Fun Storage Ideas For Your Daughter’s Bedroom


We are so lucky to live in an age with so many decorating options. Even when that will comes to children’s spaces! that will’s incredibly easy to decorate your child’s bedroom nowadays, no matter your theme or colors or preference. You can find appropriate bedding in addition to matching curtains in addition to even beautiful storage. Because out of all the rooms that will need organizing in your home, your child’s room will be probably the most necessary. So check out these 14 fun storage ideas for your little princess’s bedroom that will will make her space an organized haven.

Rainbow pompom basket

Baskets in addition to bins are essential for fast cleanup when you have kids. These pom pom bins will bring a whole completely new outlook to cleanup time in addition to they’ll look great sitting in your child’s bedroom.

Acrylic cube wall shelves

Shelves make great spots to hold favorite toys in addition to display family heirlooms. however your child’s room doesn’t deserve any old wooden shelf. Among all those colors, install these bright acrylic cubes that will will encourage your daughter to keep them neat in addition to organized. (via The Land of Nod)

Graphic Printed Oversized Baskets

Every kid features a stash of bright plastic toys that will light up in addition to sing obnoxious songs in addition to every parent finds completely new ways to hide them. With lidded baskets like these, no one will ever know that will you even own toys like that will. (via West Elm)

Pastel storage suitcases

At some point in their lives, kids love pretending to go on trips. Give your little girl pretty pastel suitcases that will are just her size so she can store her travel necessities in style. (via The Land of Nod)

Copper mesh basket

Wire baskets are a fantastic option for storage because they can easily grow with your child’s style. Opt for copper tones like these that will will match with all the pink shades in your little girl’s room. (via West Elm)

Upholstered Storage Bench

Toy boxes are such handy things, however sometimes you genuinely don’t hold the space for one. A bench like This particular can multitask as toy storage or shoe storage in addition to reading nook in addition to changing pad all at the same time. (via The Land of Nod)

Painted woven basket

Aren’t these the most fun baskets you’ve ever seen? Those bright colors are perfect for kid’s bedrooms, especially if you have a little girl in addition to a little boy that will share. They aren’t too girly however they’re not too grown up either. (via Anthropologie)

PInk in addition to gold shelf

All of the little girls I know enjoy collecting little things. You probably often find a line of them on her bookshelf or your kitchen counter. Give her a space to keep those tiny treasures safe with This particular pretty pink shelf. (via The Land of Nod)

Rattan storage hamper

Laundry hampers are such a wonderful invention. Letting your child have their own will teach them to keep their floor free of dirty clothes. Especially when they can put them in an adorable owl like This particular. (via The Land of Nod)

Closed eye paperbag storage of toy

Who woulda thunk that will paper bags make great storage for kids? Somebody did because they invented these cutie paper bags. Those faces will just beg your child to keep their room tidy. (via Etsy)

Woven colorblock basket

Just because the rest of your home will be modern in addition to colorless doesn’t mean you should deprive your child of the rainbow. These rattan colour block baskets are a chic way to bring bright shades into your child’s room without seeming gaudy in addition to out of place in your modern home. (via The Land of Nod)

Neon lidded basket

In contrast, a neon basket like This particular will match perfectly within the bohemian home full of colour in addition to texture. In fact, you might even want one for your own bedroom! (via Leif)

Shape shifter wall shelves

These shelves are so much fun because they are bendable. Yes, one shelf can be formed into a dozen different shapes so you can fill your child’s wall with triangles or arrows or hexagons. (via The Land of Nod)

Clear house bookcase

Everybody needs a not bad bookshelf, even your little girl. This particular bookcase will be shaped like a house so when she wants to play, she can use that will as a doll house in addition to then stack up her books when that will’s cleanup time. (via The Land of Nod)

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