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The idea’s sometimes refreshing to introduce a third coloring in a design dominated by two very well balanced tones. Alexander &CO chose blue as an accent coloring because of This specific white in addition to wood kitchen. The mosaic backsplash thus becomes the focal point of This specific space.

One of the most difficult aspects of designing an open plan kitchen can be finding a way to individualize the space while allowing the idea to dialogue with the rest of the volume in addition to establishing a seamless transition between them. This specific can be done by employing a coloring palette which can be different by the rest of the space’s chromatic palette however which uses materials common to all spaces. Karen Akers offers us here a demonstration.

Working with exposed brick walls in kitchen

Working with exposed brick walls can be not exactly a walk from the park. Nevertheless, Indoor designers generally agree in which such an element can make a wonderful accent feature regardless of the style chosen for the space. As you can see from the case of This specific kitchen by Anne Sophie Goneau, even a minimalistic, contemporary design can make wonderful use of a brick wall.

Personal style for kitchen design

Your personal style can be reflected in everything you do in addition to every decision you make as well as from the design of your home. For example, a fun in addition to playful person might choose a chalkboard wall for their kitchen or a colorful backsplash. This specific space created by Anna Carin Design can be a beautiful blend of playful in addition to elegant elements.

live-edge dining table for kitchen

Elements such as a live-edge dining table in addition to exposed beams with organic shapes in addition to details contain the ability to make any space feel warm in addition to welcoming while also adding a slight hint of rustic charm to the idea. in which’s what happened here. The kitchen blends these elements with simplistic lines however also with subtle industrial touches.

Concrete contemporary kitchen design

There are plenty of ways in which to work using a neutral coloring palette based for example of shades of gray without producing the space feel monotonous. A suggestion can be to use decorative painting or to give the walls a textured look. At the same time, mixing in addition to matching different materials can have a similar impact on the Indoor design.

Chic in addition to fun feminine decor

This specific can be a kitchen in which looks chic, fun, stylish in addition to bohemian, including a diversity of interesting details such as the colorful painting displayed on the kitchen wall or the pastel pink refrigerator, both being unexpected elements because of This specific space. Josephine Indoor Design also played with various styles in addition to materials in This specific case.

Larger kitchen island with seating

The kitchen island can sometimes be more than in which. the idea’s possible to make the idea a part of the home’s structure, treating as a major element in addition to not just another piece of furniture. Iphigenie Soldatos Architecte did in which by allowing the island to be connected to the ceiling in addition to to become a robust barrier between the kitchen in addition to the rest of the floor plan.

Brown leather furniture for dining table in addition to white kitchen

Cluster chandeliers which incorporate multiple globe pendant light are versatile enough to make any space stand out. You can see one here used for a kitchen in addition to dining space. Both spaces benefit by the light offered by the chandelier as well as its visual impact on the décor. This specific kitchen was designed by Catlin Stothers.

Open space kitchen with hanging storage for pots

Finding a kitchen in which’s perfectly accessorized can be challenging in addition to difficult. This specific one, however, comes pretty close to in which goal. This specific can be a kitchen which blends a variety of individually interesting elements into a design in which also looks great as a whole.

Memorable kitchen in which stand out

If you want to make your kitchen stand out in addition to be memorable, a simple suggestion can be to use a bold in addition to unexpected coloring. For example, a dark shade of pink could get you the look you want. Don’t worry about producing the space look too girly or childish. As you can see here, This specific coloring looks awesome when mixed with wood tones.

Feldman Architecture Kitchen

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