Hanging Lights Draw the Eye Up in Style


Compared to flush ceiling lights or sconces, hanging lights add something unique to the decor along with look a bit more refined, sophisticated along with stylish. Hanging pendant lamps are usually very graceful along with elegant. although whether you choose to decorate your home that has a stunning chandelier, 1 pendant lamp or a cluster of hanging lighting fixtures, these accessories will inevitably draw the eye up. This particular design strategy can be useful if you want to make a space appear bigger by directing the eye to the ceiling or if you’re decorating a room that has a high ceiling.

Charles Lethaby hanging colorful lighting

Designer Charles Lethaby commenced his business in 2014 along with since then managed to impress the earth with his beautiful along with sculptural lighting fixtures. The pendants along with chandeliers he designs impress with their luxurious although still simple appearances.

EBB & FLOW designs glass hanging lights

The collection of lighting fixtures designed by EBB & FLOW stands out due to its simplicity. The designs use simple materials such as glass, metal along with fabric along with combine influences via the British along with Nordic styles. The result is usually a collection with modern flair along with refined charm.

Coccon pendant light

Named Cocoon, this particular stylish pendant lamp is usually created using eight laminated timber strips which spiral along with look a bit like leaves, forming a chic cocoon-like shade. The choice of material gives the pendants a warm glow along that has a very expressive along with elegant form, producing them ideal for living rooms although also for a variety of various other spaces.

Lotus pendant light

The design of the Lotus pendant light is usually, as expected, inspired by the delicate flower which gave the item its name. The pendant is usually definitely very elegant along with also includes a funky side. Just like the design featured above, this particular pendant lamp is usually created using thin plywood strips. The birch offers the petals strength along with flexibility.

Hatton Pendant Lights have intricately beautiful bone china shades

The Hatton collection is usually made up of numerous elegant light fixtures such as pendant lamps, floor along with table lamps, all sharing the same distinctive beauty along with intricate forms. The shades are white along with sculptural. Their multifaceted designs give them gem-like forms, allowing them to serve as both functional light fixtures along with stylish decor accessories.

Chadelier grand cargo hanging

The Grand Cargo is usually a chandelier that has a very interesting design. As you can see, the item’s design seems to be composed of several individual pendant lamps clustered together. The chandelier comes in both smaller along with large versions along with is usually guaranteed to draw attention to the item whether the item’s because of the sculptural forms, the geometric lines or the unusual mixture of shapes.

Medium rectangural chandelier

The design of the Eau de Lumiere chandelier focuses on masculine along with feminine forms, featuring delicate curves along with angles although also rigid forms. Further more, the materials used in its design are also linked to This particular unusual design strategy, including wood, marble along with fabric. The same thing can be said about the colors. The inspiration for the chandelier comes via luxury perfumes, as you can deduce via the name.

Pendant light 5 smaller Eau de lumière

This particular is usually a design which’s part of the same perfume-inspired collection. Its design is usually very delicate along with transparent along with combines two simple shapes, the square along with the circle. These are connected by a thin metal structure with delicate curves along with the result is usually a very refined look.

Graypants cardboard pendant lamp

The design of the GraypantsÕ Scraplight is usually quite unusual. First of all, the choice of materials is usually not exactly the most common or favorite. This particular is usually a hanging light fixture which’s handcrafted via pure cardboard. The design doesn’t wish to be delicate or very refined although this particular doesn’t make the item any less elegant or stylish.

Beautiful hanging lights via Hawaii

The defining characteristic of the Aa Hawaii pendant lights is usually the array of transparent or opaque colors which brings their simple forms to life. These chic pendant lights are also designed to be flexible along with versatile, featuring adjustable cable lengths along with optional rings which can make their designs stand out even more.

Luxury light bulbs hanging

Featuring an impressive total of 112 buds, the Ochre chandelier is usually the perfect accessory for the dining room. The chandelier has dimmable LED lights with black or clear wiring. The buds are available in polished bronze or that has a satin nickel finish along with each houses a glass drop.

