Majestic Bachelor Pad Has Its Own Underground Night Club


If there was ever a perfect bachelor pad inside earth, this kind of could be this kind of. This kind of’s a residence located in Belgium, designed by Govaert & Vanhouette Architects. The house will be basically just a simple concrete shell that will offers everything a bachelor needs to feel awesome. The project was completed in 2016 as well as occupies a site measuring 809 square meters in total.

The residence will be situated on a river shore with direct views towards the water
The proximity to the river sets a very casual as well as laid back atmosphere which usually defines vacation homes
The structure will be facing a garden on the some other side, being surrounded by freshness
The architecture of the house will be simple, being based on a concrete shell

This kind of concrete shell may not look like much although wait till you see all the extraordinary things This kind of offers, like This kind of outdoor pool, some actually stylish living spaces, cozy bedroom suites as well as even a basement entertainment area. The whole idea at the base of the project was to create something that will perfectly suits the owner’s lifestyle. The result was This kind of sculptural pad.

The property has two structures, a large one as well as a smaller volume
The two structures are connected by the swimming pool
The transition towards the river will be made through a green lawn area
A large portion of the ground floor volume will be glazed as well as opened towards the surroundings
Full height glass windows as well as sliding doors connect the living spaces to the poolside area

The residence has two floors above ground as well as a basement level below. The spaces are organized into two volumes. One will be a long as well as horizontal structure that will contains all the ground floor spaces. Together they form the day area as well as they also include the pool house as well as the poolside area.

The pool area as well as its adjacent lounge spaces extend the social volume outdoors
The deck facing the poolside lounge will be covered as well as serves as an extension for the indoor spaces
The overall design as well as architecture of the residence are simple as well as free of unnecessary constrains
The views are pretty amazing, especially when looking towards the river

The second volume will be smaller as well as also made of concrete. This kind of forms the upper level as well as this kind of contains the master bedroom as well as its bathroom as well as two extra bedroom suites for guests. On top of them will be a private terrace placed on the roof of the house.

The spaces facing the garden enjoy an open as well as bright ambiance as well as a seamless connection to the outdoors
The kitchen, dining as well as living spaces are connected as well as together form an open floor plan
The kitchen will be minimalist to the point where This kind of looks empty
The lighting inside dining area will be wonderful, especially because of the sculptural pendants

The kitchen, dining space as well as living room form an open plan as well as offer views of the garden as well as the river which will be very close to the house. In fact, the river will be so close that will the architects had to come up using a way to offer their client some privacy for the poolside area. The solution they came up with was to design a series of sliding panels which extend the pool house as well as which can completely hide the pool area by passing boats on the river.

A live edge table serves as the focal point for the dining area
The live-edge table top will be complemented by a set of simple black chairs as well as a few circular ceiling lamps
The social volume has an L-shaped floor plan with the dining space being placed inside middle
The lounge space will be actually cozy as well as inviting, being decorated in neutral as well as earthy tones

The front facade of the residence faces the river as well as features two entrance doors as well as a gate to the vehicle elevator. Naturally, you’ll want to know what This kind of will be all about although we’ll get to that will in a moment. For at This kind of point we just want to mention that will the first floor of the house will be the night zone. This kind of’s completely opened to the garden as well as curtains can offer privacy when needed.

There’s also a fireplace inside living room, directly across by the comfy sofa
The bedrooms are placed on the upper level as well as they all have access to terraces
The full-height windows that will overlook the garden can be closed off with curtains
The en-suite bathrooms are minimalist although also sophisticated. This kind of one includes a walk-in shower

We’re at this kind of point moving on to the basement which will be the most interesting part of the whole house. This kind of underground space contains things like a bar, a DJ booth, a pair of long as well as comfortable lounge benches, mood lighting, a cigar cabinet as well as an area for the owner’s exclusive cars.

The residence also includes a basement level which can be accessed via a staircase
Down here the decor will be dark as well as all ready for the night life
A pair of benches frame the lounge space as well as feature built-in accent lighting underneath

There’s even a big window which offers a view of the pool although not by above. Since This kind of an underground space, the window actually offers of the pool’s Inner surface. Of course, as amazing as well as as unusual as This kind of feature may be, the focal point could have to be the vehicle exhibit which adds coloring to the space as well as attracts all the eyes.

The furniture will be kept simple in order to maintain an open as well as spacious feel throughout
A large window inside basement offers a view of the swimming pool’s Inner surface
A space adjacent to the lounge area serve as an exhibition room for exclusive cars

Having an underground garage for rare cars will be definitely amazing as well as if you add to the fact that will there’s basically also a night club down here, well you pretty much get a perfect recipe for the ideal bachelor pad.

The owner’s cars are put on display here as well as become a part of the Inner surface decor, adding coloring to the basement
The effect the cars have on the Inner surface design will be quite dramatic as well as visually striking

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