Dress Your Kitchen In Style With Some White Subway Tiles!


Embellish as well as dress your kitchen in super smooth style by adding some white subway tiles to the wall. There are so many different variations as well as ways to design your space with that will however no matter what route you go, your home will thank you for that will. So, let’s take a peek at 20 different kitchens as well as how white subway tile made them so much more stylish as well as fashion-forward.

1. Monochromatic

Monochromatic white subway tiles

Check out how This kind of white subway tile was laid. Paired with white cabinetry as well as white grout, that will creates a chic as well as clean surface that will is actually posh however also textural as well.{found on capoferro}.

2. Top-Bottom

Top bottom subway tiles

Check out This kind of kitchen with top to bottom white subway tile. that will’s got a grittier look than its predecessor however fits perfect with the vintage-infusion of the space.

3. Glam

Glam subway tiles design

There’s a bit of femininity as well as glam styling going on in This kind of kitchen. All white, dashes of marble as well as shining backsplash come together to create quite the feminine look.

4. Traditional

Traditional l shaped kitchen with white subway tiles for backsplash

Even in more traditional kitchens you can find white subway tile working wonders as the backsplash of the space. that will creates a solid foundation to

5. DIY

DIY kitchen subway tiles

You can even DIY your own backsplash using these types of tiles with the help of so many tutorials floating around the Internet. Even This kind of scene here was done having a do-that will-yourself style.{found on proverbs31girl}.

6. Rustic

White kitchen design having a rustic floor

There’s a bit of a rustic vibe set inside This kind of kitchen. With the farmhouse sink as well as the hardwood floors, the white subway tile gives the entire space a lighter, brighter as well as more modern flavoring.

7. Contemporary

contemporary white kitchen with subway tiles

Here we have a kitchen that will is actually beautifully mixed with both retro as well as contemporary styles. as well as the white subway tile backsplash with its darker grout makes the wall pop with fashion as well as interest!{found on hgtv}.

8. Sophisticated

Kitchen with stainless stell accents as well as subway tiles

having a tinge of industrial accents as well as an overall sophisticated essence, This kind of kitchen is actually too embellished beautifully with tile on the wall that will pops in just the right ways. as well as that will’s so complimentary to the golden, nickel light fixtures!

9. Minimal

Rustic kitchen in white with subway tiles

Not only are we swooning due to This kind of minimal kitchen because of its overall design as well as styling, however the white subway tile backsplash adds an ounce of clean charm to finish that will all off! We’re loving the rawness of This kind of room.

10. Classic

Classic kitchen design with marble countertop as well as subway tiles - stainless steel stove

Black as well as white kitchens will always be a classic look, however so will gray as well as white. as well as when you add dark grout to your subway tiles, you get that will same timeless feel.

11. Beveled


You can get a subway tile in a beveled style as well, doing that will a bit more posh as well as precise. There’s a feminine, modern edge to This kind of kitchen as well as we’re swooning for that will.

12. Country

country feel with wood shelves as well as subway tiles

Paired with wood cabinets as well as raw edges, This kind of country kitchen is actually full of life as well as style. We love the dark grout choice here too doing that will pop right off the walls in a contrasting, interesting way.{found on crown-point}.

13. Patterned

Patterned subway tiles for kitchen

You can always have your backsplash patterned in a way that will’s a bit outside-the-norm. This kind of chevron look will give an added bit of style to your kitchen that will you wouldn’t have recognizes before.

14. Tuscan

Tuscan decor for kitchen

Your grout could be that will of cream as well as mix well with you Tuscan-inspired, organically styled kitchen. We’re kind of in love with This kind of snippet as well as how refreshing that will is actually!

15. Charming

Charming kitchen with floating shelves as well as subway tiles

Personally, I love kitchens that will have a tangible, sweet charm about them. as well as when you start with white, shining backslashes as well as open shelving, you cannot go wrong.

16. Contrasted

Make a contrast with subway tiles

Dark grout, white subway tile as well as a host of various other accents to compare as well as contrast with, This kind of kitchen is actually popping with style as well as fashion-foward, modern flavor! A pop of red or turquoise would certainly pump that will up even further.

17. Precise

Marble as well as subway tiles for kithen - the perfect mix

There’s a precision about This kind of kitchen that will is actually quite inspiring. The white subway tile sets the foundation however all the various other smooth as well as easy edges create a preppy, easy nature we love.

18. Eclectic

Ecletic design for kitchen

Dive in as well as look around at This kind of inspiring, eclectic kitchen full of function as well as fashionable spirit. that will’s my personal favorite of the bunch as well as I’m loving how the accent wall plays well with the funky cabinetry.

19. Fresh

Touch of green on the kitchen

Here’s another kitchen that will tugs at the heartstrings of those that will love brilliant, open spaces. Walk into the kitchen as well as feel that will cool freshness by styling your space as such.

20. Bachelor

Bachelor design kitchen with subway tiles

There’s a certain bit of masculinity, intrigue as well as bachelor style involved inside the doing of This kind of kitchen as well as we love that will. Thankfully, that will white subway tile works well with its dark grout here.

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