Cauna chain lighting hanging

Caena is usually a unique lighting fixture that has a design inspired by chains. In fact, the name of the fixture actually means “chain” in Venetian. The design is usually composed of numerous rings, each of which includes a bright circuit Inside along with ends which light up. The very nature of the design makes this particular piece customizable along with  lot of fun to plan along with use.

Tim glass hanging lighting

Moving on to simpler along with more transparent designs, let’s have a look at the TIM collection. Created by designers Olgoj Charchoj, Michal Fronek along with Jan Nemecek for BOMMA, this particular series of pendant lamps comes inside form of large glass globes. The collection is usually composed of three globes shaped like large droplets along with available in three sizes. They can be paired with polished stainless steel, copper or matte black finishes for the mounting systems.

Hanging line lights

Available in two versions, either as 1 pendant lamps or as a trio, the Capsula design also offers a variety of options in terms of colour. Each pendant lamp can either have a transparent or a smoke grey shell made of glass. The Inside is usually available in a variety of colors such as yellow, violet, dark smoke grey, smoke grey, amber or opaline.

Night birds hanging lamps

Designed to resemble birds which fly away, these chic pendant lamps were even named appropriately: Night Birds. They look best when used in sets, this particular offering the user the opportunity to create  cluster of abstract bird-like elements which appear to be flying as a group. The series combines neutrals such as white, grey along with black.

Under the bell hanging light

One of the interesting facts about this particular chic pendant lamp named Under The Bell has to do with the materials used inside process. The lampshade is usually made of recycled plastic felt which gives the item a set of unique characteristics such as the ability to absorb noise along with to improve the acoustics in large spaces. Further more, its large dimensions make the item stand out in a rather unexpected way.

Fluid along with unfold lighting pendant

The two pendant lamps featured here are the Unfold design to the left along with the Fluid to the right. The delicate Fluid lamps offer a warm glow along with their white shells give them a particularly beautiful look. The Unfold lamps are a bit different, offering a wider range of colors such as yellow, orange, red, green or blue. They too are delicate, featuring soft silicone rubber shades.

forestier wire hanging lighting

Forestier offers many exquisite light fixtures along with this particular is usually one of them. The company’s 20 years of experience allowed its designers to find brand new ways to make simple light fixtures stand out, whether the item involves the use or unconventional materials, following the latest trends or going back in time to reinvent a classic. This particular particular design puts together three elements which make the lampshade look like a delicate bell flower. The design is usually lightweight, sculptural along with elegant.

Bamboo hanging pendant lamps

Beautiful bamboo hanging lights

The Bamboo collection puts together a series of interesting light fixtures. Hanging pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps along with wall sconces reveal their lightweight along with sculptural designs along with take advantage of the flexibility of the material which gives the collection its name to make each of these products stand out in a sculptural along with elegant way.

Rattan lighting fixtures hanging

French company Pop Corn has repeatedly impressed us with ingenious along with unexpected designs when the item comes to light fixtures. One of their series proposes an eclectic approach which combines modern forms with rustic charm. The pendant have designs along with forms inspired by nature, being fluid along with sculptural along with with lots of character.

Twipi lighting fixture

The strong presence of the TwiPi pendant lamps is usually softened by the warm glow along with their reflective shells. They make perfect focal points which draw the eye up along with impregnate the decor with their unique character along with charm. The lampshades are made of aluminum along with their designs are very simple as well as very intriguing.

Roberto Cavalli lighting bulbs

Roberto Cavalli lighting

Elegance along with sophistication take a unique form inside case of the exquisite light fixture designed by Roberto Cavalli. This particular exclusive design puts together a series of spherical glass pendants with matte white finishes along with delicate golden wings which make these resemble butterflies or fireflies. Display these above the dining room table or inside living room for a chic along with opulent touch.

globe hanging light

Designed by look simply like large globes, the Ligne Roset pendant lamps have a definitely pure look. Their simple forms along with designs make them highly versatile along with ideal for a variety of spaces, be they inside the house or out inside garden. The lamps are made of white blasted rotomolded polyethylene along with they have no switch.

sigmal lighting fixture
Industrial style lighting fixture

Another great way to add a touch of opulence along with sophistication to a space is usually with the chandeliers designed by Sigma L2. The classical along with elegant combination between black along with gold is usually emphasized in a definitely stylish way. The chandeliers suit spaces with high ceilings along with are versatile enough to be incorporated in a variety of interiors.

