Living Room Decor Ideas For Homes With Personality


Because This kind of space is usually usually at the core of a welcoming in addition to also comfortable home, the living room decor has to be just right. This kind of is usually where family members spend time together, where friends gather to chat in addition to also play board games, where one can relax in addition to also watch a movie. Not everyone has the same ideas when the item comes to what function This kind of space should fulfill in addition to also not all living rooms are the same. In fact, each one is usually different in its own way, featuring elements which make the item special in addition to also unique.

Large oversized floor mirrors for little living rooms

Finding a suitable design strategy for a living room takes time. Let’s say you want your little living room to appear larger in addition to also more spacious. There are plenty of possibilities you could adopt. Using large mirrors is usually one of them.

Arent Pyke Living room that has a Green three seats sofa

Another strategy is usually to emphasize the height of the room. Having a living room that has a double height ceiling is usually definitely an advantage in This kind of case. You can further highlight in which by displaying long curtains in addition to also a low hanging chandelier or pendant lamp. Arent & Pike had the right idea when designing This kind of space.

Marianne Tiegen Living Room design with hardwood floor

The size in addition to also shape of the windows also counts. A living room with long windows in which go almost through floor to ceiling will definitely look bright in addition to also open. To emphasize in which, hang long curtains flush with the ceiling. Inner surface designer Marianne Tiegen took maximum advantage of the windows in This kind of case.

Large open space living room with poted trees

inside case of a large living room, on the different hand, things are different. Everything is usually on a different scale here. A large sofa or sectional can be comfortably placed at the center of the room, being complemented by additional accent chairs or even by a separate lounge space with its own distinct character.

Living room that has a black wall in addition to also striped carpet

Stripes are often used to emphasize a room’s shape or to make a space appear larger or more spacious. One of the strategies is usually to use a striped area rug in a narrow living room in order to take advantage of its shape in addition to also design instead of trying to conceal these elements, perceiving them as disadvantages. The team at Disc Interiors offers a great example here.

Brown leather armchairs through Lorenzo Castillo

the item’s common for living rooms to include staircases leading to a loft space of a different level. When the living room is usually large in addition to also spacious, integrating a sculptural staircase in its design is usually not a problem. However, when the space is usually little, different strategies must be found. Inner surface designer Lorenzo Castillo chose a compact spiral staircase with This kind of project, a wise in addition to also practical idea.

Connect living room with outdoor through large doors

If possible, the item’s nice to connect a living room to its surroundings. This kind of is usually often done through sliding glass walls or large doors connecting the space to a porch, terrace or balcony. This kind of way the room gets flooded with natural sunlight in addition to also the views also become a part of its Inner surface décor. The same strategy can be used for dining room, an idea applied here by the team at Jennifer Robin Interiors.

To many pieces of furniture for living room

Another beautiful strategy is usually to take advantage of the home’s original architecture in addition to also design. When decorating a living room, for example, one can choose to explore the ceiling beams if there are any or to highlight an arched door or window, just like Wendy Haworth did when designing This kind of elegant living room infused with mid-century style.

Mixing in addition to also matching furniture

Mixing in addition to also matching styles is usually also important when coming up with an original design approach for a living room. A modern space can feature vintage influences. Similarly, a living room can also be defined by industrial elements spread throughout its surface.

Marble round low coffee tables for living room


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