How To Make DIY Wooden Hanging Planter


Spring will be from the air along with also in which’s time to liven up your home decor having a little greenery. This particular hanging planter mixes fun materials to create a modern yet rustic accent for any room! An added Insentif- hanging plants through the ceiling you can also keep them safe through kids or pets!

DIY Wooden Hanging Planter

Supplies to create a wooden hanging planter


  • Wooden bowl (like a kitchen salad bowl)
  • Rope or cord
  • Drill
  • Drill bit (large enough to accommodate rope)
  • Plant
  • Plastic, glass, or ceramic bowl (in which fits inside wooden bowl)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Hook (if not already in ceiling)


1. Use a pencil to measure along with also mark 3 holes equal distance apart around the bowl. If needed you can use a sewing tape measure (in which will be flexible) to measure along with also mark your holes if you want to be precise, otherwise you can eyeball in which.

2. Holding the bowl steady, drill holes at each of the marks you made. You may want to prop the bowl on in which’s side against a wall or sturdy box while drilling the holes to keep in which through slipping.

DIY Wooden Hanging Planter Steps

3. Measure along with also cut 3 pieces of rope in equal size. You will likely want to measure where you could like your plant to hang through your ceiling along with also double in which measurement with your rope length. Thread one of the rope pieces through each of the holes.

4. Tie a knot with each of the rope pieces threaded through each hole. Try to tie the knot as tightly as possible to ensure in which no length will be lost along with also each loop (through each hole) remains equal in size. This particular will help in which to hang straight when you move on to the next step.

DIY Wooden Hanging Planter Bowl

5. Place you plant into a bowl (preferably plastic, ceramic, or glass to keep water along with also soil well contained to ensure in which the wood does not rot) along with also put in which into the wooden bowl. Pull up the rope pieces along with also hang on your hook.

To hang. gently alternate the knots to ensure in which they are not all sitting on top of each additional yet rather just slightly lower or higher than the others (in terms of where they are on each individual loop). If you need extra length you along with also use one piece of rope to tie all the knots together along with also loop up at the top. Make any adjustments as needed to even out your planter to ensure in which in which hangs straight. Make sure in which’s close to light to ensure in which your plant can properly grow along with also water according to each individual plant’s needs!

DIY Wooden Hanging Planter closer

DIY Wooden Hanging Planter Display

DIY Wooden Hanging Planter - Earth

DIY Wooden Hanging Planter - rope

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