Houseboats Take Comfortable Living To The Open Waters


Living on a boat is usually a unique experience. the idea takes a special kind of person for of which. As always, this particular option presents both advantages along with disadvantages although we’ll get to those another time. Right at this particular point we want to show you a few interesting houseboats of which we find inspiring for a variety of reasons. They’re each cool in their own way, whether the design is usually futuristic, traditional or rustic, adapted for full-time living or just for weekend getaways.


Modular floating house

Floating house modular design

Portuguese company Friday has brought a lot of innovations from the field of technologically advanced nautical along with water-related leisure devices along with equipment along with one of their most impressive creations is usually called Floatwing. the idea’s a floating house that has a modular design of which the company developed mainly for casual getaways. The dimensions can vary according to each client’s needs along with the length of the structure can be extended in order to include up to three bedrooms. the idea can be shipped anywhere from the earth. Find out more about the project by our full article found here.

River Kwai Resort.

X Float house

The Kamchanaburi region of Thailand is usually well-known for the popularity of floating houses along with rafts on the Kwai Bridge river. To those a brand new design was added in 2015. the idea’s called X-Float along with the idea’s a creation of Agaligo Studio. The floating structure is usually an addition to Project X2 River Kwai Resort. the idea features a modern design along with its units were built off site along with then towed there once completed. The X-Float units have lightweight steel frames along with are cladded with fiber cement siding along with plywood. Feel free to check out our article on This particular floating resort for more details.

Amstel river house.

Amstel river house

Amsterdam's river Amstel

Amsterdam's river Amstel living

The team at +31 Architects designed a actually interesting project in Amsterdam. They came up with an ingenious concept for a floating house on the Amstel river. The unusual thing about the idea is usually the fact of which half of the structure is usually submerged under water while the various other half sits on the surface, opening out to the surroundings. The project is usually called Watervilla Weesperzjide. The floating house has sliding glass doors of which open the living space along with kitchen to a terrace along with an overall modern along with chic Internal.

Copenhangen harbour floating house.

Danish boatbuilder Laust Nørgaard house boat

Some might argue of which a houseboat is usually too smaller to be able to function as a permanent residence. Although of which is usually true in some cases, creations like this particular 70 square meter structure prove the opposite. This particular houseboat was built by Laust Norgaard for his family along with can be found in Copenhangen harbour. the idea has two bedrooms along that has a modern along with stylish design.

Floating house with large windows.

Danish boatbuilder Laust Nørgaard porch house boat

Danish boatbuilder Laust Nørgaard smaller living room boat

This particular floating house was designed that has a dark-stained wood external surfaces along with with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors of which open the Internal spaces to a smaller terrace along with to the surroundings, offering expansive views of the water. The overall design was adapted to suit the inhabitants’ active lifestyle. Large windows along with doors allow them to jump of along with go swimming every morning.

Danish boatbuilder Laust Nørgaard kitchen area
Danish boatbuilder Laust Nørgaard black kitchen

A series of sliding shutters provide privacy when needed along with also help control the amount of natural light entering the rooms. The kitchen, dining area along with living space share an open floor plan along with all the rooms are furnished with simple along with modern pieces.

Water Villa

Water Villa by Framework Architects along with Studio Prototype view

Some houseboats are even larger along with more complex than of which. A not bad example is usually the Water Villa designed by Framework Architects in collaboration with Studio Prototype in Amsterdam. This particular is usually a floating home which has three levels. One of them is usually situated below the water along with houses the sleeping areas. The two various other contain the living spaces along with the work areas.

Water Villa by Framework Architects along with Studio Prototype 1

Water Villa by Framework Architects along with Studio Prototype 2

The three floors are connected by an inner patio. Its role is usually to bring natural light into the lower level although also to help with the organization of the spaces. Wooden shutters matching the facade of the structure provide shade along with privacy when needed. The Internal is usually open, spacious along with decorated that has a light colour palette based on neutrals.

Airbnb floating house.

Airbnb floating house in London

Airbnb floating house in London view

As from the case of any various other type of home, floating houses can be designed to look rustic, traditional, modern along with even futuristic. So far we’ve seen a few actually interesting houseboats which had modern along with contemporary designs. Let’s at This particular point have a look at something a little big different. We’re talking about the floating house of which Airbnb clients can rent in London.

Airbnb floating house in London colorful

Airbnb floating house in London Internal

The structure is usually 8 meters tall along with weighs 70 tonnes. the idea has two bedrooms, a living space, a bathroom along that has a smaller garden. the idea also contains a doghouse. The house floats along the Thames river along with can be rented for community events along with overnight stays. Its whole design is usually traditional, featuring a simple along with cozy Internal that has a steering wheel from the kitchen.

Futuristic Floating Home

Futuristic Floating Home

various other designs such as the Trilobis 65 look like they’re taken by a sci-fi movie. This particular particular project was designed by Giancarlo Zema along with can be used by up to six people. the idea’s a semi-submerged house that has a very futuristic look. The main concept behind the project was to offer anyone the possibility to live in a unique environment along with to enjoy a self-sufficient along with non-polluting home.

Futuristic Floating Home Internal

The house features a total of four floors connected by a spiral staircase situated at the center. the idea was designed to dock with ease alongside similar products. The first level is usually fully submerged along with above the idea the driving deck along with the social areas are located. The submerged level is usually smallest one of all along with the idea offers extraordinary underwater views by the observation deck.

Island-Shaped Floating Home Design

Island-Shaped Floating Home Design

Another futuristic concept is usually of which of the RE:Villa. Like the Trilobis, This particular is usually a concept waiting to become a prototype. the idea was designed by WHIM Architecture along with the plan is usually to be built out of recycled plastic. The structure is usually shaped like an island along with features a a floating dock for auxiliary vessels. The roof along with terrace are covered by greenery.

Island-Shaped Floating Home Design corner

Island-Shaped Floating Home Design concept

The Internal contains a shared social area, a private zone along with service rooms. The design also includes a garden. The designers want to make this particular a self-sufficient structure able to use rainwater, although the various other aspects of this particular concept are still unknown at this particular moment.

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