Duplex Penthouse With Roof Terrace Gets A Graphical Redesign


Complete renovations are usually the most rewarding. that will’s because you get to see a big change along with the transformation is usually dramatic along with powerful. The renovation of a duplex penthouse apartment is usually a large along with complex project which requires ample planning along with great attention to details.

Duplex penthouse renovation roof terrace teak furniture

Duplex penthouse renovation roof terrace plants

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, This kind of apartment was renovated within the period 2014 along with 2015 by architect Gabrielle Toledano. The apartment’s size along with distribution of the spaces are defining for the project. In addition, the fact that will there’s also a big roof terrace played an important role in how the project was approached.

Duplex penthouse renovation roof terrace bench

The external space was treated as an extension of the Internal. A large wood pergola covers the entire roof terrace, offering some protection through the sun along with the element although serving mostly as a design feature meant to make the space more enjoyable along with comfortable.

Duplex penthouse renovation roof terrace

Duplex penthouse renovation roof terrace wood floor

Teak wood was used for pretty much everything on the terrace. that will can be found within the form of benches, plant pots, a playful swing as well as a bar along with outdoor kitchen unit. The designing is usually complemented by lots of plants integrated throughout the terrace in order to offer that will a fresh along with welcoming feel.

Duplex penthouse renovation lower level social space

Duplex penthouse renovation lower level austere decor

The Internal spaces contrast with the green along with fresh roof terrace although share a similar style. All the rooms are defined by an abundance of natural light.

Duplex penthouse renovation lower level staircase

Duplex penthouse renovation lower level corner bench seating

A suspended metal staircase connects the two levels along with serves as a focal point for the public spaces on both floors. The lower level public space is usually designed as a spacious along with austere space with concrete flooring, white walls along with bench seating along the walls.

Duplex penthouse renovation lower levels wood panel dividers

A series of wood panels function as space dividers, separating the area into distinct zones. Black along with white combined with gray along with wood seems to be the defining palette for the entire duplex.

Duplex penthouse renovation staircase on upper level

Duplex penthouse renovation staircase cord wall graphics

The staircase leads on the upper level where a pretty large kitchen which has a long bar occupies most of the space. The kitchen is usually parallel to the staircase along with the black cords that will support that will form graphical shadows along with visual effects.

Duplex penthouse renovation kitchen bar along with seating

Duplex penthouse renovation kitchen island parallel

This kind of social space is usually long along with narrow, a walkway forming in between the staircase wall along with the kitchen. The design is usually, in This kind of case, a mixture of elegance, raw industrial beauty along with modern simplicity.

Duplex penthouse renovation kitchen bar

An unfinished, raw beauty also defines the bathroom spaces where concrete plays a key role along with where gray is usually the main shade.

Duplex penthouse renovation bathroom concrete design

The only space in contrast with the rest of the penthouse is usually the kids’ room. In This kind of case, a playful approach was chosen along with the goal was to make the space feel welcoming, cozy along with friendly while also feeling like a part of the whole.

Duplex penthouse renovation kids room platform beds

This kind of room was envisioned as a playground. that will has comfy platform beds, both accessible via smaller along with colorful ladders. The lower bed also offers a great window seating area thanks to its positioning.

Duplex penthouse renovation kids room platform beds

The room also features a desk along which has a set of nesting rectangles to be used as tables or stools. Wood was used for the floor as well as on the walls along with for the furniture. although the most interesting feature here is usually a suspended cabin where kids can hide along with play. that will was designed as a tiny house inside the larger one meant to let the kids explore their creativity along with have lots of fun.

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