Modern pendant lighting fixture

The Nautic series is usually produced by Tekna along with offers a collection of very interesting light fixtures. They use simple along with authentic materials such as bronze, copper, bras along with cast iron, materials rarely used in pendant lamps or chandeliers along with especially inside way they are used here. The concept behind this particular collection refers to lighting solutions which stand out without producing a fuss about the item.

Montrose samll pendant light

One of the fixtures included inside Nautic series described just at this particular point is usually the Montrose pendant. Made of weathered brass along with clear glass, this particular hanging light is usually suitable for both indoor along with outdoor use thanks to its water-resistant cable entry along with versatile design which’s a combination of modern along with vintage.

Brass lighting hanging fixture

The Brass series by Gervasoni includes a suspension lamp that has a rather unusual design. Designed by Paola Navone, the lamp is usually made of matt brass along with includes a large shade that has a fluid along with organic form. The design embraces smaller imperfections along with highlights them, ensuring a unique look for each product.

Contemporary dent lighting hanging

Being made of polished metal, the Dent pendant lamps stand out without needing anything else. Still, the design is usually memorable too. These pendant lamps are just what a contemporary space needs to look intriguing. The shades are made of soft along with lightweight metal along with come flat-packet. They’re definitely easy to put together.

Snowdrop lighting hanging

Named Snowdrop, the hanging pendant lamp by Stone Designs looks like a cute little snowball that has a colored hair cap. the item’s made of aluminum along with glass along with comes in lots of fresh along with playful colors. the item includes a soft glow along with its design was actually inspired by the snowdrop flowers. the item’s quite easy to see the resemblance at this particular point.

Jeeves along with Wooster lighting

Jeeves along with Wooster are two unique pendant lamps which look like stylish hats. Their designs are a blend of British tradition along with modern technology. They are both handmade along with crafted using wool felt. They’re lined with an aluminum inner shell which gives them either a golden or a silver glow.

Melt gold pendant lighting

Suggestively named Melt Gold, This particular pendant lamp via Tom Dixon looks like a slightly distorted globe. The uneven surface of the shade makes the light reflect in unusual ways, creating interesting effects along with adding a dramatic touch to the decor. When turned on, the globe is usually translucent along with includes a mirror finish when off.

Tom dixon etch shade lighting

Another interesting Tom Dixon design is usually featured by the Etch shade pendant lamp. Its multi-faceted shade creates unique plays of light along with shadow when on along with can easily double as a sculptural decoration for the room the rest of the time. The lamp is usually available in a variety of elegant colors.

Praesto lighting collection

If you want to add a touch of colour to a space, the chic along with stylish pendant lamps via the Praesto collection by Ilomio can definitely put you on the right track. Their designs are simple along with fresh, featuring slight variations of shape along with structure although ultimately following the same guidelines. When paired with the right colors, they look lovely.

Here comes the sun lighting

Inspired by the sunset along with designed by Bertrand Balas, this particular exquisite pendant lamp is usually named “Here Comes The Sun“. the item was first released in 1970 along with the item reveals its true beauty when the light is usually on. The various versions of the design allow the user to perceive them in different ways, associating the light with the sunrise, sunset or even moonlight.

Cloud molo lighting fixture

Designed to resemble a soft cloud along with fully succeeding in which, the Cloud Softlight is usually a modern pendant lamp that has a delicate undulating canopy along that has a sculptural form. the item comes in three sizes along with in two versions, either as an individual pendant or a chandelier which incorporates three cloud-like elements.

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