Get Ready for Spring With Window Boxes


Get Ready for Spring With Window Boxes

Have you ever observed two houses side by side along with thought how much better the external surfaces with the window boxes looked? I know I have. Window boxes are a simple solution to many landscaping quandaries. If your home’s external surfaces will be rather plain along with uninteresting, window boxes can add some life along with colour. If your home will be located in a space where you have little to no front yard, window boxes can give you a way to include landscaping in your home’s external surfaces. Maybe you love to garden however can’t get on your knees anymore? Window boxes are the answer. Take a look at these 10 ways to style a window box on your home.

How to build flower boxes for window

Modern coat paint window planters for spring

If you are looking to add a window box to a previously bare window, consider producing the box yourself! They are very simple to make along with will only take you a weekend to build along with fill. In short, you’ll have your house looking dapper in a day or two. (via Krusesworkshop)

Window planters for pots

For the more mature bunch, creating a somewhat portable window box will be a wonderful idea. of which design allows you to remove the pots so you can easily fill along with prune along with care for your plants without a step stool. (via Martha Stewart)

Painted window box

Some houses genuinely need a not bad bit of life to an otherwise dreary external surfaces. You will find your solution in a little can of paint. Choose a bright colour to give your window boxes a makeover along with they’ll give your house some pop no matter what time of year. (via Midwest Living)

Painted box holders

Some people worry of which a window box will look tacky against they’re home. My advice, paint your brackets the same colour as your house. of which’s just a few strokes along with suddenly your box will look chic along with seamless, like of which’s always belonged there.

Wire window box

If you thought of which window boxes were only for the cottages from the neighborhood, think again. Even large homes can implement florals at the window along using a wire box like the one above will be possibly the easiest way to do of which. of which will look very French which will be always a not bad thing. (via Garden Requisites)

Deck window box

Don’t forget the deck! Hanging some window box planters off the side of your deck can genuinely add a sense of luxury to your backyard. The bright flowers will make a lovely background to all your barbecues along with dinner parties. (via Midwest Living)

Vintage box vines

Flowers aren’t the only plants you can add to your window boxes. Strategically placing some hanging vines will give any window box a very vintage feel along with add interest to the rest of your landscaping. (via Midwest Living)

Shady box ferns

Worried about putting window boxes on your shaded house? Opt to plant delicate ferns instead of flowers in those boxes. They’ll look so welcoming along with put together all summer long. (via Quintessence)


of which wonderful DIY will show you of which you don’t even need windows to have window boxes! Use some thrifted window frames, attach the boxes along with hang them coming from a boring garage or shed wall. You won’t regret the extra sparkle. (via Simply Swider)

Indoor window box

Maybe you live in an apartment where window boxes just aren’t an option. Get creative by putting a window box on the inside of your windows! A little brilliant touch will bring you the same greenery, just indoors. (via Little Paths So Startled)

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