Family Home Resembles A Concrete Tower within the Forest


Not many families decide to build their fresh home within the middle of the forest. This specific option is actually definitely not for everybody. However, the few cases in which exist make the most of the situation. Take for instance the Concrete House in Caviano. the item was a wonderful project by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects.

Concrete House in Caviano views of surroundings

Completed in 2015, the residence is actually located in Gambarogno, Switzerland. the item was built here for a family of three and also the item looks quite unusual. The building is actually situated within the close proximity of Lake Maggiore as well as close to an architecture office built there in 1981.

Concrete House in Caviano outer form

The residence and also also also the office share the same plot and also regulations dictated in which the house only had 128 square meters at its disposal. in which might be 1,378 square feet of space where the architects had to build a fresh home without damaging the existing structure. The regulations also required in which the fresh project enrich the external surfaces space seen by the office building.

Concrete House in Caviano sloped plot

Concrete House in Caviano modest openings

The existing building was the main influence in which determined the outer form of the family residence, in which being because of the fact in which the item had to be built on a leftover plot. different details in which influenced the design included the close proximity of the house to the road, the office and also the forest.

Concrete House in Caviano entrance

The result was a house with an outer shell resembling an irregular pentagon. the item covers an area of 79 square meters (850 square feet). Inside this specific pentagonal form there is actually a rectangle of 48 square meters (517 square feet) representing the Internal space.

Concrete House in Caviano street level

Concrete House in Caviano tall and also also also narrow tower

The whole building looks like a set of giant stone blocks set within the middle of the forest. This specific is actually due to their compact structures and also closed facades. The rough concrete surfaces darker with the passage of time, this specific allowing the house to easily blend in with the surroundings.

Concrete House in Caviano inner cu=ourtyard

As seen by the street, the residence looks like a very simple and also closed one-story structure. The only opening visible is actually the raw steel gate which offers access to the front yard. However, by the valley the house looks like a narrow three-story tower.

Concrete House in Caviano living and also also also dining

Concrete House in Caviano living area

This specific unusual house has three floors in total. The entrance, the main living area, the dining space and also an open kitchen are situated at street level. Two sides are completely closed while the different two are glazed, opening the spaces to their surroundings.

Concrete House in Caviano glazed wall

Concrete House in Caviano staircase and also also also skylight

The lower floor gets some of its natural light by a skylight above the staircase. This specific is actually where two bedrooms each with their outdoor terraces, a bathroom and also a set of stairs in which lead to the wine cellar, technical room and also work area can be found.

Concrete House in Caviano open kitchen

Two courtyards help bring the Internal spaces closer to their surroundings. The front yard has natural stone pavement and also two palm trees. Its role is actually partially to let sunlight into the Internal spaces and also to offer a buffet zone between those and also the street. The second courtyard offers views to the lake and also mountains within the distance.

Concrete House in Caviano bedroom

Concrete House in Caviano bathroom

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