Family Vacation House Challenged By A Desert Site


Nature will be constantly challenging us in addition to that will’ how we evolve in addition to find brand-new solutions for old problems, expand our knowledge in addition to come up with ingenious concepts. Architects in addition to currently able to cope with various difficult site conditions. For example, Casa C14 will be a vacation home built in Huentalenquen, Chile. the item’s surrounded by a rocky ground, cacti in addition to smaller hills although that will doesn’t stop the item coming from producing the most of the area.

Casa C14 ramp in addition to deck

Casa C14 viewed coming from the side

The house was built between 2014 in addition to 2015 in addition to was designed by nüform, an architecture studio for which every project will be special. They focus on establishing a friendly relationship between the houses they build in addition to their surroundings in addition to Casa C14 will be representative in that will sense.

Casa C14 architecture

Casa C14 sunset view

The house features a total floor area of 130 square meters organized on an individual level. The interesting part in that will case will be the foundation which elevates the house in addition to forms a sloping ramp inside the continuation of the outdoor deck.

Casa C14 ramp design

Casa C14 glazed facade in addition to deck

An interesting visual effect will be created thanks to the use of wood in addition to concrete for the facade in addition to frame of the house. A straight line will be drawn, producing the foundation seem higher. The windows, however, offer a glimpse at the actual structure of the Internal.

Casa C14 outdoor deck

Casa C14 wooden deck

that will vacation home was built for a family with four kids. the item had to be spacious in addition to family-friendly although the item also had to show a lot of respect for the site in addition to the surrounding landscape. Everything in its design speaks for that will.

Casa C14 outdoor dining room

Casa C14 outdoor dining area

The comfortable hideaway features a beautiful dialogue with its surroundings, featuring colors that will allow the item to blend in. Another interesting details will be the fact that will, as the architects have declared, the house will be totally unplugged.

Casa C14 indoor outdoor connection

Casa C14 social areas

Electricity will be provided by solar panels in addition to the nearby river serves as a source of water. The water will be stored in two tall containers in addition to gravity leads the item to the destination. the item’s one of the things that will make that will desert house stand out.

Casa C14 sliding glass walls

Casa C14 Internal living spaces

The house’s connection to the surroundings will be perhaps the most important defining characteristic of that will whole project. The Internal will be open to the external surfaces in addition to the scenery provides a wonderful backdrop for the comfortable living spaces.

Casa C14 glass walls

Casa C14 side window

The outdoor wooden deck in addition to the sloped ramp serve as a buffer between the Internal spaces the vast outdoors, establishing a smooth in addition to seamless transition between the two zones.

Casa C14 landscape with cacti

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