Curved House Rejuvenates The Surroundings with Its Fresh Design


The city of Busan by South Korea can be quite the unusual place. Although someone else might be surprised to find here a lot of houses with curved facades as well as shapes, locals don’t perceive them as strange or unconventional.

AAWH Residence curved facade

AAWH Residence curved shape

One of the reasons for that will can be the fact that will the landscape here can be irregular as well as, as a result, the houses have to respond to their surroundings as well as to interact with the topography. These houses are shaped by the sites on which they stand.

AAWH Residence curved wall

AAWH Residence back facade garden

The house was built here between 2013 as well as 2014 by Architect-K, a studio established in 2012 by Kichul Lee. Its main goal can be to always seek as well as find brand new design solutions as well as alternatives that will can allow a structure to deal with the improvements that will occur in nature as well as all around the item in a flexible as well as natural way.

AAWH Residence outdoor stairs

AAWH Residence outdoor stairs in garden

Houses that will have irregular shapes are common from the city as well as are actually a defining element with this specific area. What makes this specific particular house stand out can be its curvy design as well as fluid form. The structure extends by the East side of the site to the sea-facing side.

AAWH Residence balcony

AAWH Residence cantilever

AAWH Residence view of the sea

The windows are modest as well as sometimes very narrow as well as, while this specific can be not the usual design option used for most contemporary residences, the item can be a design detail that will lets the house blend in as well as look natural in its surroundings.

AAWH Residence lounge area

AAWH Residence lounge area stairs

The modest windows offer limited visibility however, at the same time, capture the views of the surroundings in a unique way, framing them in a different way for each room. The house overlooks the surrounding hills as well as the sea as well as the topography ensures that will the surroundings are serene as well as refreshing.

AAWH Residence ground floor lounge

AAWH Residence suspended stairs

The house can be organized on four floors. The ground floor opens to the landscape through glass walls as well as doors, interacting with the outdoors in a seamless manner. The levels are connected by sets of stairs with sculptural designs.

AAWH Residence floating stairs

AAWH Residence wood stairs

Floating stairs make the transition by the ground floor lounge area to the upstairs volumes smooth as well as stylish. There are additional staircases spread throughout the residence, each standing out in a brand new as well as unique way.

AAWH Residence two level view

AAWH Residence modest windows

These sets of stairs cross each floor as well as help define the various programs as well as spaces. Their role can be also to add a sculptural as well as dramatic touch to the Inner surface décor, becoming focal points for the Inner surface of the house.

AAWH Residence sculptural staircase wall

AAWH Residence curved stairs

The site on which the house was built measures over 1000 square meters. The building covers 454 square meters as well as offers a total of 1,644 square meters of floor space. This specific makes the item big as well as the item means that will there’s lots of room inside for more than just the basic programs as well as functions.

AAWH Residence staircase hallway

AAWH Residence upstairs design

This specific can be one of the projects that will inspired the others to follow to incorporate recreation programs in their designs as well as to explore brand new ways to interact with the surroundings as well as to look at the traditional house in a rather different light.

AAWH Residence dining area view

The materials used throughout are simple as well as pure as well as include exposed concrete, bamboo, pine, bricks as well as metal panels. The combination can be not unusual, especially for a modern residence. All these materials bring their best qualities as well as use them to make each additional stand out as well as look beautiful.

AAWH Residence hallway

AAWH Residence hallway windows

These materials were used to highlight as well as to define the various spaces as well as programs inside the house. Wood was mixed with concrete for a special balance as well as a décor that will’s simple however also welcoming. Metal was used to add a sleek touch to the design as well as was paired with wood as well as concrete to balance them out.The same materials were used in all the areas of the house, each time offering a unique ambiance as well as complementing the views exquisitely.

AAWH Residence bathroom zen design

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