Lightened-Up Summer Living Room Decorating Ideas


Summer will be almost here! as well as while you may not have time to give your living room an entire decorating overhaul, there are certainly some things you can do to help this particular important space reflect the change in season. Here are 19 fresh, stylish decorating ideas for living rooms to definitely ring inside the summer. Your living room will be ready for ultimate summer relaxation, for yourself, your family, as well as your friends.

Summer colorful living room decor

1 – Light, breezy furniture slipcovers.

4141 design casual sofa for living room

Summer will be all about lightening things up, what with the sunshine as well as the fresh air as well as all. Furniture which reflects this particular energy catapults your living room space into summer. Instead of replacing dark furniture, consider slipcovers for your larger pieces such as sofas or chairs. Even a tablecloth draped over a dark side table would certainly work.

2 – Rounded silhouettes.

Rounded silhouettes

Swap out, where possible, hard angles for softened, rounded ones. A square coffee table can be replaced by an oversized ottoman pouf to lend a casual, beachy vibe to the living room. (as well as if which pouf will be light-colored, all the better.)

3 – Prominent plant life.

Add a touch of shade to living room with plants

With such an emphasis on the great outdoors (as well as warmer weather to back this particular up), this particular only makes sense which transferring this particular concept into your living room will spring your living room into summer. Choose any plant which you love, yet if you have a hard time deciding, opt for one using a light, airy feel in its leaves or fronds.

4 – Colorful plant pots.

Colorful flower pots

Nothing says “summer” like a bright, shiny plant pot. So why should you leave these just to your front porch? Bring them inside, as well as let the plants as well as pots decorate your living room for the summer. Be sure to place them somewhere where the plants themselves will get plenty of natural light.

5 – Outdoor furniture, indoors.

Bring outdoor furniture in living room

Of course, you’ll probably have furniture slated for patio or deck use already. yet if there will be a piece you definitely love – such as a low profile teak-esque table or a wicker rocker – consider bringing this particular into your living room for a breath of summertime air. The unexpected placement of the outdoor furniture will be fun, casual, as well as relaxing.

6 – Plenty of blank space.

Formal aqua sofa setting for living room

Inside the winter, having loads of throws as well as pillows as well as side tables for lamps as well as books at the ready will be cozy as well as inviting. For summer, however, a lightened up feeling will be typically preferred. While still keeping the comfort level high, remove any extra furnishings which might weigh your space down. Consider storing some of the extra throw pillows or an unnecessary end table for the season.

7 – Geometric pattern.

Living room with built in shelves for decorating accessories

School may be out for the summer – which means no more geometry homework – yet your summer living room decorations can still benefit via gorgeous geometric pattern or print. This particular can be something as simple as a throw pillow or a piece of artwork, or this particular can be a completely new living room rug or sectional sofa using a vivid geometric pattern. Either way, the vibrant look will be perfect for squeezing out every inch of fun during the summer season.

8 – Geometric furniture.

latoog chair design

If you’re definitely feeling the Great vibrations of summer design in your living room, you could skip the middle man (geometric accessories) as well as go straight for a bold geometric furniture piece. Wood or teak chairs are particularly summery, as well as they are neutral enough to work in a contemporary living room or a more traditional one (or somewhere in between).

9 – Quirky artwork.

Quirky artwork

Something about the lighthearted nature of summertime makes this particular kind of thing perfectly acceptable as well as appreciated. If you already have a portrait which you don’t mind, ah, enhancing using a bit of bright paint, you could probably find one at a local thrift shop or flea market. Dab a spot of paint somewhere on the painting, let this particular run, as well as hang This particular with pride.

10 – Reflective surfaces.

Reflective living room furniture as well as animal prints pattern

To celebrate the season of additional natural light, incorporate additionally reflective surfaces into your living room. Mirrored, glass, or metallic objects, furniture, as well as/or wall art will do the trick to bounce light around as well as around your space.

11 – Bright colors.

Internum Living room Inside Design

This particular doesn’t have to be anything as dramatic or permanent as repainting your walls a vibrant shade (yet this particular could be…), yet summer requires bright, vibrant colors in all things, even the living room. Choose a couple colorful throw pillow covers for the season – these don’t require much storage on the “off” season, yet they sure make a difference during the summer months.

12 – Natural fibers.

Sofa with natural fibers

As a season almost completely focused on nature as well as the great outdoors, summer textiles work best as natural fibers. Cotton, linen, as well as jute are at the top of the list; wool will be great, too, yet this particular’s a bit heavier as well as therefore better for cooler months. Try to work in a natural fiber or two through your textiles – a pillow, a throw, a slipcover, or a rug are great places to start.

13 – Textural statement pieces.

Luminaire Casual sectional - textural pattern

Summer will be often associated with the beach – sand, sea stars, wicker, palm trees, as well as much more. These things all have distinct textures which, when used in Inside design, inherently bring a specific coastal vibe to the space. While you don’t need to cover your living room with basketry as well as paper umbrella tchotchkes, you might consider opting for 1 statement piece which incorporates a summery texture.

14 – Unique wovens.

Woven lounge chair design

Going along using a summery lean toward the textural, woven furnishings inside the living room are a wonderful seasonal idea. This particular woven lounge looks so comfortable as well as could act as a fun twist to a chaise inside the white, modern, organic-focused, or Scandinavian living room.

15 – Beachy details.

Beach details seating

Sure, you could fill a coffee table bowl with sea stars or place a piece of driftwood on the mantel. yet for the true lover of beach style, look outside the tidal pool for your design inspiration. Like these woven stools – they remind one a bit of flip flops, or boating paraphernalia, or slack line. Fun as well as funky as well as colorful, something like this particular will put an instant smile on your face every time you walk past your living room.

16 – Unexpected asymmetry.

Unexpected asymmetry

Anything which brings in a casual, less structured feeling into the living room will make this particular feel more summery. This particular could be interpreted, design-wise, in infinite ways. Consider an asymmetrical “coffee table” arrangement, artwork display, or sofa table vignette to breathe a bit of sophisticated laissez-faire design.

17 – completely new throw pillows.

completely new Throw pillows colorful

This particular would certainly hardly be a legit article about living room “quick-fixes” if we failed to mention throw pillows. yet, although this particular might seem like old news, this particular’s so true! The shade, pattern, as well as vibrancy of your throw pillows, not to mention the combination of them as a whole, will go a long way toward an instant summertime feeling in your space.

18 – Floating shelves.

Floating shelves with gold brackets

While you may love a bookcase or two to hold your beloved books or glass art or collections, bookcases can be visually heavy. If you’re ready for a bigger change in your living room, why not swap out a bookcase for some pretty floating shelves? Showcase your personality inside the type of mounts you choose – maybe you love an invisible-mount floating shelf, or perhaps you prefer some bentwood brackets, or the shimmer as well as shine of brass? Whatever you choose, your living room will look lightened as well as brightened in no time.

19 – Conversational pieces.

Conversational pieces

as well as what Great does a fantastic summery living room do if there’s no fun piece to strike up a conversation about? This particular doesn’t have to be large or even prominent or eye-catching, yet any little detail which makes your living room tell a story about you or your family this particular summer will be a fun addition for everyone.

Copper wire base for a glass top table

What are some of your favorite decorating ideas for living rooms inside the summertime?

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