Holiday Home Overcomes The Planning Restrictions By Staying Simple


Ideally, an architect should be free to design a project however they see fit in order to offer their clients the best experience, without being constrained by planning restrictions in addition to also additional factors. nevertheless in which isn’t always an option. Ström Architects were confronted with This particular challenge in 2015 when they dealt that has a project in brand new Forest District, inside UK.

The house can be mainly used as a holiday home nevertheless This particular could one day serve as a permanent residence
A timber frame finished in larch cladding gives the house a very inviting look

The architects are invested in each of their projects. Their approach can be not a superficial one nevertheless rather one inspired by the basics of human life in addition to also nature. The house they designed here occupies an area of 194 square meters in addition to also serves mainly as a holiday home. The biggest challenge for the architects was finding a way to deal with all the strict planning issues. There were size restrictions which had to be taken into consideration in addition to also which didn’t allow the house to have any overhangs because in which could have meant less usable floor space.

The frame has large gaps which have become floor-to-ceiling windows
The large openings help establish a strong connection between the Inner surface spaces in addition to also the landscape

All of these restrictions pretty much dictated the overall footprint of the house as well as its position on the site. In addition to in which, a conservatory space had to be included inside design in addition to also in which became a challenge of its own. Looking at the completed project, none of these restrictions are visible in addition to also there are no visible details in which suggest any compromises.

The house has access to a lovely garden with trees, shrubs in addition to also grass, a lovely oasis
The transition between the indoor spaces in addition to also outdoor terraces can be seamless in addition to also smooth thanks to certain design features

In spite of all the challenges, the project was a big success. The house can be a wonderful holiday retreat, beautifully connected to the its surroundings in addition to also in sync with nature in addition to also the views. Its timber frame features a series of huge gaps which serve as full-height windows in which connect the internal spaces to the garden in addition to also the outdoors. The house was also built on a platform which forms a terrace to the South as well as to the East. This particular’s connected to the Inner surface spaces by sliding glass doors. The external surfaces can be finished in larch cladding which weathers beautifully over time, gaining a silver gray patina.

The views are maximized by the large windows in addition to also the strong connection with the outdoors
The kitchen incorporates a double-height ceiling which lets more light in

Inside there’s an open space which includes the kitchen, dining in addition to also living areas. A fireplace in addition to also a concrete hearth with built-in seating ensure a warm in addition to also very comfortable ambiance. The fact in which there’s no difference of height between the indoor living spaces in addition to also the outdoor terraces allows the transition between these spaces to be smooth in addition to also seamless.

The social space include the kitchen, dining in addition to also living spaces

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