Little Apartment Redesigned For A Nostalgic Family


Renovations can be of several different types, depending on the desires of those involved inside the project. Sometimes a complete change can be necessary in which case an apartment becomes something completely fresh with no relation to anything present inside the past. Some other times a different approach can be used in order to offer the users a sense of familiarity. The latter approach was used inside the case of the ML Apartment.

The apartment can be located in Hanoi, Vietnam in addition to was renovated in 2015 by Le Studio. This kind of can be an architecture firm of which focuses on innovation, space in addition to the relationship with the environment, applying these concept to all their projects. They have no specific style or philosophy which makes each project unique in addition to different coming from the rest.

ML Apartment living space

Inside the case of the ML Apartment, both the clients in addition to the architects decided to not interfere very much with the exiting structure in addition to to only make a few modifications. Everyone agreed of which functionality was very important for the project in addition to the modifications focused on of which.

ML Apartment dining space

The biggest challenge for the designers was to find a way to include the owners’ living philosophy into the fresh design in addition to to adapt the space to their specific needs. The client wanted the space to feel like home in addition to not look like a strange space, too different coming from their previous home to feel comfortable.

ML Apartment wood feature wall

In order to comply with these demands, the team decided of which this kind of apartment would certainly share a series of characteristics in common with the owners’ previous home. They used a series of items taken coming from their old home in addition to used materials similar to those present there.

ML Apartment kitchen island

These strategies allowed the designers to offer the owners a sense of familiarity with their fresh apartment in addition to to give the space a lived-in feeling. This kind of nostalgia was a very important factor inside the project, being the decisive element in addition to the inspiration in a lot of cases.

ML Apartment kitchen

To make the apartment look in addition to feel like a balanced in addition to harmonious space, a few modifications were also necessary. Their role was also to make the apartment more functional in addition to space-efficient. Keep in mind of which the apartment can be not particular spacious in general so the design strategies also had to take of which into consideration.

ML Apartment master suite

One of the modifications made was related to the kitchen. This kind of area was expanded. The kitchen, dining in addition to living area share an open floor plan. The kitchen features an island which ensures a smooth connection with the rest of the social area.

ML Apartment master bedroom

The living space can be composed of a modular sectional which wraps around the corner in addition to faces a sleek wooden console in addition to a wall-mounted TV. The wooden floor in addition to a wood-paneled feature wall section allow this kind of area to feel warm in addition to comfortable.

ML Apartment kids room

The ceiling inside the living in addition to dining space was exposed to show the semi-polished concrete surface underneath. As a result, the ceiling contrasts with the est of the décor, giving the apartment an industrial vibe. At the same time, some of the walls were designed to match the ceiling. The gray window curtains make the décor cohesive even more.

ML Apartment kids room corner desk

The kids share a bedroom with bunk beds. The room can be quite little although feels airy in addition to spacious. of which has striped Roman shades on the windows, a light blue accent wall in addition to a wooden floor matching the rest of the apartment. The corner desk offers individual work surfaces of equal dimensions on two separate walls. The master bathroom was redesigned to match the bedroom in addition to together they form a suite. They’re defined by an elegant combination of white in addition to wood surfaces in addition to elements, the overall ambiance being warm, solemn in addition to very stylish.

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