The Easiest Guest Room Makeover EVER

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-1

Welcome to the easiest bedroom makeover we’ve ever done. Seriously. The “client” can be a friend of mine which had a definitely boring guest room which needed some freshening up (in addition to cooling down) so when Haiku Home (the company which makes this particular lovely, modern, simple fan) reached out about a makeover I called her up in addition to said, ‘Lady. the item’s time, let’s do this particular’.

Yet like most people, her guest room wasn’t where she (or we) wanted to splurge – so our goals were for the item to be inviting, pretty, comfortable yet affordable in addition to fast. Eighty percent of the pieces in this particular room are ready-made in addition to bought off the shelf so this particular room can be extremely easy to duplicate, in addition to yet, we think the item still looks unique in addition to not generic.

Here was the space before:

Haiku Home Makeover Emily Henderson

Typical guest room – neglected, unconsidered, in addition to yet did the job just fine. Suzanne (my friend) likes neutrals throughout her whole house, yet we still needed some contrast in addition to personality – just not through coloration. The only thing which she wanted to keep (which we also liked) can be which antique dresser. Otherwise she gave us carte blanche to start all over.

The reason we picked this particular room for the makeover was because A.) she’s a brand new friend in addition to I like to be well-liked (I’m kidding) in addition to B.) because the item was desperate for a fan since they don’t have air conditioning in addition to Suzanne had asked me for a recommendation of which one to buy before. I know which people struggle with this particular a lot, afraid which a ceiling fan will look bad in addition to dated in addition to they certainly can, yet when they are simple, streamlined in addition to super quiet/energy efficient then they are a VERY Great thing. We have two in our home in addition to if we could add more we would likely.

This particular room can be east facing with two large windows in addition to the item didn’t have central air. Portable or window AC units are functional yet also a bummer to look at in addition to to deal with, so the obvious (in addition to best) solution was a ceiling fan. The style of the house can be 1920’s Spanish Mediterranean. I googled ‘mediterranean ceiling fan’ in addition to this particular came up which was terrifying y muy malo.

My overall theory with ceiling fans can be which the more ‘decorative’ they are the tackier they can go. I haven’t seen every single fan out there on the market, so there might be some which are better, yet generally I’d say keep them simple in addition to streamlined. Stay away by fake shiny wood, crystal, in addition to tulip shaped glass shades (replace with simple round ones easily). There are so many options out there, yet man I wish which I had known about this particular one when we moved in.

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-2

This particular brand new fan can be virtually silent in addition to unlike the one we have in our bedroom (not Haiku yet fine) the item doesn’t shake. the item’s extremely energy efficient so if you want to keep the item on all day you don’t have to feel guilty. This particular fan also features a motion sensor built in in addition to knows when to speed up or slow down based on the temperature in your room.

If you want to adjust the item manually, you can control the item by remote, an app on your phone, or a finger pad/switch on the wall. Or you can just put the remote on the wall in addition to click the item there if which’s your jam. We aren’t big on loose remotes in our house (I lose them, the children want to eat them) so putting the item in a holder inside wall for most of the time can be a great option in addition to then if your guest wants the item even more convenient during the night they can put the item inside nightstand.

We showed you both options, like so:

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-12

The item’s a light switch, only the item controls the quietest fan inside globe. Man, I’m a ceiling fan person. Just this particular morning I BEGGED Brian to turn the item on. He didn’t think the item was stuffy in addition to maybe the item wasn’t (I was nursing Elliot) yet I need airflow.

When Haiku Home reached out I got so excited because I had seen their “BIG ASS FANS” in cool event spaces in addition to I was tempted to add one to our living room. the item wasn’t the best idea as our roof-line was slanted yet I wanted the item real bad. Of course currently which I read how they can be on angled ceilings I’m having second thoughts in addition to major regrets.

Back to the makeover at hand.

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-10

Please note which we relocated which curtain rod to its proper place – 3-4″ by the ceiling (This particular can be flexible yet the item’s a Great number to shoot for). Why? Bringing the rod up makes the ceiling look taller which means the room looks bigger. the item’s like ankle straps – they cut your leg off, stop your eye in addition to make you look shorter. I still wear them, yet “flattering” they are not. Don’t put them on your room, though because you always want you room to look bigger in addition to you NEVER want the item to look smaller (or stubbier). In case you need a crash course head HERE.

For the art we went to Minted in addition to picked out in addition to chose frames for a collection which we thought looked collected, curated in addition to natural. Since Suzanne in addition to I are both by the Pacific NorthWest we definitely wanted which beautiful forest photograph, in addition to we used which as our art ‘jumping off point’ then added inside navy blue watercolor print in addition to line drawings to make a complete collection.

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-9

My best tips on choosing art (especially prints) are:

1. Frame for the piece while keeping the room in mind: Meaning don’t frame a seascape in a red frame just because you needed another pop of red inside room. the item should look Great inside frame FIRST in addition to inside room second.

2. Get a variety of mediums: A room full of photographs can look generic in addition to bad hotel-like. We used a print of a painting, two drawings in addition to a photograph.

3. Mix in an original painting or something vintage: Once you add which “unique-to-you” piece the item elevates the whole collection. Styling can be all about creating a story where you’re changing the context. Like in fashion, dressing up some cute Gap/Target/Madewell pieces that has a pair of crazy vintage 70’s clogs or the perfect vintage suede jacket, can definitely make the outfit, so the item can be when the item comes to dressing/styling a room. If we hadn’t mixed in which seascape the room would likely have looked Great, yet with the item the room went next level.

