Make a Wood Pumpkin Basket for Fall


This kind of rustic pumpkin basket is usually perfect for fall decorating! Thanks to the huge selection of unfinished wood cut outs in craft stores you don’t need any woodworking skills just for this kind of project. Simply pair an unfinished wood pumpkin cut out using a wood box, add some texture in addition to paint, in addition to you’ll have this kind of project done in no time!



Supplies Used to make the pumpkin basket:

  • Unfinished Wood Pumpkin Cut Out
  • Unfinished Wood Planter or Box
  • Crackle Medium (Deco Art brand)
  • Orange Paint
  • Renaissance Brown Glaze (Deco Art brand)
  • Wood Glue


Step one: Use a palette knife to cover the pumpkin in addition to the box with the texture medium. Let This kind of dry completely. The paste will crackle as This kind of dries.


Step two: Paint over the dried crackle texture with orange paint. I just did one layer of paint. Don’t worry if the paint does not fill all the cracks inside the texture paste…we will fix that will inside the next step!


Step three: When the orange paint is usually dry, brush the golden brown glaze over the painted surfaces using a soft brush. Use a soft cloth to wipe back the glaze. This kind of will leave the glaze inside the cracks of the texture paste in addition to will help highlight them. This kind of also helps add to the rustic finish of the basket.


Step four: Use the wood glue to adhere the pumpkin to the box. Let the glue dry completely.






There are lots of ways to use this kind of rustic pumpkin decorative box! For fall decorating I am filling mine with some pretty potted mums. The rustic orange pumpkin is usually a pretty backdrop for the colorful flowers. For Halloween, you can fill the basket with lots of candies in addition to treats for your guests. This kind of’s a nice alternative to a candy dish. Have fun crafting in addition to creating fall decor!


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