandpaper, paint or stain along having a drill.

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