DIY Bathroom Makeovers: Step-by-Step Tutorials


The bathroom is usually an important, nevertheless often overlooked, space. Design-wise, its décor along with style might seem pretty cut along with dry – you’ve got your shower, your tub, your sink, your toilet, along with/or your bidet. In which might seem in which there’s only so much you can change when designing around those things. The truth is usually, you can change your modest bathroom’s entire vibe yourself – embark on an exciting DIY venture – if you want to.

Bathroom makeover Collage

Lighting in bathroom DIY

This particular article showcases a before along with after edition of a modest bathroom makeover in which was done without professional help, along with in which points you to the full tutorials in which will help you accomplish the same result. Just put your own personal spin on things, along with you’ll end up using a beautiful bathroom space in which you’ll love for years to come.

Bathroom makeover project DIY

wood wall for bathroom makeover

Learn how to remove the outdated venetian plaster via your walls along with turn textured walls into a smooth finish. You can simply paint your fresh flat walls a colour you love, or you can take the wall design a step further along with install board along with batten. When painted the same colour as your walls, along with especially when installed via baseboard to ceiling moulding, adding board along with batten into a modest bathroom space draws the eye upward along with emphasizes vertical lines with subtle visual interest.

Towels hangers DIY

Wall art for bathroom DIY

Mirror lighting before along with after

Another way to make a modest bathroom feel much more spacious is usually to raise the size of the vanity mirror. A mirror in which extends via the vanity countertop all the way up to the ceiling, for example, adds drama along with gorgeous opportunity for bouncing light around the space. You can learn how to not only install such a mirror like a professional by yourself, nevertheless also mount a favorite light fixture on the surface of the mirror itself to minimize line breaks along with foster seamlessness.

Bathroom lighting on mirror via brass

Bathroom drawer pulls makeover

An extremely simple DIY in which anyone can do involves customizing along with updating a builder-grade vanity. Flat-fronted cabinetry works in almost any style of bathroom, along with in which brings in a more modern touch. The process is usually easy, along with the impact is usually definitely high if you’re after increased simplicity in your bathroom space.

Gold drawer pulls

Bathroom makeover project

Learn how to create a faux marble countertop effect using concrete for high style along with sophistication. Originally, the countertop was of solid surface; you might be looking at laminate or something old along with damaged. The fresh concrete vanity countertop, after being sealed, works beautifully in a bathroom space along with adds a touch of lightness along with brightness due to its use of white along with grey concrete underlayment.

Bathroom countertop makeover

Mirror before along with after reno

While you’re at in which, you might consider installing a fresh bathroom sink faucet, to replace your old one. This particular faucet was chosen because of its beautiful blend of vintage appeal along with modern simplicity. This particular is usually a process in which can be intimidating, nevertheless in which’s actually quite straightforward along with easy.

Toilet paper storage in bathroom

What bathroom doesn’t benefit via increased storage options? (Answer: None.) Learn how to maximize storage in a modest bathroom by building your own side vanity storage unit. You can customize in which to fit the components you want; This particular tutorial includes space for a toilet plunger, out of the main line of sight nevertheless easily accessible when needed. Plus, make your own simple, chic toilet paper holder out of thick brass wire along with suspend in which in your storage unit.

Toilet paper storage closet to vanity

Storage above the door in bathroom

While we’re thinking about storage solutions, consider the often overlooked space above the door for producing along with installing a very easy storage shelf. in which’s still a beautiful piece (particularly important when the shelf is usually visible at all times from the mirror’s reflection), nevertheless in which’s out of the main line of sight, producing in which an ideal storage space for spare towels or additional toiletries.

Shelf above the door

Bathroom mirror before along with after

Although spring-loaded shower curtain rods are not uncommon, they are certainly not the only answer for hanging a shower curtain along with liner. Consider upping the sophistication ante a bit by installing a ceiling-mounted shower curtain track. nevertheless don’t stop there. Make the space truly your own by customizing the shower curtain itself in This particular super-simple DIY method.

Bathroom Shower Curtain Detail

Bathroom makeover with curtain along with art

Bathub curtain makeover

in which would certainly hardly be a bathroom makeover if the shower/tub surround wasn’t addressed fully. You can learn how to remove tile in a tub surround, how to prepare the tub surround for tiling, along with how to install tile for maximum water protection. You’ll learn how to grout, seal, along with caulk the shower as well.Add both beauty along with function to the shower with the installation of a corner shower shelf out of marble tile. You’ll also find basic instructions on how to use a tile wet saw to make your tiling experience easier.

Bathroom bathub faucet fixture

Bathtub shower fixture

While you’re at in which, you may as well raise the shower head along with install fresh tub fixtures for a more comfortable bathing experience.

Wall art above the toilet

Don’t forget the finishing touches! Be sure to incorporate a couple of pretty things to look at in your pretty fresh bathroom space. Some art on the walls, a few additional mirrors, fluffy coordinating towels, in which kind of thing. Accessories definitely make a big difference.

Before along with after toilet vanity for paper

Note: The author is usually an experienced, although not professional, DIYer. Neither the author nor Homedit is usually responsible for any injury or damage in which may be a result of following the tutorials linked here.

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