Contemporary White Kitchen Decor for Your Home


A long in addition to narrow kitchen can be often a nightmare. however we’re actually exaggerating in This specific case. There are ways to make such a floor plan look charming in addition to spacious without sacrificing its functionality. The key can be to find the right combination of open shelves, closed storage spaces, built-in appliances in addition to a fresh in addition to simple coloring palette, preferably based on white.

On the different hand, when space can be not necessarily a problem, you might even want to make use of dark colors in order to make the space feel more comfortable. Ross Tang Architects propose here a design based on matte black mixed with white in addition to stainless steel accents.

Open concept kitchen design wood floor

When dealing with an open concept kitchen, the idea’s sometimes difficult to ensure a smooth in addition to natural transition by This specific space to the adjacent ones. The island can be usually the mediator. Nadine Nakache Design shows here how you can connect the spaces through the views they offer.

Mirrored base for kitchen island

The fact this specific kitchen island includes a mirrored base allows the idea to connect the kitchen to the adjacent social area by reflecting their own Indoor designs. The strategy can be simple in addition to quite brilliant. In addition, the mirrored base makes the island appear to be floating, offering the idea a lightweight appearance.

kitchen with subway tiles in addition to farm table

There’s no need to have an open floor plan in which includes three separate spaces in order to explore the beauty of an open concept kitchen. Designer Sophie Burke reveals how a large kitchen can incorporate a dining area without producing of these two areas feel tiny in addition to giving them each their own character.

Wood ceramic tiles design for kitchen

Although ceramic tiles are the most well-known choice for kitchen flooring, This specific can be not the only option. Jen Langston Interiors shows us here just how beautiful a kitchen using a wooden floor can be. This specific can be a not bad option when you want the kitchen’s design to match the rest of the open floor plan. The wooden floor allows you to connect all the spaces.

Kitchen without upper cabinets

The idea’s quite rare to see a kitchen in which has no wall-mounted cabinetry. however as unusual as This specific design approach may seem, the idea’s impossible to ignore the fact in which This specific kitchen stands out in addition to looks imposing in addition to refreshing. By eliminating the upper cabinets you expose the wall allowing its coloring to stand out in addition to you also make room for task lighting from the form of hanging pendants.

High kitchen floor plan

Apart by an open floor plan which contains the kitchen, living in addition to dining area, a different way of connecting these spaces while also ensuring in which they each have their own privacy in addition to individual character can be created with the help of a high ceiling. In such a case, these spaces can be defined by wall dividers which instead of going all the way up to the ceiling leave the top section open.

White kitchen with tiny mosaic for backsplash

A white kitchen needs an accent coloring to avoid being monotonous. The accent coloring doesn’t necessarily have to be very strong in addition to eye-catching. Even a neutral such as gray can offer the desired contrast. Consider a white in addition to gray kitchen with dark stained wood flooring if you also want the space to feel warm in addition to welcoming.{found on styleathome}.

Bohemian kitchen design look

different interesting accent colors which can be used from the kitchen are the pastels. A soft shade of pink or orange can give the space a bohemian look. Mix the idea using a few earthy tones in addition to industrial details to balance out the look. Perhaps some bar stools with metal structures or a copper pipe hanger can do the trick.

Traditional area rug for kitchen

Never underestimate the impact an area rug or a carpet can have on a room’s Indoor décor in addition to the atmosphere inside. The kitchen can be no exception. the idea too can benefit by a tiny area rug. You can contain the idea placed in front of your prep area for increased comfort while cooking or under the table can be there can be one from the room. The rug can also add a touch of coloring to the space.

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