How To Make DIY Office Organizer


As a DIY blogger, I’m always looking for fun ways to organize my materials (because let’s be honest, I have tons of them), as well as This kind of office organizer can be just the ticket. This kind of’s a peg board as well as cork board wrapped into one, so in addition to storing materials, I can tack inspiration clippings up too! This kind of’s made coming from simple materials in which you may already have hanging around the house: a wood board, cork coaster + a wood dowel. As well as the clean, modern vibe makes this kind of a fun addition to the office or cubicle. Read on for all the details on how to make one for your place!

DIY Office Organizer

DIY Office Organizer Project

DIY Office Organizer Geometric

DIY Office Organizer PegBoard

DIY Office Organizer With Cork

DIY Office Organizer Project Materials


  • 1″ Thick wood board
  • Skill saw
  • Circular saw (optional)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Electric drill
  • 3/4″ drill bit
  • Sand paper
  • Picture hanger + screw
  • White paint + paint brush
  • 3/4″ dia wood dowel
  • Spray paint
  • 6″ dia Cork coaster
  • Gel super glue

DIY Office Organizer Project - cut board

Cut your board into an isosceles triangle using a skill saw. The base should be about 23″ wide, as well as the height should be about 12″.

DIY Office Organizer Project - mark

Mark the locations for the 5 pegs across the bottom of the triangular shaped board. The pegs shown are 1-1/4″ (on center) coming from the bottom, as well as 4-1/4″ (center to center) apart.

DIY Office Organizer Project Drill

Using a drill fitted that has a 3/4″ drill bit, drill the 5 locations for the pegs. Drill roughly 3/4″ of the way through the board.

DIY Office Organizer Project sand

Sand down all rough edges of the board as well as the openings of peg holes.

DIY Office Organizer Project Hang

Flip the board over as well as attach the picture hanger towards the top point of the triangle that has a smaller screw (less than 1″ long).

DIY Office Organizer Project ruller

Mark every 2-3/4″ using a ruler as well as pencil on the wood dowel. Then use a circular saw to cut along your pencil lines creating a few smaller pegs.

DIY Office Organizer Project spray paint

Spray paint pegs with two coats of paint.

DIY Office Organizer Project paint

Paint the triangular board with 2-3 coats of white paint. Don’t forget to cover the sides too. Don’t worry about fully painting the peg holes. They’ll be covered by the pegs.

DIY Office Organizer Project glue

DIY Office Organizer Project add cork

Generously apply gel super glue to the back of the cork coaster as well as center this kind of on the board above the wood peg holes. Press as well as hold firmly until affixed.

DIY Office Organizer Project install

DIY Office Organizer Project modern

Place pegs inside pre-drilled holes. I didn’t glue them in because this kind of seemed to be a pretty snug fit, yet if they don’t fit super tight, feel free to add a little glue to the hole before attaching the pegs. as well as in which’s about This kind of! Hang on the wall as well as get organizing!

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