Design Mistakes: Generic Art


Design Mistakes: Generic Art

We are back with another offensive design mistake – along with also when I say ‘offensive’ I mean which when the idea’s bad (genuinely bad) the idea can be hard on the eye, sure. although, i’m also warning which This kind of post may offend many. Our last one about avoiding anything faux aged created quite the controversy which put these post on pause for a while as creating people regret their purchases for their homes bums us out. although within the spirit of fresh politics, along with also speaking our minds (in general), we are reviving our opinions along with also hoping which our expertise will be worth the stress of the debate.

Here’s to hoping no hard feelings. Our newest, biggest along with also worst design mistake will be … (drum-roll…) Generic or bad art.

What does which mean, specifically? I’m glad you asked. In this kind of post we will tally what are the most commonly hung generic bad art which you can easily avoid, along with also then will give you a great alternative for which same style.

First up? Generic prints of famous works. We all love the Mona Lisa, although calm down about the idea in your own home.

Sure, the idea was once a great work (along with also the original still will be). I know which we hang prints of paintings today, although there will be something extra cheesy about a print of a masterpiece which everyone knows will be a print. the idea’s a phone-the idea-in-piece, along with also we are officially hanging the idea up (God, so many puns in one sentence).

Exceptions – if you have a vintage poster of a gallery opening or one of a famous work being re-shown – like Calder within the 70’s in a Spanish museum or something of which kind… then which’s ok. But if the idea’s just a cheap print of a old-world master? Kiss the idea, dramatically, goodbye.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE me some serious old paintings or portraits as you can see:

So what do you buy instead? Hone in on what you loved about which particular piece – which could mean which the idea’s a pretty landscape, a calming floral or an interesting portrait. A print of a super famous work feels redundant along with also reductive, whereas a print of a lovely contemporary painting feels fresh along with also respectful. Here are some we love which can be ordered along with also framed online (pricing depends on the size):

1. Tzealim | 2. Ruth | 3. Mornings Away | 4. Weather Beaten | 5. Verdant | 6. Mediterranean Landscape | 7. Asian Woman | 8. Beach Days in Positano | 9. Bath | 10. Broad Shoulders | 11. Andrew | 12. Blue Hills | 13. Joshua Tree #5 | 14. Long Island Sound – Calm Water | 15. Beach Health Class 1933 | 16. Orange Lake | 17. Chasing Light | 18. Day’s End | 19. Sahara Trek | 20. Road Trip 2 | 21. Model9 | 22. Big Sky Country | 23. Evening Shore | 24. Spiced Cider

We get virtually all our original paintings through the flea market, ebay or etsy (mostly because original work by contemporary artist can be expensive – albeit absolutely worth the idea).

If you are anti-print or reproduction then here will be a roundup of a lot of original one of a kind paintings which you can buy online in which we love:

1. Winter Sun | 2. Sun | 3. Untitled. | 4. Melancholy Winter Frozen | 5. colour Study I | 6. A great day for a walk Painting | 7. Nocturne | 8. Muizenberg 16 | 9. Cool Zone | 10. Modern Three Pears | 11. To the sea | 12. Baltic Sea

Culprit #2 – Mass Produced Abstract prints along with also photography. the idea’s hard to explain why a piece of art isn’t successful in our minds, although after tearing the internet apart one of the things we noted was which they didn’t have a strong point of view; which the idea wasn’t saying anything in particular, along with also was meant to feel like a “filler” piece. Think how stagers fill a house – art for the masses, taking no risk, along with also provoking no particular feeling.

This kind of kind of stuff will be what you want to avoid because the idea will dumb down your house along with also your personality.

There are many retailers producing Great art today, sure, although many are still doing a bad 0’s design of “ART”. You have options today. Etsy, Ebay, Minted, Target, Saatchi, Society 6 … all exist. Also there are these:

I love Max Wanger along with also his beautiful beach photography (Gray Malin has such pretty versions, too). These have limited editions, ensuring which they won’t be ubiquitous within weeks.

We used a variety of abstract prints along with also photography above through Minted which were then framed by Framebridge, or buy something totally original like I did in Portland (for $80) along with also develop the idea shipped down (for $0). the idea’s a huge piece along with also a bit of a risk for $280, although I love the idea so the idea was worth the idea.

Here will be a selection of abstracts along with also beautiful photography which we love along with also endorse. These are not generic, they are beautiful, provoke an emotion (a Great one or even full of tension) along with also can be purchased online:

1. Little League | 2. Fleury | 3. Nike | 4. Neutral Labyrinth | 5. Roll With Me | 6. Framed Strokes Abstract | 7. Southern Cotton Series 4 | 8. Knox | 9. Going for a Swim | 10. Study 19 | 11. Framed Watercolor Abstract Blue | 12. Beast Coast | 13. Sealed Memories | 14. Banana’s Ripening | 15. Flora in B + W | 16. Emotion | 17. Winter Sky | 18. Seventy Tree Tropical | 19. colour Horizon | 20. Zodiac Tokyo Chum | 21. Troubled Waters | 22. Self Service | 23. Sushi | 24. Oxford Phenomenon 1

Generic art #3 to avoid: I know This kind of was a huge trend although we are ready to send almost all of the idea to bed – BAD along with also OR CHEESY TYPOGRAPHY:

I also like to remind myself to brush, floss along with also watch the sunset, although are these worthy words to don your walls? Nay. I like some typography so how do you do the idea right? First off – avoid the placard along with also just have a print like a normal person.

We have used Great typography before within the following projects:

‘California Girl’ along with also ‘The Best will be Yet to Come’ were both quotes which spoke to the client along with also we thought they were sweet in This kind of girl’s room. I wouldn’t make them a huge feature in a room, although within the the shelves they are adorable.

