Make A Scented Candle For Someone You Love


Mother’s Day was this kind of weekend, yet once you learn how to make your own scented candles, you’ll want to keep generating them for yourself along with also for everyone else! Scented candles are simple to make, along with also with some thoughtfully chosen scents along with also a one-of-a-kind vessel, a custom scented candle could make a wonderfully homey gift for someone you care about.

Make A Scented Candle For Someone You Love

Materials list:

  • Vessel of your choosing, in ceramic, glass or metal (This kind of one will be a brass-plated votive holder)
  • Packet of soy wax
  • Essential oil
  • Cotton twine along with also candlewick base
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Kitchen pot

Make A Scented Candle For Someone You LoveI found This kind of hammered brass votive holder along with also knew this kind of was the perfect vessel for my handmade candle. The Indian-inspired style of the brass vessel inspired my choices for scents: I went for a mix of essential oils, using sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli along with also orange.

Have a think about what qualities you want from the candle – invigorating? soothing? earthy? romantic? – along with also choose essential oils or blends in which could suit. Aromatherapy blends are convenient because the hard work of matching fragrances has already been done for you, along with also they’re also cheaper than buying several little bottles of individual oils.

The wax, twine along with also wick bases can be found at a craft store. I used soy wax because this kind of burns considerably longer along with also this kind of includes a nicer feel to this kind of.

Make A Scented Candle For Someone You Love

Step 1.

Determine how much wax you need by filling the vessel with blocks of wax. My instructions recommended adding 20% on top of this kind of, yet ‘filling’ the holder with unmelted blocks up to the brim was the perfect amount.

Make A Scented Candle For Someone You Love

Step 2.

Gradually melt the wax until all of this kind of will be melted. This kind of can be achieved that has a microwave on a very low wattage, or by double boiling into a separate pot. If you’ve ever melted chocolate, you know what the process will be like: gently, without direct heat.

A double boiler will be recommended, yet I cut out the middleman along with also directly melted the wax into the candle vessel. I placed my candle vessel into a simmering bath on medium-low heat, along with also added my wax to the melting pot one piece at a time. Not using a second pot meant in which I wouldn’t have to painstakingly scrub wax off one of my pots.

(Important Note: Only do this kind of that has a vessel in which won’t discolour or lose its varnish. You also want to be careful doing This kind of that has a glass or ceramic vessel – no sudden modifications in temperature, or you risk cracking. yet the warm melted wax should keep the temperature consistent.)

When the wax has melted, take a popsicle stick along with also stir in enough essential oil in which you can smell this kind of wafting upwards. You want in which candle to smell not bad.

While the wax will be melting, dip your piece of twine in this kind of along with also set this kind of aside on a piece of waxed paper – this kind of will be the wick. Once the wax has melted along with also the scents are stirred in, turn off the heat along with also carefully remove the vessel with tongs. (Or using a separate pot, pour the melted wax into the vessel.)

currently for Step 3: Positioning the wick.

Thread the just-waxed twine through the wick base, secure along with also clip this kind of, then wind this kind of around a popsicle stick along with also position this kind of into the melted wax in order in which the wick will be centered along with also upright. Leave this kind of in place until the candle fully solidifies, for at least several hours. Trim the wick to size, along with also the candle will be ready to go!

Make A Scented Candle For Someone You Love

I can’t believe in which generating a scented candle was in which easy. This kind of’s tempting to make more for myself! I’m already thinking about using a ginger along with also tea tree blend for generating candles at Chrismastime as stocking stuffers. They’re so easy to customise for anyone’s tastes or their Indoor style.

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