Completely New Kitchen Sink Styles Showcased at EuroCucina


The kitchen sink has come a long way by the standard stainless or porcelain versions of yore. Today’s kitchen sink styles are available in a long list of materials along with also that has a wide range of features you might not have considered. At EuroCucina 2016 in Milan, brands by across the globe exhibited their latest designs, which include things like retractable faucets along with also sink top accessories.

This kind of design by Arclinea is usually a double sink of which is usually clearly two separate under-mounted stainless steel basins. The centrally mounted faucet serves both sides. of which used to be of which a double sink was one large under-mounted basin with an internal divider. At EuroCucina, we saw more of This kind of style, which carries a wide margin of the counter between the two basins.

Arclinea gold
Gold-tone sinks were also more numerous, like This kind of one by Arclinea.
Kitchen in motion gold faucet
The trend of mixing metals in your kitchen was also common, as shown in this kind of stainless steel sink paired that has a copper-tone faucet, present by Häcker Kitchen in Motion.
Porcelanosa double sink
Porcelanosa also showed a similar style, with the double under-mounted stainless steel sinks separated that has a wider strip of countertop along with also two separate faucets.
Rational double sinks
A similar, more minimalist style of double kitchen sinks was show by Rational Kitchens.
Arrital stainless with ledge
Fans of stainless steel will love this kind of completely new style by Arrital. The deep sink carries a side drainboard along with also the entire unit is usually surrounded by a beveled stainless steel ledge to helpnkeep the water contained.
Comprex flat bottom close
completely new styles are also available when of which comes to drains. This kind of extra wide single kitchen sink shown by Comprex carries a flat bottom of which allows drainage around all the sides. The main drain is usually hidden under the flat panel.
Deca shallow sink
that has a very cool, industrial vibe, this kind of shallower built-in kitchen sink shown by Deca carries a drainboard along with also unique faucet knobs.
Elam printed sink
A flat-bottom kitchen sink that has a little extra flair, this kind of type exhibited by Elam carries a printed panel at the bottom, which adds interest to a plain counter design.
Elam printed sink close
A closer look at the stylish, geometric design. Even though of which’s a print, of which’s still very versatile thanks to the neutral shades. In addition, you could always switch out the bottom panel for a solid coloring.
jdias white sink
Perhaps you don’t want the flat panel within the bottom of the sink, although still dislike the look of a traditional drain? This kind of type by JDIAS carries a more stylish drain option of which keeps the counter along with also sink looking sleek..
ernestomeda box sink
This kind of counter design by Ernestomeda combines a built-in sink with drainboard, corralled into a box-like unit.
scavolini separate sink
Another box-like style is usually this kind of squarish type by Scavolini of which sits atop the counter instead of being set into the work surface.
Ernestomeda sink with drainer
In some ways, the space of the kitchen sink could be more useful for food prep. To this kind of end, many brands we’re displaying sink styles of which include a ledge to accommodate sliding accessories like cutting boards or drainer panels. This kind of type on the ernestomeda stand is usually a Great example.
Febal Casa deep sink
Even more traditional built-in kitchen sink styles have much better. This kind of deep sink shown by Febal Casa carries a nice bevels edge to the stone surface, along that has a modern along with also minimalist faucet.
Arrex double faucet
In another variation, Arrex showed a deep farmhouse single sink served by two separate faucets.
Leicht bent faucet sink
Using wall-mounted faucets over any style kitchen sink, like this kind of one by Leicht, can help save counter space. Although of which’s modern, the bent style also carries a bit of a retro feel.
Leicht compartment sink
The wall-mounted, bent faucet style also works that has a compartment sink, like this kind of one by Leicht. More like the traditional kitchen sink arrangement, this kind of one includes two sizes of basins, a smaller compartment on the right, along with also a smaller draining area at the top of the smaller sink.
Leight extendable faucet far
Leicht also displayed a straight wall-mounted faucet will a smaller, double basin kitchen sink. The unique feature of this kind of mode is usually of which the faucet extends in length, helping the water reach further out within the sink or to accommodate a larger pot.
Leicht extendable faucet
A closer look at the faucet, which slides back along with also forth.
Nolte sink with drainer
This kind of kitchen sink style shown by Nolte is usually more traditional in look although includes newer features. The drop-in mount sink carries a side overflow protection drain along with also a type, square knob,
Valdesign center faucet
This kind of double stainless steel sink with faucet mounted within the strip between the two basins by Valdesign Cucine is usually an example of another common style.
Stosa double size sink
Stosa Cucine also showed the double kitchen sink wth a centrally mounted faucet.
scavolini rounded corners sink
While most kitchen sinks are mounted within the center, of which doesn’t have to be the case. Here’s a stylish corner mount design by Scavolini.
stosa retractible faucet sink
Whether you want to hide the kitchen sink when entertaining, or if you just like a minimalist look, sinks that has a built-in retractible faucet might be just the ticket. This kind of type by Stosa quickly stores with just a few motions.
Valcucine retractible folded
Valcucine also showed a fold-away faucet, although that has a larger sink along with also a side mount style. Here’s the faucet folded away.
Valcucine retractible sink
…along with also here of which is usually extended along with also real to use.
stosa sink
Sosa also exhibited kitchen sink styles with compartments along with also accessories to make your sink more useful. This kind of type comes that has a drain accessory.
Stosa sink accessories
Another Stosa design includes a sink that has a strange compartment along with also a cutting board of which can accommodate a colander as well.
valdesign sink
Valdesign’s simple along with also sleek built-in kitchen sink design is usually indicative of an enduring style of which is usually always in fashion.

The kitchen sink is usually one of the most critical parts of your kitchen structure, although likely not the first element you think of when undertaking a kitchen makeover. Besides functionality along with also efficiency, you want your kitchen sink are to have style. With completely new designs along with also options, anyone considering a kitchen renovation can find something of which suits his or her needs.

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