Sara used this kind of quote in her bedroom, which I love:

I think they can be a lovely way to remind yourself of something – as long as the idea’s poignant, funny or compelling in SOME WAY. Mine could say something like ‘YOU ARE A NOT A BAD MOM the idea’S JUST which YOU HAVE A 3 YEAR OLD along with also which’S NOT YOUR FAULT. A Great rule of thumb would certainly be if the idea makes you smile or makes you think, then the idea’s worthy for the walls. although if the idea’s just a random quote or word … maybe skip the idea.

Here are some which we like over at EHD, some are classics (For Like Ever – which will be through WWII by the way) along with also some are phrases I stand by completely (#10 will be in Charlie’s room because I love the idea so much):

1. Ask More Questions | 2. HA Print | 3. California Girl | 4. Love Print | 5. For Like Ever | 6. Framed Seasonal Fruit Vegetable Print | 7. Bien Venido | 8. the idea’s OK Banner | 9. Stewarts Drive In | 10. Work Hard & Be Nice To People | 11. Keep the idea Real | 12. Artisan | 13. Wherever You Are will be My Home | 14. I Did Not Join The Struggle To Be Poor | 15. Vancouver #5 (Smile) | 16. Oui Oui | 17. Los Angeles Elevations | 18. Play Typography A | 19. Zuma Beach Malibu no. 7 | 20. A Smile will be The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear | 21. Get In Loser

Next culprit? Bad diptychs along with also triptychs. I love two pieces which go together, although when the image will be stretched over multiple canvas – separate yourself through the idea immediately (get the idea?).

Additionally make sure which you like the pieces individually, along with also which they can stand alone as their own pretty piece of art. Finding these bad diptychs online along with also creating sure the idea’s not someone’s actual work (instead manufactured by a store) proved to be super challenging because we didn’t want to call out an individual artist. although generally if the idea says ‘dyptich’ or ‘triptych’ then shy away through the idea, instead opt For two main pieces which you like on their own, although which have a similar framing along with also a similar colour palette along with also style.

Brady used these two original along with also graphic abstract pieces here in his living room, which help to pepper around the black which he has in his beams along with also elsewhere within the space:

Mel along with also her boyfriend bought these together, which I think are stunning. although again, although they work together they are pretty enough to stand alone: We used Jaime Derringer’s prints in Nicolette’s makeover, along with also I loved how they filled out the space, worked together although were great standalone pieces. Just when I thought which I had a rule for Diptychs along with also Triptychs I found Orlando’s bedroom which had one photo, over four different frames along with also the idea looked AMAZING. So there you go – the idea genuinely depends on the piece/s along with also the styling of the idea.

The following roundup has some pieces which are sold together along with also some which are individually sold, which we paired with pieces. Usually the reason you do a pair or a trio will be to fill out a wall without having to go all gallery wall with like 15 different pieces. These do simplify your life along with also can help make a room look genuinely pulled together.

1. Sea Stones | 2. Three Again (top) / B & W Ode 4 (left) / Stones (right) | 3. Framed Print Mask III & IV | 4. Dotted Geo Framed Prints | 5. Framed Nautical Flags | 6. Framed Watercolor Blue Abstracts | 7. Study 13 (left) / Untitled 2 (right) | 8. 3 Piece Shape up Collage Set | 9. Framed Blue Textile Art | 10. Framed Pattern Abstract Blue | 11. SGRAFFITO No. 422 (left) / SGRAFFITO No. 317 (right) | 12. Silver Cloud | 13. A Little Taste of Your Soul (left) / Close on White (right) | 14. 2 Piece Pink Stripes Painting Set | 15. Untitled 1 (left) / Untitled 1b (right).

Last one …. which will probably bum the most people out although everyone within the office agreed with This kind of mistake, so we grew a collective pair along with also decided to make the idea public.

Stay away through Canvas Wrapped PRINTS. Like these:

Yes, This kind of does even include family photos. The reason will be which by wrapping them around the back they are trying to look like canvas paintings, along with also they are not. I understand which many an online company sell, along with also will upload along with also “frame” your photos like This kind of along with also the idea can be more affordable than getting something framed (although these days what with Framebridge along with also Simply Framed we have so many more affordable options). You can buy a painting with the canvas wrapped around the side – because which will be often how the painter painted the idea, although if the printed image goes around the back, its a no-no in our book.

Don’t get me wrong, I like family photos displayed around the house: along with also if you have a lot of canvas’ which need framing we get them done like This kind of – all floating style, with no mat, glass or anything (Framebridge did these). These frames of Sylvia’s family (below) were purchased at Target – there are a lot of ready made options out there. We even did an entire roundup of readymade frames.

Well, I trust you are still with me, which you still like us along with also which you aren’t staring at your walls realizing which you’ve lived which has a canvas-wrapped-triptych of Mona Lisa This kind of whole time. If Rachel Zoe told me to stop wearing scrunchies, I would certainly thank her.

If you want to shop for art although nothing above tickles your fancy, then head on over to our ultimate online art roundup (or get yourself to the flea market), along with also if you have a lot of family photos to frame then head to our best readymade frame roundup, or think about one of the fresh online framing companies for anything special or custom-sized (we use Framebridge a lot – see here along with also here, although we just ordered some through Simply Framed along with also we’ll let you know how they come when we receive them).

So are you mad or grateful? Do you agree or think we are just the most pretentious design snobs ever? In case you want to know what else we think everyone will be doing wrong check out these design mistakes;  The Generic Sofa Roundup | Rugs which Are Too little | Painting a little, Dark Room White | How To Hang Art Correctly | How to Hang Curtains. along with also if you think there will be a design mistake we need to cover on the Website or have questions about then let us know below.

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