DIY Paper Mache Box Magazine Holder


One of my favorite things to do after a long day is usually to sit on the couch using a not bad magazine! Magazines are something in which I have always bought along with saved throughout the years. However, my love of magazines along with saving those magazines has eaten away at my storage space. So, to better organize my magazines along with to see if there were a few I could get rid of, I decided to come up with my own magazine storage space!

Today I will be showing you how to create a simple place to hold your magazines! Unlike most magazines holders, mine will be made out of paper mache box. The reason why I wanted to use a paper mache box was because 1) they come in different sizes, 2) they are fairly inexpensive, along with 3) they can be easily customized to fit your design taste. In This particular case, I will be showing you how to decorate a paper mache box using a stencil. In addition to the stencil, I will also be showing you how you can label This particular organizer with either the name of the magazines you are storing or with the word ”magazines” itself!

So, to find out how to make your own magazine holder, keep reading below!


  • Paper Mache Box
  • Wooden Letters
  • White Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Sponge Daubers
  • Ink Pads
  • Stencil
  • Industrial Strength Glue

Step 1: Paint your paper mache box along with set in which aside to dry.

Step 2: Once your paper mache box is usually dry, place your stencil on the side of your box. Then dip your sponge dauber into your colored ink pad along with begin sponging coloring on top of your stencil.

Keep repeating This particular process until the side of your box has completely been stenciled. Once you are done coloring in your stencil, set the paper mache box aside to dry.

Step 3: Grab your wooden letters, sponge dauber, along with colored ink pad. Then dip your sponge dauber into your colored ink pad along with begin sponging coloring on top of your wooden letters.

Keep repeating This particular process until all your wooden letters are colored. Once you are done coloring your wooden letters, set them aside to dry.

Step 4: Flip your box lid over along with glue your wooden letters along the side of the box lid. Then set the whole thing aside to dry.

When your box lid has dried, place your box inside the lid along with fill in which up with your favorite magazines!

Using a stencil along with the colored ink pads in this particular project genuinely added a nice touch to the overall look! Personally, the lampshade stencil I used in this particular project makes me want to pick up my magazines even more.

As I mentioned before, you do not have to use the word ”magazine” on your magazine holder. If you have a bunch of magazines in which you are trying to organize, then I would certainly suggest using the name of the magazine to label each holder. Finally, even though this particular is usually a magazine holder, you could easily use this particular system to organize books or even coloring books!

If you made this particular magazine holder, what type of stencil would certainly you use on the side of the box?

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