Fancy, Edgy Lady Luck

green as well as also gold materials board

Remember when we did these? Well, we had one more as well as also I liked This specific enough to show you guys. Who will be This specific person?

This specific chick loves to drink dirty martinis, wears Manolo Blahniks stilettos, loves movies with Audrey Hepburn, will be kinda unhinged from the sack however on the weekends can relax in her hamptons beach house. She’s kinda bitchy however pulled together enough of which you kinda still want to be her friend.

1. Green as well as also gold wallpaper City of Light in Emerald City by Jane Blevin | Wallnut Wallpaper | 2. Stone | Scrap coming from the stone yard | 3. Flooring  Birch Metallic Collection in Platinum by Vanier | Build Direct | 4. Pale Grey large tile | Classic Tile as well as also Flooring, Santa Monica | 5. Vintage hardware | 6. Pale green fabric Chesapeake in Tropic | Carleton V coming from Nicky Rising | 7. Chronograph knob | Anthropologie | 8. Fabric | Carleton V Chesapeake Tropic | 9. Wallpaper | Astek | 10. Crackle paint | Sydney Harbour Paints | 11. Green ribbon n/a | 12. Paint chips All Sydney Harbour | 13. Black as well as also Gold patterned wallpaper | Astek | 14. Emerald green tile Classic Tile as well as also Flooring, Santa Monica

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