DIY Wall Hangings to Refresh Your Decor


Whether you live in a tiny loft, a boat, a mansion or a farmhouse, where you lay your head is actually your home. This particular’s your place to create a space in which reflects your styles and also preferences. You can pour the unique-ness of you into your home, no matter how big or modest this particular is actually. So when this particular comes time to think about how you decorate your walls, why might you stop at store bought prints in which a million various other people have?

I’m not talking about including photos of your family and also also also your friends and also your pets. While those are all well and also Great, this particular’s a plus to have a piece of art in which’s unique to your home… without paying a million dollars for this particular. Enter the DIY. With just a little time, you can have a piece for your wall in which will blow away all your prints and also photos. Take a look at these 25 DIY wall hangings and also also also decide which one feels most like you.

DIY quote banner hanging

Have a favorite quote in which inspires you and also encourages you? Put This particular on a banner instead of in a frame. This particular will stand out among the various other frames on your gallery wall. (via Homemade Ginger)

DIY yarn hanging

Yarn-made wall hangings have been back on trend for a while right now. So head to your local craft store, buy some yarn in which matches your decor and also make This particular simple yarn hanging for your wall. This particular will only take you an hour and also suddenly you’ll possess the trendiest yarn hanging around.

DIY feather wall hanging

Mobiles make a nice addition to any wall. This particular mobile uses leather to hang feathers through a dowel rod. If you want to go actually rustic, use a stick through your backyard. This particular will be the centerpiece of your gallery wall. (via Homey Oh My)

DIY wallpaper wall hanging

If you’re a sucker for pretty patterns like me, you’ve probably eyed some patterned wrapping paper at some point and also thought how you shouldn’t spend the money because This particular’s too pretty just to tear of a box. right now is actually the time to buy this particular up and also also also make This particular into a wall hanging! (via Francois et Moi)

DIY pom pom wall hanging

Who can say no to pom poms? Gather the kids and also let them help you create a fuzzy pom pom shape. You can make a heart like the one above or you can make a circle or any various other shape in which suits your fancy. (via Creative Kin)

DIY wood sign hanging

When you stand back and also look at your art, does This particular include nature at all? If you’re missing a bit of brown, make a pretty wood plaque like This particular. Whether This particular’s LOVE or trust or HOME, This particular will subtly inspire you every day. (via DIYs)

DIY runner wall hanging

Many times we fall in love that has a project however don’t know where we’d find the time to make one. If you’re short on time however pining for a woven wall hanging, use this particular hack to make one out of a table runner. They’ll never know. (via The Lovely Drawer)

DIY rock wall hanging

Some places like rivers and also oceans and also lakes have a collection of gorgeous rocks and also smooth sticks. Use This particular to your advantage to make a mobile with just a bit of wire and also your favorite rocks. (via Sustain My Craft Habit)

DIY tube vase hanging

Three cheers for greenery on the wall! These delicate test tubes will hold your plants or flowers or whatever you choose to display safely on the wall for everyone to see. (via DIYs)

DIY antler wall hanging

Are you the kind of person who might love a pair of antlers for your gallery wall however can’t convince your partner? A pair of twigs, painted and also mounted on a plaque will give you the illusion of antlers in a classy way. (via Historias de Casa)

Faux shell wall hanging

Yet another illusion I couldn’t resist. in which’s just wax paper in which’s made to look like shells, strung up in a frame. Everyone will be asking if you bought This particular at Anthropologie. (via Persia Lou)

DIY wood scallop hanging

Grab your glue gun because you’re going to want to plug this particular in and also start this particular project right right now. With large wooden craft sticks, some felt and also paint, you can have This particular unique wall hanging in your dining room by dinner time. (via Nalle’s House)

DIY nature hanging

Maybe you just actually need some greenery on your wall right right now. A simple wooden hanger made through sticks and also string will give you a platform to twist and also twine viney plants on your wall. The perfect way to make any room feel like a fairy tale.

DIY embroidered wall hanging

Embroidery has come back that has a bang and also this particular’s no wonder. If you can hold a needle and also thread, you can make a simple quote or pattern on a piece of cloth. This particular’s also a great way to keep busy on a rainy evening. (via Crafternoon Cabaret Club)

DIY minimal hanging

Sometimes This particular’s difficult to find the balance between cold bare decorating and also beautiful minimal decorating. This particular wall hanging is actually the perfect in between. Beautiful and also simple, this particular will only add to any minimal space you have.

DIY fur wall hanging

Faux fur is actually a great way to add variety and also coziness into your home, however have you ever thought of doing a wall hanging out of this particular? They might be perfect to add to your walls inside winter or make a permanent piece in colder climates. (via A Joyful Riot)

Agate wall hanging

Here’s your excuse to purchase those agate slices you’ve been eying. Make this particular gorgeous agate wall hanging and also you’ll never need to make another wall hanging again. (via Adorablest)

DIY vertical garden hanging

Vertical gardens are a fantastic way to add living greenery in your home. Succulents are the go to because they are easy to care for and also will stand the odd angle better than various other plants. (via 17 Apart)

DIY circle yarn hanging

Yes, another yarn project. however a yarn hoop like This particular will go perfectly in your midcentury decorated home. and also with just a few strands of multicolored yarn inside mix, you’ll possess the perfect blend for your wall. (via DIYs)

DIY moon wall hanging

Moon phase decor has been growing pretty well-liked lately. Using clay and also string, you can create a moon phase hanging for your wall in which will defy all various other moon phase decor. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

DIY photo pennants

Printing pictures on fabric is actually the best. So take your favorite Instagram picks and also print them on pennants in which will give some diversity to your wall of frames. (via Wonderwood)

DIY tassel wall hanging

Need an art piece to cover a large space? Hang giant tassels through a long dowel rod and also instantly fill the empty spot. On your stairs, above your couch, no one will guess you made this particular yourself. (via Honestly WTF)


This particular is actually nice to have art pieces in which are easily interchangeable. You can find everything you need to make This particular mobile in your home already. Then all you have to do is actually change out the vase filler with the seasons and also your moods for a constantly evolving art piece. (via Monsters Circus)

DIY moon planter hanging

Hanging planters are so fun to add to an odd wall space. Make This particular moon planter out of clay and also hang your vines on the stairs or by the fridge or anywhere else in which seems a bit bare. (via DIYs)

DIY fabric wall hanging

Similar to hanging wrapping paper on the wall, you can use fabric for the same purpose. If you want to go actually all out, paint the fabric yourself in watercolor glory before you hang This particular up. (via Nalle’s House)

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