Kitchen Nook Refresh


Kitchen Nook Refresh

Kitchen Nook Refresh


**Kitchen nook photo through our Studio City project. Inspiration only**

Sometimes in life you have to make some hard design related decisions, as well as nobody understands more than me how hard of which is usually to do by yourself. Enter in “Design Agony”, a simple service where you as the reader, homeowner, or viewer can ask us a simple question of which you can’t seem to answer yourself. Maybe you can’t find the right lamp for your nightstands, or maybe you are looking for the perfect rug to go under your dining table. Whatever of which may be, we can help answer these questions, which is usually exactly what we did for the below Design Agony request (if you have a question of your own, go here to see how of which works before you submit your form).

of which client came to us looking for a few simple pieces to make her kitchen nook feel a bit more updated, without a total overhaul. The process of Design Agony starts out that has a simple questionnaire of which we use to get a bit more info about what the issue is usually. Here is usually what we got through her after she had filled of which out:

“Hi y’all! I am going for an updated as well as vaguely boho look in my home (see my living room, attached). although in my kitchen area, I think my breakfast nook might be veering into ’70s hippie b/c of the shade scheme as well as the table as well as chairs (which I’m hoping to replace that has a 48-inch round extendable table with simpler chairs). Any furniture suggestions?

My floors are reddish oak as well as tough to coordinate with (I was thinking of either a very light beech wood table or more of an espresso brown). I’d like to recover the little yellow granny chair inside the kitchen (suggestions? maybe mid-tone blue?) as well as possibly replace the throw pillows with something a bit fresher (ideas?). although I don’t want to recover the olive-colored bench upholstery because of which was expensive as well as coordinates nicely with the foliage as well as landscape painting inside the kitchen.

additional elements of which I can’t change: yellowy walls in kitchen have to stay, landscape painting in kitchen (shown in one of the photos), as well as the striped kilim rug. Both my husband as well as son are wary of pink as well as purple, although they love blue as well as most additional colors.

Can you see any way to freshen up our breakfast area (which is usually also our lunch as well as supper area!) without a total overhaul? Thanks!”

e_design_Kitchen_makeover_02 e_design_Kitchen_makeover_03 e_design_Kitchen_makeover_04 e_design_Kitchen_makeover_01

“I could prefer a table of which is usually round, not oval (I don’t want a square or rectangle because I want to avoid pointy corners in a tight space). The benches are each 60″ long so I think a 48-inch round table with ideally two leaves could be best. Yes, of which needs to be expandable as well as the table top needs to be solid wood, although the pedestal base could be metal. of which’s hard to coordinate additional woods with of which reddish floor! I don’t want table legs because we could bump our knees against them while entering the bench area.

Budget for table is usually $2,000-$4,000 for the right table (though a custom job might be tricky since I live in Vancouver, Canada).

I prefer high quality pillows made of artisan fabrics with natural fibers (although they can’t be scratchy). So $150 or less per pillow could be Great. as well as I wouldn’t want a whole whack of pillows because they could end up on the floor (I have a kid) so three or so pillows on the bench are about right (the appliqué one inside the corner is usually 24-inches, maybe too big?).

The budget is usually somewhat flexible as you can see. although I’m not at liberty to change the green bench upholstery, landscape painting, or location of the granny chair, as well as we could rather not change the wall shade unless of which’s essential. Wall shade right right now is usually BM ylang-ylang as well as bench upholstery is usually of which:

I’ve had trouble finding white paint chips of which complement the flecks of cream as well as tan inside the green fabric, which carries a burlap like texture.”

All in all, she had a Great foundation as well as a great space, although a few areas of which she wanted to tackle. After exchanging a few emails to determine where she wanted us to focus our time, we decided of which giving her suggestions for pillows could be most the helpful within the budget as well as timeframe. So with of which in mind, we pulled together a few different pillow options as well as shade schemes to show her what direction the space could potentially head.  Throughout the duration, the client gave us a couple of table options she’d been looking at, as well as although of which one still has some red tones, we felt of which of which could work the best in her space. The the additional options were either super modern with an angular pedestal, or a bit too rustic country which we knew wasn’t right for the space.


1. Navy Pillow | 2. Cotton Tassel Pillow | 3. Bird Pillow (no longer available) | 4. Navy Square Pillow | 5. Dot Pillow (no longer available) | 6. Orange Purlieu Pillow | Dining Table

Option 1 was a mix of both warm as well as cool colors, as well as the brand-new proposed dining table we had decided on.  The orange tones in some of the pillows help to bring out the warmer tones inside the table, as well as the blues as well as greens of the complimentary pillows could work well with existing art as well as fabric she had on the cushions.


1. Navy, Oatmeal & Teal Pillow | 2. Navy Linen Pillow | 3. Leaf Print Pillow (no longer available) | 4. Teal Velvet Pillow (no longer available) | 5. Cotton Tassel Pillow | 6. Embroidered Pillow | Dining Table

Option 2 went a touch cooler, when we eliminated the orange through the pillows. of which was a bit more calm, serene, as well as we brought in some life through a few graphic pillows.


1. Navy & Chambray Pillow 2. Mustard Velvet Pillow 3. Pushkar Pillow 4. Vivianna Pillow 5. Navy Square Pillow | 6. Anelia Pillow | Dining Table

For Option 3 we took away the greens as well as introduced a much warmer shade palette of yellows, as well as oranges, that has a few hits of blue to help tie in with the existing green bench fabric.

Ultimately, the client went with Option 1, as well as we made a few modest tweaks, which you can see below inside the final board.


1. Navy Pillow | 2. Cotton Tassel Pillow | 3. Bird Pillow (no longer available) | 4. Navy & Chambray Pillow | 5. Dot Pillow (no longer available) | 6. Orange Purlieu Pillow | Dining Table

What do you think? Which combo could have been your favorite inside the space, as well as why could you have picked of which combo? Are there any common problems of which you constantly find yourself running into of which we could help solve? If you have a question of which you think might be a Great fit for our Design Agony Service, or are in need of any additional services head on over to the services section of the site to see if we might be able to help you!

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