How to Choose the Right Lamp For Your Dresser


How To Pick The Right Lamp For Your Dresser

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-8

When Sara (social media coordinator/graphic designer over on this specific here Website) decorated her bedroom for the Website (see here) she said she had a real tough time figuring out what lamp was right, on virtually all of her surfaces. As someone who has placed like 976,420 lamps on surfaces through the years the item rarely occurs to me in which the item can be a challenge to others. So while we were shooting a recent guest room, we shot This specific mini video to help with such conundrums.

All these lamps are Great in different ways, sure, however the item doesn’t mean they can just be placed anywhere, all willy-nilly. Scale, style, shape, colour, in addition to finish all have to be taken into consideration, or your dresser (vertical or horizontal) will die a sad, dark death.

So, hopefully the quick video helps you when you are stuck in a life or death lamp choosing scenario.

Dresser_Lamps_Get the Look_grid

1. Cream Lamp | 2. Stick Lamp | 3. Tripod Lamp | 4. Brass & Marble Box Lamp | 5. Dotted Tripod Lamp | 6. Gray Gourd Lamp | 7. Black Task Lamp | 8. Printed Shade Lamp (Hilariously all lamps are via Target, as we had just done a big shop there for a few different projects – in addition to while in which wasn’t necessarily the intent with this specific video, they are all definitely Great lamps in their own way).

This specific lamp, below, will be the big winner for very obvious reasons.

Haiku Fan Guest Bedroom Indoor Makeover-4

If you’d like more of these videos check out the Facebook Page, in addition to of course leave your requests from the comments (we recently did a bed styling how-to video, as well).

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