Speaking of which piece, I was hoarding the item for me because I love the item. I didn’t even put the item on the flea because I didn’t want to sell the item. Suzanne can be a lucky woman which owes me 1,457 freshly made margaritas (a specialty of hers).

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-5

For the bedding we also did a mix. For once in years I chose a comforter over a duvet/duvet cover. This particular can be due the fact which the item was so attractive (Nate Berkus for Target) in addition to while I prefer a duvet (because these jimmy legs can’t hang that has a top sheet) I know there are those of you out there, including our parents, who love a top sheet in addition to therefore can rock this particular comforter. She already had those sheets, then I added two parachute pillow covers in addition to a couple decorative throw pillows on top of this particular awesome custom bedframe which World Market sent through.

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-13

On the additional side of the room we added a pretty ladder which she already had, in addition to tucked some pretty linens/hat in addition to bag onto the item – mostly for the photo. Look around your house – there are many a place for vertical ladders in addition to they do strangely wonderful things for which space as well as give your guests a place to hang their hat in addition to vintage sisal bag (which all house guests should have).

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-11

The rug can be extremely awesome in addition to totally affordable ($199). the item’s by Target in addition to just so Great. For a queen bed you’ll need the 8×10 or in this particular case 7’6″ x 10′ size. The nightstands are also part of their brand new mid-century collection which can be super simple in addition to totally affordable.

The lamps on the nightstands are by Rejuvenation yet we switched out the shades for a smaller one for the shoot. To be truthful we only used one in addition to put the item on both sides like there were two because the item looked SOOO Great yet we didn’t have two. I had one left over by a different shoot. Don’t worry, we left her with two lamps.

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-6

Please note which adorable bathroom inside background. The sink can be hilarious because while the item can be so beautiful the item’s so shallow which the water drenches the front of you every time you turn on the water. Whoops.

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-4

The only piece which Suzanne had which she wanted to keep was which simple antique dresser. She’s had the item since high school in addition to the item was sentimental. We switched out the handles (she had brushed nickel contemporary ones) with these simple black handles. While we could have used a brand new dresser in addition to which would likely have looked great, we all know which a couple pieces of vintage definitely gives a room some soul.

I’ve been hoarding a bunch of old leather bound books for a while, so she inherited a couple of those simply because they looked so pretty inside shot – yet for a guest room you could have a lamp in addition to a jewelry box in addition to call the item a day. I’m a fan of keeping the guest room relatively empty except for the essentials, so while we styled the item a bit for these shots, feel free to just have lamps in addition to maybe a candle/flower or two for the guests.

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-3

About 1/2 way through the day I got worried which the room would likely look generic without enough coloration in addition to with (almost) everything being by a major retailer, yet the item definitely didn’t. the item’s simple, layered, interesting, beautiful in addition to quiet.

Haiku Home Makeover Emily Henderson before after 2
Haiku Home Makeover Emily Henderson before after 1

Thanks to Haiku Home for sponsoring this particular makeover. Their fans are seriously Great – simple, quiet, energy efficient in addition to extremely effective – as we were styling the item got stuffy in there, so we popped the item on in addition to which fan cooled us down in minutes.

We went due to this particular for this particular clean white one, yet there are tons of additional options (bamboo, aluminum, custom colors in addition to even fans painted by artists). Since Suzanne’s room had recessed lighting which was all on one switch we didn’t use the hard-wired switch because the item would likely have controlled the lights, too, in addition to then guests wouldn’t have been able to turn on the fan inside middle of the night. So if you possess the same situation stick to the remote for the on/off switch. If you want one that has a light (like we have in our bedroom) then This particular can be a great option for you.

There you possess the item – the easiest, simplest, in addition to almost all sourceable guest room ever. I love which you as readers could definitely order This particular whole room if you are into the item in addition to be done with your guest room.

As an extra special added Insentif, Haiku Home wanted to offer you all the chance to win your very own Haiku L Series ceiling fan to jumpstart your makeover project This particular Spring. Follow This particular link to enter their giveaway contest through Friday, May 20.

So what do you think? would likely you want to be a guest here?


Art: Lupine Print | Wild Pea Print | Stone Pile Watercolor | Whispered Rain Photograph

Bedding: Two Shade Yarn Black in addition to White Throw Pillow | Striped Throw Pillow | Quilted Navy Sham | Polka Dot Sheets | Striped Comforter in addition to Pillow Set

Furniture: Linear Weave Lounge Chair | Granby Cylinder Drum Table | Millsboro Walnut Nightstand | Textured Woven Bryn Upholstered Bed | Teak Step Stool | Dip Dyed Stool | Sahara Grey Area Rug | Dresser (vintage)

Details/Accessories: Ball Curtain Rod | Ritva White Curtains | Round Base Table Lamp | Vintage Ladder (similar Lucy Leaning Ladder) | Abbot Throw Blanket | Architect Tripod Table Lamp | Endicott Soft Iron Drawer Pull | Sunburst Mirror | Nate Berkus Desk Clock | Navy Blue Decorative Pillow

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***Photography by Tessa Neustadt

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