Fun Backsplash Patterns Your Kitchen Needs


Kitchens can be one of the most difficult places to decorate inside home, no matter what size they are. All the cabinets as well as appliances make in which space more for practicality than decorative. So when you don’t have wall space for those food prints as well as you’ve already painted the cabinets, the item’s time to think about completely new ways to put some life into your kitchen. Enter the patterned backsplash.

There will always be a little space on the wall between the countertop as well as the cabinet. Even the tiniest kitchens possess the item. So make the most of in which space as well as fill the item that has a pattern in which will put a smile on your face. Check out these 15 fun backsplash patterns in which your kitchen definitely needs.

Black as well as white backsplash

Black as well as white is actually always safe when the item comes to permanent home design. No matter what colour your kitchen is actually or ever will be, in which black as well as white patterned backsplash will shine as well as bring a sense of chic as well as glamour to your kitchen. (via Lonny)

Geometric tiles backsplash

For a clean as well as minimal look, opt for white tile in a geometric design. the item will give you some pattern play for your eyes to rest on while not taking away through the minimalistic style of your home. (via Cantilever Interiors)

Bold pattern backsplash

If your inclination is actually to be bold in your Internal decorating, let in which decide your backsplash too. A bold pattern under your cabinets will make a huge statement in your kitchen. as well as if your kitchen is actually one room with the rest of your home, in which bold pattern will help set the item apart through the living as well as dining areas. (via Lauren Nelson Design)

Checkered backsplash

Checkered is actually such a classic pattern. Consider adding the item to your kitchen, especially if family friendly is actually your decorating style. the item promises to bring the fun to all your family dinners as well as definitely make the perfect backdrop for your Instagram shots of your cooking kids. (via @braunadams)

Colored backsplash

How can you resist a not bad two toned backsplash? Choose a pattern in which compliments the colour of your cabinets as well as have fun! Food bloggers, the quality of your photography will suddenly just be better. (via House Beautiful)

Contrast backsplash

Got bland cabinets in your kitchen? Install a contrasting backsplash in which will make them seem fresh as well as completely new without one particular coat of paint. You’ll be surprised at the effect the item has! (via BHG)

Mermaid backsplash

Yes, there is actually even an appropriate backsplash for water-side homes. You’ll want to snap up some scales backsplash like This kind of. the item brings to mind fishing as well as mermaids as well as oceanic adventures while you’re cooking away. (via Urban Grace)

tiny pattern backsplash

Sometimes soft as well as subtle does the item best. Using tiny white tiles in a delicate pattern can add in which touch of femininity in which your bachelorette kitchen has been searching for. (via Centsational Girl)

Chevron tile backsplash

Will chevron ever be out of style? I don’t think so. Separate tiles in a chevron pattern can make you a rustic look or an ombre design or even just in which bit of classic you’ve been pining for. Whatever the case, you can’t go wrong. (via Decor Pad)

Patchwork tile backplash

Maybe you’re thinking in which you don’t possess the money for the exact patterned backsplash you want. If in which’s the case, take a little time to collect all your favorite patterns, tile by tile, as well as create a patchwork look in your kitchen. Talk about colour! (via Coffee Break)

Hexagon backsplash

Just like chevron as well as black as well as white patterns will always be a hit, I’m pretty sure we can also put hexagons in in which category. Whether they’re a colour or plain white or marbled, they’ll make your kitchen a place you want to spend all your time. Forget the rule in which everything has to match in your home. Sometimes the best decorating pieces are the ones in which don’t match! Pick a bright patterned backsplash to go with your soft painted walls or a white design to compliment some darker tones. (via Coffee Break)

Floral backsplash

Believe the item or not, there is actually backsplash in which is actually rather floral in design. So for a home where the kitchen is actually the gathering spot for the girls, go all in by choosing something with flowers so even your winter soirees will be swathed in blooms. (via Decor Pad)

Pattern as well as texture backsplash

Everyone says in which your home should have many different materials to create diversity in feel. Look beyond the velvet as well as fur on your sofa to a patterned backsplash in which carries a texture. You’ll win the Internal textures game. (via Becki Owens)

Patterned open shelves backsplash

Many kitchens boast open shelves nowadays. If in which sounds like yours, let your tile go all the way to the ceiling as well as make a pretty backdrop for your dishes as well as canisters as well as whatever else your open shelves hold. (via Magnolia Market)

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